Chapter 272


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Chapter 272 – Steff vs the Guild

The office head was beet-red. It seems our challenge had made him quite upset.

The magicians in the guild were all glaring at us angrily.

I didn’t think the plan would work this well.

「Are you trying to make a fool of our great GUILD?!」

The office head said with polite but stressed speech. It was clear he was holding back his anger.

I could see his fist shaking.

It was clear that he himself was somewhat of a magician.

So I said to him,

「You were the one that mocked one of the marquis’ magicians, correct?」

「What do you mean?」

The office head looked so surprised it was clear he wasn’t trying to cover for himself.

He seriously looked like he had no idea what was going on.

「I won’t let you talk yourself out of the fact that you mocked my magician because she’s a beast-human!」

Cruz said, and the man then seemed to realize what he had done.

He returned her accusation with a smile.

「That was not mocking. That was the truth.」

「And I say you were mocking her!」

「It’s a historical FACT that beast-humans are worthless as magicians.」

「You have them as members of your guild though, right?」

「Anyone can join. Even worthless magicians are free to join the guild as they wish.」

Cruz stepped up and grabbed the office head by the collar. She then lifted him into the air.

「Ag…le…let me go!」

「Cruz, calm down. Don’t pay him any mind.」


I said, as I patted Cruz’ shoulder.

She let him go, and he fell flat on the ground.

「I don’t know who’s the small fry here, but all I hear is excuses from this one.」

I said, and glared at the office head as best I could.

Just then, two men came down from the second floor.

One had white hair with a white beard, and a very expensive robe.

A magician’s magician.

「What’s all this noise!?」

「M…master! I’m sorry for the bother!」

The office head said, with a turn and a bow to the man.

This was the grand master of the magician’s guild. I knew him by his face.

I wondered why he was just called “master” though.

The other fellow I knew as well…a military general.

After I helped kill the Demon Lord, he was the one that wanted me to lead the magical knights.

This guy was the one I wanted LEAST to know who I was.

I was really glad I had covered my face.

The general noticed Cruz and smiled.

「Well, mistress hero. It’s my pleasure to see you this fine day.」

「It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, general!」

The master then smiled at Cruz.

「Well, Marquis Conradine! I appreciate you coming to this fine guild.」

「Master. I have come for a battle, as I was promised previously.」

「A battle?」

The grand master had no idea what was going on.

So Cruz explained what had happened up until now.

The fact that the office head had mocked the magical skill of Steff, and hearing this, the grand master’s brow furrowed.

「Why did you not tell me this, office head?」

「I’m very sorry sir. They mocked us as well, and well, I was very angry…」

「Nothing we can do about that now…Marquis, is there any possible way that you could forgive him?」

「If he gets on his hands and knees and apologizes to my magician Steff here. Then he had to promise never to make stupid statements like that again.」

「But it’s true that beast-humans just aren’t good…」

The office head said, with an unhappy look on his face.

Maybe because the master was there, he still made his case that Steff was by species a bad magician.

I almost could see steam coming from Cruz’ ears.



The office head was still trying to make his case.

He had no intention to change his view that all beast-bloods were bad magicians.

Seeing this, Timi said with a sigh,

「My, let’s just get this decided by a battle. Could you just pick a magician?」

「…if they’re going to go this far, then let’s put the pride of the guild on the line. May we, master?」

The office head said…but what pride?

Some strange pride he had…best to cast it to the side.

The master sighed.

「The master general is here. All of this childish behavior…」

「I don’t mind at all…in fact, I’d like to see it.」

「…you’d like to see it?」

「All of the capital and academy magicians say the same thing here as this office chief, after all.」

Hearing that, the office HEAD seemed quite satisfied.

「That’s correct! It’s common knowledge among magicians. There’s no room for argument about it.」

「I myself have had my doubts…as to whether beast blood impedes magical ability or not…」

Hearing this, Cruz said,

「You’ll find out quickly in a battle.」

「Correct. I’d like to see it.」

The general said, and the master sighed again.

「If the general says so, then there is a place where we can hold the battle, so let us go there.」

So we all left with him.

The place we were led to was a large area with an open roof.

「This area is the ancient treasure of the guild, a magical hall.」

The grand master said, with pride.

And with the same principles as my magic bag, it was a magical area with an open top.

Also, it could take any magical damage unleashed by magicians inside of it.

「Well, this is quite a place.」

Timisoara said, impressed.

It was a very striking place.

Hearing that there would be a battle, we saw magicians filter in behind us.

It would be good to get as many eyes in here as possible. That way they could see who won.

And in addition to those magicians that would see it, the general would see it as well.

So the stage was set.



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