Chapter 265


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Chapter 265 – Beasts vs Magic Lord

As her teacher, I had to say something to Millet after she lost,

「Millet, that was a good battle.」

「Thank you very much.」

Millet happily smiled.

Then Timi handed her a cup of water as well.

「Thank you.」

「It was a good battle.」

Timi nodded with a satisfied look.

「You have talent, Millet. If you continue like that, you’ll become a great magician.」

「But, I…magic is new to me, I don’t think I’ll get better until I grow up…」

「No, I mean it. It might be that you’ve always been good at magic, even before you discovered it.」

Hearing this, Millet blushed.

「Well, Mister Al, you’re just flattering me.」

「It’s not flattery.」

Just then, Moofy bit onto my sleeve.

「Moo moo」


『Want battle』

「I see. So you want to battle me too?」


「Do you want to fight with Femm?」

『We’ll take turns against you.』

「I see. So who goes first?」

I asked, and Femm and Moofy talked it over.

「Wuff」「Mooo moo」「Wuff wuff」

After a while, Femm came towards me.

『I’ll go first.』

「Okay, anytime.」

Femm took a pace way. Then Femm grew to its usual size.


Femm roared at me and then sprang forwards.

The roar wasn’t filled with magic. It was just for Femm to power up with.

Femm shot towards me like an arrow.

As Femm ran, it shot magical bolts over and over.

They had quite the destructive power.

「Wow, surprisingly good.」


As I put up magical barriers, Femm knocked them down.

Just then, Femm disappeared from my sight.

Femm sprung right beside me with amazing speed.

As I turned to Femm, it shot another magic bolt.

I knocked it down and I could feel my strength give a bit.

Femm was probably looking for this as a gap in my defense.

It jumped at me, jaws open, ready to bite into my windpipe.


I grabbed the upper and lower parts of Femm’s snout with my hands.

I tried to shut its mouth, but Femm was quite strong.

Even so, I clamped it shut. Even so, Femm’s fangs were pushing into me.

It was a bit dangerous.

I ducked and shot a bolt up at Femm.

Femm jumped back, dodging the shot.

「Pretty goo…」

I was about to say to Femm,

But as I said, it, Femm and I quickly closed distance.

This time I had jumped.


Femm had bit in the air where I just was.

I had jumped and Femm was shooting magical bolts at me.

A magical wolf…no, a heavenly wolf king…very strong.

I couldn’t just let the wolf attack me over and over. It was time for a counterattack.

I put magic into my right knee, the one that didn’t hurt, and sprung right at Femm, kicking Femm and jumping off.


For an instant, Femm was surprised. However, Femm soon readied a counter.

As Femm shot more magical bolts, it swung at me with its claws.

I dodged in the air, and Femm tried to bite at me.

I knocked its snout down and jumped over the wolf to behind it.

Femm rolled and then attacked me with its snout again. I knew it would.

I ducked under its snout and grabbed its neck and tossed the wolf.

Femm flew through the air. It was about to get up when I used magic to press it down.

I had used the same magic to keep Shiggy’s mother Jilnidora from attacking me.

Femm tried to scramble, but finally gave up, out of power.

Then it changed back to it’s smaller size.

「You really are strong, Femm.」

『Couldn’t do much against you, though.』

「That’s not true.」

Then I petted Femm.


And Femm happily wagged its tail.

「Next is Moofy.」


Moofy suddenly sprung into motion.

It grew to the size of a small hill.

「Whoa! Too big!」

Steff said, seeing the cow grow to her true size.

「Anytime, Moofy.」

That reminded me that I had never seen Moofy really fight.

I remembered that she was quite strong. I got ready to fight her.

「Moo moo!」

Moofy started her attack.

I took all my magic power and pushed Moofy’s snout back.

Still, she knocked me back. I flew in the air and landed a distance away.

I landed on my left knee, and pain rushed through me.

Then she shot at me, from the ends of her horns, over and over. It was a strong attack.

However, the fight wasn’t as intense as Femm. She couldn’t fight as well.

Her real attack was only rushing you or using the magic bolts. Those were her only attacks.

She didn’t know how to feint or trick you as you fought.

Maybe that’s the difference between carnivore and herbivore.

「Moo moo!」

She still ran at me with a happy moo. She was strong, because she was so huge.

However, it was easy for me to face her. Quite easy compared to Femm.

After I let Moofy run around all she wanted, I used magic to flip Moofy over.

And with that, she gave up.


And on her back, she shrunk back to her smaller size.

「You’re strong too, Moofy.」

「Moo moo moo moo!」

Moofy said, as I rubbed Moofy’s stomach. Moofy was still pretty happy.

She probably was excited to get some exercise.

「Great job, Moofy!」

Vi-Vi now ran up and rubbed Moofy as well.

「ryaa rya!」

Shiggy got up from my pouch and tried to rub Moofy, so I let her.

「Moo moo!」

The cow had a good time.

「Great job, master.」

It seems that Steff was quite impressed that her master had defeated the massive Moofy.

「It’s my turn next.」

Timisoara said with a look of impatience.



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