Chapter 268


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Chapter 268 – Tea with Dragons

It felt good to eat something sweet after all that magic use. The food was so good.

And the ancient dragons had perfect sense in the food they made.


Moofy rested her snout on the table.

Collette and Vi-Vi both fed Moofy some of their snacks.

「Itsth it good, Moofy?」


「Eat some more!」

Collette and Vi-Vi enjoyed feeding the cow.

I thought the cow would just kick her feet up on the table and munch away.

It would be bad manners, but no one expects a cow to be polite.

Femm was doing that, after all.

「Ah, sorry for not noticing.」

One dragon girl noticed and quickly put some food in a place the beasts could eat.

If she placed them on the edge of the table, the beasts could just eat it off the side of the table.

『Thank you.』

Femm said thanks and ate.

Even so, the girls kept on hand-feeding Moofy.

They were enjoying it, after all.

Then, I fed Shiggy myself.

And Timi was happy seeing Shiggy eat.


「Is it good, Shiggy?」

「ryaa ryaa!」

「I see. That’s why I prepared ones that you’d like!」

When Shiggy was happy, Timi was happy.

On the other hand, Steff watched everything very seriously.

「What’s wrong, Steff? Is there something you’re worrying about that happened during the battle?」


After a bit, Steff looked at Timi and I and said,

「Um…not MY battle, but the one that you did with Timi.」

「Yeah, I watched that TOO!」

Vi-Vi said, while feeding Moofy and eating the snacks herself.

Moofy seemed to be quite interested in our conversation as well.


With her snout on the table, she looked at us.

I patted her snout.

Moofy had a strange power to make you pet her, I noticed.

As I patted her, Steff looked at me seriously,

「Honestly, I had no idea what was happening..」

「It was quite simple, actually.」

We were attacking each other and defending against each other.

Timi looked over at us, and said,

「Well, compared to normal magic, we used a lot more different types, right?」

「Because my opponent was an ancient dragon. I had no ability to slack off.」

「I see!」

I said, and Timi responded with a smile while she petted Shiggy.

「Do you think someday I can be a master like you…?」

「I think maybe…」

The answer was hard to give.

Well, it wasn’t too hard to predict, but there wasn’t an impossibility.

No one can put a limit on a human.

So, of course I didn’t know.

I was having difficulty answering, but Vi-Vi stuck her chest out and said,

「That’s a level far above a normal human being.」


「Of course!」

「Is it impossible for a devil like you Vi-Vi?」

With that question, I finally realized…

Steff was asking because she was a beast-human.

She knew she was different, so species-wise, she wanted to know.

「Of course we’re completely different. I am one of the Four Sub-Bosses, the most elite of all devils out there! It’s even impossible for me!」

「So it would be impossible for Millet and Collette?」

「Well they are quite talented for a couple of elves. But for now, yeah.」

Vi-Vi said clearly.

So I said to Steff,

「Steff. I can’t say that different races are limited to different magics, but there a big difference in individuals.」


Collette was listening to me and jumped up on my knee.

「I wasth hoping to beat you sthomeday, old man!」

「Oh, well do your best!」

「heh heh」

I really had no idea if she could. But doing as much work as you could was no waste.

As a magician, you needed as much ambition as you could get.

Compared to Collette, Steff was missing some confidence.

「Objectively speaking, your magic ability is high, Steff.」

「I wonder…」

「I’m sure you could probably beat a magician guildsman.」

「I don’t think I…」

「You’re my disciple. Have confidence. You won’t lose to them.」

Collette looked up at me from my knee.

「Am I sthrong?」

「You’re pretty tough too.」

「Heh heh」

「What about me, Mister Al?」

Collette asked from beside me.

「You as well.」

「I see…that makes me happy.」

Then Vi-Vi said,

「Listen, little disciples! Magic isn’t just about attacking!」


「Yeah, Collette, Al is a field-clearer, carpenter, and he uses magic to do it!」

「Oh yeah!」

Then Collette looked at me,

「I’m going to clear fieldsth too!」

「Do your best!」

「Heh heh」

And I patted her head.



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