Chapter 267


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Chapter 267 – After the Battle

So I walked over to Timi.

Her body was still covered from fragments of the ceiling and wall.

「Timi, are you okay?」

「Yes. If it wasn’t for your gravity magic, these pieces of the ceiling would be swept away like scraps.」

I didn’t like hearing that. But I knew she meant that they would be light compared to how I had used them to press on her.


Shiggy called out to the covered Timi, quite worried.


Timi arose after hearing Shiggy cry out.

She arose so quickly, the huge fragments scattered into the air.

The other ancient dragons spread their wings and protected the others from them falling.

「Shiggy! Auntie did her best!」

「ryaa ryaa」

She nuzzled her huge snout into Shiggy.

Shiggy petted the end of it.

「Timi, those fragments are dangerous, so move SLOWLY.」

「ryaa ryaa」

So Timi turned to Vi-Vi and asked,

「Sorry about that, are you okay?」

「I’m okay.」

Collette squealed happily.

Vi-Vi, Steff, and Femm all just stood there.

They were surrounded by six ancient dragons. Of course they were scared.

「Great job old man!」

「Mooo moo!」

Collette came charging on Moofy’s back.

She had no sense of fear.

「Timi, you did great too!」

「Moo moo!」

「Yes, I think so too. Hm…」

Collette and Moofy complimented her, so Timi looked somewhat happy.

She did snort, and the wind blew through the room.

「kyaa kyaa」

「ryaa ryaa 」

Collette and Shiggy both liked the crazy wind.

All the others were scared stiff.

I could see that Steff and Femm were actually shaking.

Just then, one dragon noble…maybe Govas, came closer.

「Madam…let us heal you.」

「This is just a scratch.」

「However, you were struck, we must heal you.」

「Then please.」

Govas’ hand shone. It was healing magic.

「Ancient dragon healing magic. Watch this closely, Shiggy.」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy’s eyes shimmered as she watched.

And we both watched Govas’ hand glow as it touched Timi.

「The healing is over.」

「Thank you. Does anyone else need healing?」

「I checked, but there are no injuries. This is because of Alfredora’s unreal power.」

I wondered when they checked. I guess they could tell by the way my disciples looked.

So I turned to Timi and said,

「Timi, you should probably return to human form.」

「I see, if you say so Alra, then I will.」

Timi and quickly shrunk to human form.

「Thank you all for your work.」


They all cried out softly, and bowed.

After they returned to human form, all the humans ran over to us.

I guess because they were no longer frightening looking like humans.

「Timi, I’m very sorry about the wall and ceiling…」

But there was a ceiling even farther above the one that I broke.

I was happy that the cold didn’t come flooding in.

「If we close the room and leave it, it will automatically heal itself.」

「How long will that take?」

「Um, with damage like this, maybe a month or so.」

「Just a month?!」

Vi-Vi was surprised. So was I.

Even with the modern magic of today, and self healing surface usually takes years.

「That’s unreal, that it would go that fast.」

「What magical technology!」

「It is ancient magic.」

Timi said, proudly.


Femm even barked with surprise.

Its tail was straight out.

Suddenly, all the dragon nobles were now near us.

They were massive, but I wish they wouldn’t creep up on me like that.

Their magic was so strong, you couldn’t sense their approach.

I then bowed to all of them.

「Thank you for your help.」

「Ryaaaa……。We are sorry for doubting you…」

All of them spoke in human speech like Timi.

It was magical to do so, and harder than using spirit speech.

They were quite an impressive species to use human speech so well.

「Doubting me?」

I couldn’t remember anything said about that.

「We didn’t understand how strong of a magician you were.」

「Alra is strong. He may not even be human!」

Timi said with a proud look.

「We were quite in assuming that you would be much weaker than Timi.」

「We were quite rude…」

「…and we apologize.」

They all bowed, low, almost to the floor.

They were apologizing to me for asking Timi not to fight me.

「Don’t worry about it. You were worried about me being injured, correct?」

「You’re very generous.」

「Thank you.」

Shiggy then cried out from my pouch.


「「「haa haa haa」」」

The dragons all exhaled and fell to the floor.

They then rolled over and showed their bellies.

「ryaa ryaa」

「We thank you for your kind words.」

The ancient dragons all seemed emotional at whatever Shiggy had said.

After that, at Timi’s request, we all went to a different room.

It was a room made for human size.

Then the dragons returned to human size and served us tea and snacks.

「Ah, thank you very much.」

Since Steff knew they were dragons, she was a bit scared.

I asked Steff,

「What did you think of the battle?」

「I was worried, but I did all that I could.」

「Good, I think you did a fine job.」

「Thank you.」

It was a good day. After all, I had seen how all my disciples had grown.

And satisfied, I ate the ancient dragons’ snacks.



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