Chapter 27


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Chapter 27 – Making Storage

With the dragon undead destroyed, we collected the remains from the victory.

Since I have been an adventurer for so long, I never forget to gather my battle rewards.

「I’ll help you too, Al!」

Vi-Vi sprung out to help me collect all the goods.

Femm would be no help in stripping away all of the treasure. Even so, I was grateful all the dragons died in one place.

The three dragons that Femm and the others killed and one destroyed by the first fireball were all nearby as well.

All of them together made one Great Dragon and 20 lessers.

A victory treasure doesn’t change because of zombie status; however, because of the decomposition the scales are hard to remove.

Even so, we were lucky, as the zombie status really hadn’t taken effect.

We were able to get quite a bit.

「This is a LOT.」

「Sure is!」

My hero party, including me, could do a lot with an amount like this.

And without all of the rest of hero party there, it would be almost enough to buy off the capital.

「It’s sad to see something so strong as a dragon get zombie status.」

「Yeah, and among undead statuses, zombie is the worst.」

Zombie magic was said to have been created for humans to be transformed into completely obedient slaves by ancient dark magicians.

It was a huge taboo to use.

A zombie magical beast was a dead body animated that had its freedom taken from it.

Whatever magic beast hit by zombie magic moved like an animatron with all its dignity taken from it.

The most fearsome thing of it all was that the zombie still had the consciousness inside that it had while it was still living.

It was able to think, but its body moved on its own, without will. It couldn’t move a muscle on its own.

There was no other magic as terrifying as that.

「A dragon…very fearsome, but this was a Great Dragon with tactical strategy and magic resistance as well…」

It was an outright shame that a beast like this was made into a zombie.

I said a brief prayer for these dragons.

While we were taking the spoils of our victory, I asked Vi-Vi…

「So, Vi-Vi, why did you want to help?」

「Um..I just…」

Vi-Vi had problems responding.

「Oh, oh yeah! I was thinking that the dogs would owe me a favor. Now I don’t think Femm will try to eat me.」

「I see.」

Vi-Vi tried to fake an answer.

It seemed, however, that Vi-Vi was more worried about Femm than anything.


We had finished pulling the dragons apart, and were returning to Mulg Village.

Millet was waiting for us on the way.

「Welcome back. Are you injured?」

「We’re fine.」

Collette had just woken up. She was rubbing her sleepy eyes.

「Old man, Femm welcome back. Sthub bossthh too.」

She said, as she ran up and put her arms around Femm.

We ate dinner, and then slept.

Two beings and one beast…one bed.

Just like usual, Femm somehow was able to invade my space.

It dropped its heavy snout onto my stomach, and I just put up with the weight.

Vi-Vi was closer to Femm than usual as well. She gripped onto Femm’s tail and slept.

The next day, we all had breakfast, and I went to guard as usual.

Femm ran around nearby, and Vi-Vi drew magic circles in the ground.

「Ruff Woof」

Femm barked. I looked over, and Femm’s underlings had brought something from the previous day.

Claws, fangs, bones, dragon scales, and magic stones.

「Oh, thanks!」

The fangs were as long as a person. The bones were even bigger.

The scales were as big as shields.

All of the wolves had given their all to drag everything down to us.

We were about to give some beef to the wolves when Femm stopped us.

『I don’t want the wolves to get used to people giving them food.』

「But this is thanks for dragging all that loot down to us.」

『They dragged it down as thanks for you destroying those dragons. There’s no reason to thank them for anything.』

「Is that how it is.」


Maybe as a substitute, or something, I petted as many of the wolves as I could in thanks.

「Hey, but you’re getting fed, Femm. Is that okay?」


Femm slowly rolled over on the ground and panted.

There was nothing I could do, so I rubbed its belly.

While I was doing that, the chief came over. Millet had called for him.

「Al, did you need something?」

「Yeah, chief, thanks for coming. Look at that!」

The chief looked at everything the dragons had dropped.

