Chapter 266


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Chapter 266 – Timi vs. the Magic Lord

I was now my time to go against Timi.

「Shiggy. Watch the battle between Timi and I carefully.」


Shiggy’s eyes glimmered.

Then Timi petted the top of Shiggy’s head.

「Your auntie’s going to do her best.」


「Ah, Yes. It’s good for your disciples to see this too. Wait a second.」

She said, and ran off, and then brought Govas to us.

「Baronness Gocas. Alfredora and I are about to battle.」

「With Master Alfredora?」


「Forgive me if I don’t understand. Master Alfredora is simply a human… I mean…」

Govas was a bit taken aback by Timi’s declaration.

She had no idea while a noble of the ancient dragons would do battle with a human.

Or at least I thought.

「Hm, Baronness Govas, I know how you feel.」

「Yes, well if something happens to Master Alfredora, it will be very upsetting to Baroness Sighisoara, correct?」

Then Timi tried to explain herself,

「I guess you can’t understand, so let us show you.」


Just then, five other women came into the room.

They all looked like normal women, but you could again tell their bodies radiated magical energy.

They also were obviously ancient dragons.

The women all came and bowed before Timi.

「Mistress Timisoara. We know now what you are thinking, but please reconsider…」

「Hm, okay. If there is any danger, I will stop.」

「Even if you say that…」

「There are six ancient dragons here. The battle can be stopped at any time.」

Timi said, and the dragon women all looked at each other.

「So, as you have said, would you be willing to protect these others from the force of whatever battle is about to ensue?」

「I…we have no problem with that…」

「Alfredora’s disciples are not as strong as he.」

Then Timi looked to me.

「I apologized for their rudeness. They’ve never met humans as strong as you.」

「No worries.」

「Yes. I am glad you say so. Let us begin.」

Timi suddenly turned into a dragon, and then said to the other women.

「You may all return to your dragon form.」


Govas and the other six turned into dragons instantly.


Steff cried out in surprise.

「Relax. They’re not going to hurt you.」

Even so, I could see Vi-Vi shake as she said,

「What a sight. I bet Luka wishes she was here.」


「Moo moo!」

The elf sisters and Moofy were quite excited. Moofy crept from behind Govas’ leg.

On the other hand, Femm sat, watching.

I bet Femm was actually a bit scared.

But, even so, Femm didn’t shake, and its tail wasn’t between its legs.

「Let’s go.」


At the same time I responded, I was attacked by a torrent of magic. It was her magical breath.

I already had a magical barrier up, but the magic was breaking through.

My knee hurt, but I was able to speed my movements up with magic.

Still, it would be hard to put too much stress on this leg with speed magic.

Because of that, I decided to stand my ground and fight in place.

Magic arrows. Magic spears. Gravity magic. Fire magic. Ice magic.

I used multiple magical styles, and attacked Timi.

She countered with her own multiple attacks of magic.

This was partially for Shiggy’s education.
「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy peaked from my pouch and flapped at the unreal display.

She was probably quite happy.

Timi and I traded shots for a while.


The watching ancient dragons were in awe at what was happening.

「This is fun, Alra!」


「Heh heh.」

She was happy at my response, and laughed gleefully.

As she laughed, she tried to hit me with gravity magic, so but I kept vigilant.

I shot fire magic at her, and said to Shiggy,

「Shiggy, using various magic types is a great weapon.」


「If you have many methods, the opponent can’t read your next attack.」


「So, the hardest to deal with is sometimes the simplest attack.」


I then shot a magic bolt with all my magical power.


Timi’s attacks stopped. If she wasn’t careful about defense, she might not have dodge it.

Because of her magical barrier, my bolt bounced off and into the air.

It flew up and broke through the ceiling and wall. The two crumbled.


I could hear the ancient dragons whisper among themselves.

This palace was meant to withstand the power of ancient dragons.

But no one had imagined the force that some human magicians could summon.


Timi was shocked.

The ceiling continued to crumble. Large pieces fell to the ground, one by one.

I used gravity magic to lower each fragment to the ground.

Well, I sped them up, right on top of Timi.

She had only prepared for defending against a magical attack.

And she was too slow to defend against a physical one.


The falling fragments struck Timi directly.

I had added several hundred times the weight to the fragments using gravity magic.

The fragments fell all over her, and pressed her to the ground.

Even so, I couldn’t let her go.

I used a magic barrier on top of her to push her as well.

「Not YET!」

Timi now casted her own set of gravity and magic barrier magic.


The fragments floated momentarily. She had unreal magical power.

Her tail had become free. She knocked the fragments away.


Of the five barriers I had cast on her, four she destroyed with her tail.

This would be close.

So I just added more gravity and magic barriers on top.


But she was unable to run from my gravity magic trap.

「…I give up.」

「Good fight, Timi.」

I said, and released the magic.

「ryaa ryaa!」

And Shiggy called out happily.



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