Chapter 275


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Chapter 275 – Magic Guild vs the Beast Girl

The whole hall fell silent, and the general nodded deeply.

「It can’t be a fluke if she defeated them twice.」

「Right! I thought so too!」

Cruz said with a laugh. She was really proud of Steff.

I was glad I didn’t put Millet or Collette in there. These guys were WEAK. It wouldn’t even be training for them.

「You’re so sthtrong, Sthteff!」

Collette said, but seemed a bit disappointed.

「But even so…」

Millet said to herself.

It wasn’t that Steff was strong, it was that the guild was weak.

That’s what she wanted to say.

And that was really bad. These magicians might become disillusioned by what it means to be a magician.

Also, how great magic is and how important it is to teach it…they might have forgotten that.

Cruz laughed again and said to the grand master.

「Seems my magicians are very strong.」


He was speechless. He probably regretted the whole charade.

On the other hand, Cruz was all bubbles and smiles.

Then she suddenly looked at the man seriously and said,

「So from now on, can you all stop mocking those beast-humans?」

「I will be sure to.」

The grand master had a face like he had eaten gravel.

「Sure to means that you will tell your students to stop picking on beast-humans?」

「We weren’t exactly picking on them.」

「But you were not recommending them to the academy and were being inhospitable, correct?」

「Well, that was more or less at random…」

「Even at random…make sure it never happens again.」


The master said, albeit reluctantly.

Even if he were to say so, ways are hard to change.

But this WAS the first step.

It was hard to change established prejudices. This was a good place to start, however.

So Cruz then said to the general,

「It is as you see. The beast magician is stronger than even the elite of the magician’s guild.」

「Correct. It is just as you say, marquis.」

「And you will promise not to discriminate against beast blood?」

「It’s a promise. We have to do it for our kingdom.」

「Thank you, general!」

The fact this general said it was quite a feat.

He must have really taken notice from what happened in this battle.

The general then said to the grand master with a serious face,

「You said that you were going to recommend him for the capital magicians…」

He pointed at the fallen magician.

「Well, uh…he must have been sick. He really was one of our elites…」

「Is that so?」

The general said with a devilish grin, but his eyes weren’t laughing.

「Do you think that the guild could recommend HER to the capital magicians?」


「She seems to have more than enough ability. The nation needs magicians like that girl Steff like it needs bars of gold.」


The grand master was now sweating, and holding his answer.

The general now looked at him coldly.

「Is there a problem? You said you’d have no problem recommending a beast-human as a magician any longer.」

「Of…of course…however…she hasn’t been to the academy…」

Hearing this, Cruz said,

「She entered and took the test, but was told that since she was of beast-blood that she was unable to attend.」

「Well, it seems that the world of wizards is quite a cruel one.」

「How rude…」

「Yes, enough to be said damaging to the kingdom.」

I could tell that the general really loved the kingdom.

His decision was only about whether things helped or harmed the kingdom.

「I think that we may have to rethink the guild’s role in the kingdom.」

The general said, in an icy voice.

Then he turned and began to walk away.

「W…wait a second!」

「What is it?」

The grand master entreated himself to the general. You could see him ready to make excuses.

The general listened to him impatiently.

Just then, in a loud voice, the whole hall shook.

「MASTER GENERAL! It’s been a long time!」

「…ah, yes, yes it has…」

There was a young man standing there in a robe. He looked to be in his late 20s.

It was a much more elaborate magical robe than even the office head’s.

And this guy looked like he had good magical defense.

The general looked a bit unsettled at the man.

「What are you doing here?」

「I am also one of the guild. At least I have a membership.」


「I thought I heard something interesting was happening her, so I showed up.」

「It’s over. Go home.」

「Cold as usual, general.」

Then the man laughed.

Then the man noticed Cruz.

「Ah! The hero! It’s been a while!」

He then knelt before her. He then reached up, took Cruz’s hand, and went to kiss it.

She slapped his hand away and glared at him.


「How cold! I met you at one of the noble’s parties a while ago.」

「I don’t remember.」

「Too bad.」

But the man didn’t really look like he minded.

The general then furrowed his brow.

「You’re being very rude to our hero.」

「Then I sincerely apologize.」

「If you’re done here, you may leave.」

「I can’t just do that. If I did, the general might go away with a bad image of the magician’s guild.」

「And perhaps it is your attitude that seems to create that image?」

「How strict of a man you are, general!」

He said with a laugh.

Then the man’s eyes glimmered and fell into a squint.

「Not all here in the guild are weak. And I will show you that!」

The grand master was smiling again.

Then he said to Cruz,

「One last match? Could I ask for that?」

It seems that the grand master had trusted his guild to this man’s strong charisma.



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