「Yesterday, Femm and Vi-Vi helped me get rid of those things.」

「What? Dragons?」

「Yes, there’s a lot left over…do you have a place to put it? I’ll pay rent for the land and so on, of course.」

There was no way to put them in my bungalow. There was no way to carry them, and they didn’t fit in the magic bag.

「You…killed…this many…dragons?!」

The chief’s face was still locked in a shocked expression.

There are humans that think that dragons are some kind of holy being…the chief must be one of these.

That’s why I prayed for them once.

「Sorry, but they’re undead, so I have to kill them.」

「No…that’s not the problem. The problem is…if you fight dragons…you’re going to KILL YOURSELF!」

The chief worried about me. How kind.

「I’ll be careful.」

「I really wish you would.」

「Yes, well…thanks.」

After that, the chief gave me some land. I said I wanted a wide, flat area, that was near the village.

「Okay! Let’s make a place to store this!」

「Okay then!」


We began to construct a shack to store everything in.

We bought some logs from the woodcutter, and had the town carpenter help us.

Magic helped us a lot with the construction as well.

It made lifting the logs, striking the nails, and clearing the land easy.

We made the roof on the ground and then I used gravity to lift it later onto the building.

「Maybe being a wizard is really the perfect job for a carpenter?」

「You might be right.」

The carpenter asked and then laughed at my response.

Villagers that were free also helped us where they could.

While we were taking a break, one villager looked at me and said,

「Since you’re such a great wizard, Al, you’re a guy that’s easy to take a liking to.」

「Really? Well thanks a lot.」

「Yeah, but there’s something lacking in…gravitas…about you.」

The villagers around me looked at each other and nodded.


「Yes, gravitas…you know…you’re not scary.」

The villagers again agreed among themselves.

「I don’t need to have something like that…I guess.」

「No, you do! If you had that, you could push people around!」

「Yeah! Here, Al, wait here for a second!」

The villager looked as if he realized something, ran to Millet’s house, and came back quickly.

Millet came back with him with a fake beard.

「We used this beard in last year’s festival. If you want it, we’ll give it to you.」

「Oh, that would look good on you, Al!」

I put the fake beard on, and I could feel the fluffiness on my chin and under my nose.

It was just enough to hang off my chin…not the kind that reaches to your stomach.

Once the villagers saw me wear that, they jumped up and down gleefully.

「Okay…I guess I could try wearing it…」

「Now you look like a REAL wizard.」「It suits you well.」

After putting in on, everyone nodded in approval.

Maybe I could wear this as a disguise someday. Since I might need it, I took it and thanked them.

Using magic, the storage shack was finished in three days.

And with Vi-Vi’s expansion magic, the inside of the storage was made even bigger.

「Because of this building, I’m going to make the most beautiful magic circle to match it! Not something cheap that you use during battle, but a gorgeous, superior magic circle!」

Vi-Vi was super excited to do it.

Because of Vi-Vi’s exquisite magic circle drawing, the internal storage of the place expanded 10 times the outside size.

It was also a very tough circle. Attacks and fire couldn’t harm it.

「Maybe being a magic circle magician is really the perfect job for a carpenter?」

「Good job, Vi-Vi….」

「Right?! Right?!」

Vi-Vi said proudly.

There was a crawl space under the floorboards of the storage shack. The wolves took a liking to it.

Several of them had already crept in and were sleeping.

「I wonder if they can warn us if anyone comes.」

『You’re right.』

Femm said proudly.

「Hmph! Those dirty wolves are going to just sit there and chew on the bones!」

『They won’t do that!』

「I was just joking. Al, I have an idea!」

Femm didn’t get angry, and Vi-Vi just blew it off…they both had grown.

「An idea?」

「Let’s make Moofy the boss of this place!」

Vi-Vi said as she proudly stuck her chest…out.



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