Chapter 264


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Chapter 264 – Elf Girls vs the Magic Lord

After recognizing she lost, she bent a knee to me. She had honestly done her best in attempts to beat me.

And her hard work in trying to defeat me was truly astounding.

「You’ve gotten much stronger, Steff.」

「I still didn’t do very well.」

Steff looked very disappointed. It was superb that she wanted to improve so hard.

Of course there was no way to beat me. She was only a apprentice.

Even so, she looked depressed. I wondered what I should say to her.

Just then, Timi called to Steff,

「Steff, do you need water?」

「Ah, thanks!」

Timi gave her a cup, which Steff quickly gulped down.

You get very thirsty after using magic, after all.

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy said happily, and she jumped from Timi’s arms to my pouch.

I petted her and said,

「Shiggy, watch carefully.」


「It might be best for you to sit in Alra’s pouch while this goes on, Shiggy.」

Timi said to the small dragon seriously.

Then she handed a cup of water too.

「Because she can see the magic closer in my pouch?」


「Shiggy, are you okay with that?」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy said happily in my pouch.

Steff still looked quite down.

Vi-Vi went to her and said,

「You did the best you could.」


「But nothing! There’s no human that can beat Al!」

「But I only…」

「I’m telling you, you don’t know what his full power looks like.」

Vi-Vi looked off into the distance.

Seeing her, Steff had a complex look on her face.


While Steff was staring off, Moofy came up and munch on her hand..

She would do that any chance she got.

「Steff, you really did your best at that strength.」

「Did I?」

「Yeah. You’d be a high B or a low A class adventurer at that ability.」

「Did I really do that well?」


After saying that, she seemed to get some confidence back.

It was good to see. Confidence was the one thing a magician needed.

Steff then pulled her hand from Moofy’s mouth.


Moofy now looked a bit sad.

Then Femm came over and licked Moofy, probably to make her feel better.

Just then, Collette said,

「Old man! Me next!」

「Okay, anytime you’re ready.」

「Yay! Okay!」

Collette immediately shot a magic bolt at me.

It was good to see such decisiveness. Wonderful.

And when I shot one at her, she put magic in her legs to quickly avoid it.

She jumped forwards, back, up, down, left, right…

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy was ecstatic.

She liked seeing Collette’s bolts break into my many magic barriers.

Also, she liked seeing Collette bounce around like that.

Collette had mastery of basic magic and could focus it into whatever form she wanted.

She had excellent combat sense. A young girl with adult abilities.

After a while, in the middle of the fight, she started to mix in ice and fire balls and arrows too.

Since I had gotten her used to magic blasts, it was time to change, and the effect was large.

Also, she started to shoot multi-shots of magic as well.

Her magic became multi-colored, and Shiggy was even more impressed.

After depleting all her magic, Collette finally gave up.

Since she had used so much magic to bounce around, she was finished way before Steff.

「Huff huff huff huff」

「Good job, Collette.」

She smiled at me, even though she was out of breath.

The Moofy approached her as well.

Moffy then licked Collette.

Collette finally caught her breath after that.

「Stop, it tickles!」

「Moo mooo!」


「Thanks, Timi!」

After drinking the water, she said,

「…old man, my magic doesthn’t work!」

「I’m just very good at defending.」


「You did great, Collette. You’re quite strong.」


She smiled happily.

「That quick fireball of yours is amazing. You should also work on being able to fight longer.」


「But it was very good.」

If she could extend her magical amount and endurance, there would be no problem.

I complimented her while patting her head.

Then Vi-Vi said,

「What a tremendous girl you are.」

Almost in a whisper.

Then I went against Millet.

「Mister Al, here I go!」


Millet tried to fight me by stopping my movement.

She had far stronger fire magic than Collette.

She also had a better front defense than Collette.

Millet wasn’t as unique with her magic though.

She was focused on stopping you with fire, primarily. She wanted to knock down defenses, the regular path of a magician in a fight.

Well, regular, and basic, but that was important too.

I wore down Millet until she had run out as well.

And after she was out of magic, she quickly gave up.



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