Chapter 273


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Chapter 273 – Steff vs the Office Head

I examined the hall as closely as I could. I noticed Vi-Vi doing the same.

We wanted to know what made this magical hall so special.

And after the examination, I found the place immensely complex.

「I want to check this place inch by inch, Al.」

「I know…」

I’d actually pay several times my dues to examine this place closely.

However, no one in the crowd or Cruz really had interest in that.

「So, who will be our opponent?」

Cruz asked, and the master glared at the office head.

「…office head…you need to offer yourself as the opponent.」

「ME, master?!」

「What you sow, you reap…」


The fellow seemed like the challenge was below him, but he also seemed like he had a lot of confidence.

Then Timi looked at the guy and said,

「He doesn’t look very strong. Are you sure this is the one we want to fight?」

「I may not look strong, but for many years I had been the head of the duke’s cadre of magicians. I think I have some experience…」

The duke was one of the top nobles in the land.

And the fact that this guy was the head of a group of magicians meant that he was in a higher in place than many of the royal magicians, but now, he was just a manager in the guild.

But there was no doubt that he was an elite magician in the guild.

Timi looked at the man suspiciously.

「Grand master or whoever. This guy talks like this, but you still are okay with him being the one to fight? I don’t want to hear him whine when he loses.」

「If you think the man is not strong enough, I can change him…what say you, marquis?」

The master and the office head looked pretty sure he would win.

If he were to be refused as Steff’s opponent, that would mean a loss without even battling.

She had to fight him.

Even so, Cruz looked over at me.

Did I think that Steff had a chance to beat this guy, her eyes seemed to ask.

I thought she would, and nodded.

「He is fine.」

「Then he shall be the one to fight. And who will fight on your side?」

「Of course, my beast-human magician, Steff.」

Cruz said, and Steff took a step forward.

I walked up and whispered in Steff’s ear.

「Steff, just do what you did yesterday. You have a good chance to win.」


「This hall can take a lot of damage, so go at him as if you have to kill him!」

She gulped, then nodded.

In the few minutes leading up to the battle, even more magicians filtered in.

In total there were about 20 people watching.

「You’re never going to mock me again, office head…I’ll show you!」

「Maybe I should just burn your clothes off, girl!」

The office head smiled as the other magicians in the guild started to hoot and holler.

Even so, the general looked over at them and said,

「You all. Straighten up!」

And with that they shrunk back.

While the match was being prepared, the office head put on his robe and took in hand his staff.

It was definitely a magic robe.

I could see that for a “worthless beast-human,” Steff was completely prepared and not ignoring any possibility.

I heard the general ask the grand master in a voice too low for the office head to hear,

「Is this guy strong? I noticed what she said about him earlier.」

‘She’ must have meant Timi.

He probably noticed that she had thought the magician Steff was facing was quite weak.

The master and general continued,

「No need to worry. He is a skilled magician.」

「However, it does seem he took a step down from his previous job to be here.」

「It is true that three years ago he lost his job as head magician, and became the office head of this guild.」

「So he quit being a magician?」

「No, no…he hasn’t lost his touch as a magician at all.」

「Then why did he leave his position with the duke?」

「The duke lives far in the north. Though his magic didn’t suffer, the cold certainly weakened him.」

「I see. It is hard for us older men to withstand the cold.」

「You are correct. And there’s no doubt that he’s one of the more talented magicians in this guild.」

But at the grand master’s words, the general again looked flummoxed.

「If he’s that strong and the girl loses, that would mean that he was right about beast-blood hurting magical skill?」

「It is just as you say, general.」

And then the grand master smiled at the general.

He tried to hide his conversation and tone, but I could tell that he was mocking Steff as well.

He probably was thinking that he was going to teach that brash, untoward girl Cruz a lesson.

And while this was happening, the match began.

The master himself began the battle,

「Now then, begin!」

And as the master did so, the office head swished his staff high in the air.

He began to chant,

「Spirits…fire spirits…great spirit of the inferno…」



In the middle of his chant, Steff shot a magic bolt at him without a chant.

The man’s magical robe tore in half and he was blown in the air, half-naked.

The other magicians laughed at hollered at the man, and there was a huge commotion.

「No chant and that strong…」

「There’s no way…」

Steff looked at her own hands for a second, surprised.

She had probably thought about withhold her power, but she had delivered an almost fatal blow.


The old man was really hurt.

Cruz was surprised, and asked the master,

「Huh? I thought that maybe you’d protect this guy from magical damage…」

「I would do that, but then I’D take the pain.」

「Ah, I get it…so does that mean Steff wins?」


The old master unhappily bit his lip.

The general next to him then said,

「Seems that she won quite quickly. I guess it can be said that beast-blood has no affect on magic whatsoever.」

「That was my opinion too!」

Cruz said with a giggle.

And hearing this, the office head crawled up and got to his feet.

「I’ve not lost…」

The old man said with a groan.

「Steff! Its not over yet!」

「I know!」

She was serious.

And hearing Cruz’ words, she let loose mercilessly with a fireball at the old office head.


He burned, foamed at the mouth, and then passed out.



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