Chapter 271


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Chapter 271 – Conversing with the Guild

The guild itself was a large, three-story structure.

We looked the place over, and Cruz said,

「Well, here the battle begins, Al.」

「No, it’s not a battle yet. Just a fight.」

「It’s just a matter of speech Al! A battle’s just a fight you can’t lose!」

「I guess you’re right.」

At least, the purpose was to find out who was summoning all those nature spirits.

However, Cruz was upset because the magician’s guild had made a fool of Steff.

I know how she felt.

I told Steff, Millet, and Collette,

「Take it easy. If a strong magician tries to fight you, I’ll step in.」

「That’s a relief.」

「I don’t think you need to fight either, Millet and Collette, so just relax.」

「We can fight if you need us!」

「I’m justht going to have fun watching Sthteff do her thing!」

Steff and Millet were both a bit nervous though.

I could tell Steff was especially rattled.

I understood, because it was before a battle. You had to get used to it.

However, Collette wasn’t worried at all.

She was a strange child. Well, maybe because she was a child, she’s never known fear.

I looked at Steff, who was the most scared of all,

「If you don’t see me step in, you know the magician’s not that strong, so just relax.」

「I understand.」

「And if he’s not super strong, you can beat him.」


She looked a bit relieved.

Then I looked at Millet and Collette.

「And I just need you two to relax and stay back.」

「We’ll trust you more than our own strength. Even so, if we fight, I’m not scared, Mister Al!」

「Thanks for trusting me.」

「It’s…my pleasure…」

Millet blushed.

「I’ll take it easy too, old man!」

Collette smiled at me, as she wasn’t worried at all.

「Well, I’ll just try to hold back…like a parent who’s not going to use force between two kids fighting.」

「It’s better if you just kick the guy’s butt, Al.」

「That’s a bit childish, Vi-Vi.」

「No it’s NOT! I could fight the guy too!」

Vi-Vi said.

However, Vi-Vi’s not a fighting type of magician.

I’d actually think she has less ability than Millet or Collette.

But if I ever said so, I’m sure that Vi-Vi would get bent out of shape.

「I’d step in before you would, Vi-Vi.」

「Why, Al?」

「Because you’re a devil, and one of the four Sub-bosses. If they lost to you, they’d get pissed and want revenge.」

「I guess you’re right…」

Hearing that, Timi said,

「I can fight too.」

「I told you, Timi, if you fought, the whole capital would be burned to ashes, just leave it to me.」

「I can hold back if I need to…but, I’ll let you handle it.」


Next, I looked at Femm and Moofy.



「I know you know already, but just keep back and stay quiet.」

『I know.』

『Me know.』

「You can’t fight, and don’t freak out, no matter what.」


『I no fight.』

Femm and Moofy both huffed. I was worried they might try something.

「Vi-Vi, Timi, take care of the beasts, okay?」


「Got it.」

Cruz was listening quietly, and nodded,

「Let’s go then.」


Cruz opened the door to the guild, and we walked in.

Two masked weirdos with two beasts…we stuck out like sore thumbs.

Every pair of eyes in the guild turned to us. Even the receptionist looked rattled.

The strong looking guy behind the receptionist came out to meet us.

He must have been the office chief or something like that.

「Hello, Marquis Conradine! It’s been a while.」

「I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. You’re the office head, right?」

「You remember well, miss! I’m honored.」

Not the office chief, but the office head.

Six or a half dozen of the other.

「I was thinking of coming earlier, but I was busy.」

「Oh…well, your realm is an important one. You must be very busy. Our little guild could provide someone possibly that could speed whatever process necessary up for you?」

The guy was trying to sell the guild’s services to her.

Cruz had a knowing smile, and said,

「I’ve come here today to prove that my magicians are better than ANY magician in the magician’s guild.」

「Um…you mean…」

The office head had lost his head for a bit.

They were fighting words, after all, Cruz had left for a bit to make preparations.

Or maybe the fellow had thought that Cruz had simply forgotten.

「I made a promise. That my magician would face yours.」

「But, marquis…」

The office head looked troubled. He glanced at me.

It was proceeding as planned.

Cruz and I had talked about how we would get the challenge to happen without being refused.

So just like we had planned, I turned to the office head and said,

「I would say that this fellow doesn’t have to fight, but if you’ve promised him, marquis…」

「…and I always keep my promises!」

「Then, there must be a battle…」

The office head then thought I might be an ally, or maybe could help him in some way.

「The marquis said the magicians in this guild are just prideful small-fries after all, and there’s no way they’ll accept her challenge…」

「W…what’s that?!」

「I don’t think that anymore, but…」

「Well, it’s a shame, marquis. You have a keen insight. Any excuse to prevent the guild from defeating your magician…」

The office head said with a smile on his face as Cruz interrupted him,

「I was told that the magician’s guild could be beaten by anyone in less than five minutes…」

「…five minutes? What do you mean?」

「And I’ve heard that anyone could beat the guild in less than three.」I said.


I was fanning the flames, and the office head was at a loss for words.

「So, let’s make a bet. I say three minutes, the marquis says five.」

「I say two.」Timi said.

「And I say one.」Vi-Vi said.

Even though Timi and Vi-Vi weren’t involved, they still followed up with even shorter times.

「Since we want to see how long you’d last in battle, let’s fight.」

Cruz said, with a smile all over her face.



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