Chapter 269


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Chapter 269 – The Information

I patted Collette’s head, and Millet drew near.

「I’ll do my best too.」

「I look forward to it.」

I said, and Millet stooped down to be level with Collete.

She then looked at me with expectant eyes.

I guess she wanted me to pat her head as well.

So I did.

「Heh heh」

She giggled to herself, but she did look happy.

Then Timi said to my, while feeding Shiggy,

「So are you ready to fight the magician’s guild?」

「I guess so.」

The purpose of which was to get Steff to beat one of them.

No, the first goal was for us to find out who the hell that beast magician was that can control nature spirits was.

The other stuff can wait.

「I think you can win easily, Steff.」

Steff approached me with a troubled look.

「Master, please wait. You said that I could beat a normal magician.」

「Yes, I did.」

「But the person that’s going to fight me will be one of their best.」


「It will be an elite. I won’t be anywhere near as good.」

「No, it will be a normal magician. You’ll be way better.」

「…I don’t think so.」

「Steff, you need more confidence.」

「If you say so, master, I’ll do my best.」

I then patted her head.

Steff’s ear pricked up. Her tail went from side to side.

Seeing that, Shiggy walked over from the other side of the table.


Then I petted her.

Shiggy ran from Timi, and Timi looked a bit sad.

「Maybe youI should bring Millet and Collette as well.」

「True that they could probably could win as well.」

「I want to go!」

「And Millet?」

「I do to.」

The elf sisters were ready to go.

「Okay, then I’ll talk to Cruz about it.」

Cruz simply said that she’d prove that her magician was better than the guild’s.

But that could have just been her trying to ask tough.

She might also have wanted to show that the beast magician she was talking about was real and powerful.

Even if I brought Millet and Collette, they wouldn’t be able to fight.

However, the two could at least learn from seeing others fight.

「I really am nervous.」

「If you start to lose, I’ll help, so don’t worry.」

「Okay then.」

Timi seemed a bit perplexed, and said,

「But…that’s like having a parent get in a fight between kids…」

「It’s fine unless a very strong magician comes forward.」

I thought that Steff could beat a capital or noble magician.

If she fought that level, she’d be okay.

「I want to go to.」

「You too, Timi?」

「What, is there a problem?」

「…You can’t fight. You’ll turn the capital to ashes.」

「Of course I won’t. But you could do the same, Alra.」

「No…I’m used to holding back.」

「I do that every day TOO!」

Timi said with a look of pride.

After we enjoyed drinking the tea and talking, we went back to Mulg, leaving Timi behind.

Timi’s legs were getting numb, so she wanted to return to her dragon form until night, and then join us.

When Cruz and Yureena came back, Timi joined us as well.

Then everyone ate dinner.

After cleaning the dishes, I asked Luka,

「Did you find out anything about the nature spirit beast-magician?」

「Well, there’s a little info from the guild…」

「Is there anything substantial?」

「That may take a little more time.」

「Okay, thanks for your hard work.」

「Don’t worry about it.」

After that, I asked Yureena,

「What about from the church?」

「Not much different than what Luke said about the guild…」

「Just a little info…then…」

「Yeah, information that someone, somewhere might have seen something like a beast-human magician that might be able to control nature spirits…」


「The guild got about the same amount of information. We’re in the midst of following up on it.」

「The church is the same.」

「I see. Thanks.」

「You got it. If Cruz is willing to get into a fight over it, then whoever it is has got to be tracked down.」

「Thanks, Yureena and Luka…」

Cruz smiled and said.

It was going to take a bit longer to get more info.

After the first reports about this mysterious magician, we found that finding more information was going to take quite a bit of work to find out how strong this guy was.

And, after finding that out about him, we also needed to find out what he looked like and his recent movements.

So I asked Cruz,

「Cruz, I think we’re ready to challenge the magician’s guild. Pick a good day for it.」

「Oh, so I heard Steff is going to beat the whole guild herself!」

「I’m not going to beat them all up!」

「Can you go too, Millet and Collette?」

「Of course. But, we can’t join in…is that okay?」

「I want to sthee the capital, old man!」

「I would as well, Mister Al!」

Both elf girls said, wanting to join us.

「Okay, let’s do this tomorrow!」


「The sooner the better!」

Cruz said with a snort and proud look.

「Steff, Millet, Collette, is all of your magic restored?」

「Ah, yes. I think I’m fine after tonight.」

「I’m fine too, old man.」

「I as well, master.」

It seemed that they restored their magic quite quickly.

「Okay, tomorrow it is!」



「I’ll go.」

And so we had decided.



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