Chapter 270


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Chapter 270 – Finally, the Capital Again

The next day, we ate breakfast and went to the capital.

Cruz, Steff, Millet, Collette, and Timi accompanied me.

And, of course I didn’t forget Vi-Vi or Shiggy.

I also put on my wolf mask, just in case.

「If you’re going to wear one, then I will too, Al.」

Vi-Vi said, and put the cow mask on.

I had a lot on my plate, so I had to keep my identity secret, but Vi-Vi wasn’t well known.

She could walk around without the mask and no one would mind.

I was about to say so, but Shiggy flapped her wings in my pouch.

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy stuck her head out of my pouch and looked at both of our masks.

She might have been interested in them.

And since she looked quite curious, I didn’t say anything to Vi-Vi about her mask.

「I’ll put your coat on, Shiggy.」


I took Shiggy out of her pouch, and put the coat Vi-Vi made on Shiggy.

It looked cute.

「You look so cute no matter what you wear!」


Timi said, grabbing Shiggy and hugging her, and then putting her back in my pouch.

Timi looked a little lonely as she then petted the small dragon.

With all preparations finished and us off to the capital, Steff looked a bit surprised at our masks,

「Master, what are those masks for?」

「Since I am Alfred…」


「Since I’m Alfredora, I don’t need to be found out.」

「I see…」

Especially since this time it was the magician’s guild. I had forgotten to pay the guild dues for many years.

It was easy to make the payments, but there was no avoiding the truth that I had ignored it.

I’m sure they had absolutely a bad impression about me.

I’d make the repayment later at a suitable time.

「Okay, let’s go!」

Cruz said, happily taking my arm.

「Wuff wuff!」


Suddenly, Moofy and Femm were with us.

「Aren’t you staying home?」

『Not today!』


Femm wanted to go. Also, Moofy looked at us sadly.

We hadn’t brought them to the capital much recently.

So they both wanted to go.

Cruz must have taken pity on them, because they both looked so sad,

「Al, do you think we can take them with us?」

「Yeah, but this is the magician’s guild this time.」

「You can take animals there too, you know.」

I didn’t think that was a good idea.


「Moo moo!」

But since Cruz had said so, the beasts happily agreed.

They both were wagging their tails happily.

「Okay then, just stay quiet.」

『You don’t have to tell us…』


Even though I felt some discomfort, I still took Moofy and Femm with me to the capital.

We entered the shack and went through the transport circle, and arrived in Cruz’s palace.

We left the room and Cruz’ maid came to meet us.

The maid greeted us, and looked over at Femm and Moofy.

「Oh! Femm and Moofy! You came with them?」


「Here’s something for you!」

「Wuffwuff!」「Moo mo!」

The maid handed the beasts some snacks to eat.

She was always very kind to them.


The maids also gathered around Shiggy.

「What is this?」


「She’s cute. Can we pet her?」


「Can we give her a snack?」

「I don’t think she’ll eat unless she knows the person.」

Shiggy usually wouldn’t eat from someone’s hand unless she knew them.

A while after she hatched from the egg, she never ate from any hand but my own.

After recalling that, I noticed how much Shiggy had grown.

Even so, she still never ate from your hand unless she knew you.

「Is that so? Too bad.」

「Well, then give her this from us.」

And so the maid gave me some snacks to give Shiggy.

I handed them to her and she chomped them down.


Shiggy made a bow to the maids and cried out once.

We left the palace, and I asked Femm and Moofy,

「I wonder…are you two sneaking to the capital when no one’s looking?」



Femm and Moofy couldn’t meet eyes with me. They had to be sneaking back here.

That’s why the maids were so ready to see them.

These beasts and their fooling around…

The maids weren’t scared at all, and there’d be no problem as long as they stayed in the palace.

「Okay, you two. As long as I’m not with you, you CAN’T leave Cruz’ palace, okay?」



They thought that I had forgiven them, so they went back to wagging their tails again.

「If you do leave the palace alone, you know it’ll cause big trouble, right?」

『We know.』

「Moo moo!」

Femm snorted in a bit of annoyance.

Moofy just nodded.

So we walked down to the magician’s guild.

We met Cruz along the way. She wanted to talk about how we’d go up against the guild.

The magician’s guild was different from the adventurer’s, as it was among all the residences of the nobility.

Because of this, it was close to Cruz’ place.

We arrived there, and Cruz looked it over with a serious countenance.



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