Chapter 276


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Chapter 276 – The Magic Lord vs Baron Barthel

I had no idea who this proud fellow was. No idea.

Then Cruz asked the General,

「Who is that guy?」

「You met him once before…」

「I know that, sorry for forgetting.」

「No, it’s no matter. You probably met hundreds of people after the death of the Demon Lord.」

The general said with a smile.

So he continued with an introduction.

「He’s the new leader of the magical knights, Baron Barthel.」

「Madamoiselle Hero, it is my pleasure to make your acquaintance.」

Baron Barthel bowed once again to Cruz.

Even though he only looked to be in his 20s, if he was in charge of the magical knights, he must be quite the magician.

Or maybe his family were just nobles.

「Nice to meet you. These magical knights…they’re under your command, general?」

「Yes they are. They have a bit of an attitude, but they are very strong. They’re the strongest magical warriors of all my magicians.」

「Hmm…that’s interesting.」

「Even though they’re the top graduates of the academy, they decided to enter the army and not the palace magicians.」

「Is that so?」

And with that, Cruz finally looked at Baron Barthel with a bit of interest.

「Why did you join the army?」

「I wasn’t interested in the palace. I wanted to use my magic for battle, and I wanted to travel.」

「You should have become an adventurer.」

「I wanted to become one, but my family did not allow me.」

He was the son of a baron, so they rejected his request to be an adventurer.

Then he bowed once more to Cruz,

「I have a request. Since your magician strongly defeated the guild’s magician, you were able to defend your honor.」

「I guess…」

「With that in mind, to defend the honor of the guild, could you give me one request?」

「You would like to fight my magician Steff?」

「I’m afraid to say so.」

「I see.」

With that, Cruz looked at me.

I shook my head. This Baron Barthel looked far stronger than the others.

I thought that there was no way that Steff could win.

After seeing me shake my head, Cruz nodded.

「Steff is tired from already being through two battles.」

And with that, she refused the match.

「Anyone else is fine.」

「Oh, really?」

「Yes. I’d like to show the guild’s ability against any magician under you.」


Cruz looked at me.

I would blow this guy away. Seemed kind of unfair.

The leader of the magical knights. In other words, the guy who took the place I was asked to fill by the general. (back in chapter 2)

Since I didn’t take the job, this guy was probably working his hardest to do the job.

He saw Cruz look over to me, and asked,

「Is he a magician of yours?」

「…that is correct.」

「I am sorry to inquire, but Steff or him…who do you think is stronger?」

「Master is FAR stronger than me!」

Steff shouted at him.

「Well, that’s fascinating. Then I would definitely ask for a battle.」

「Understood. One will be enough.」

When I answered, calls came out from the guild’s crowd.

「Baron Barthel! Show him what’s what!」

「Show our guild’s strength!」

Hearing that, the Baron snorted with pride.

He was being cheered on, but didn’t look too proud about it.

「You seem quite popular.」

「Yes, but I was mocked by these fellows when I said I wanted to join the army.」

And with that, he laughed again.

Seems like he was seen as a weirdo even in the guild.

So, at the grand master’s direction, the next match began.

No need to take much time.

So the Baron guy attacked me first.

He possibly didn’t understand that if he attacked me that quickly, I could have knocked him out immediately.

But if that were so, then the others could say that I cheated, just like they did with Stella.

I should take my time and let them clearly see what a real offense looks like.

So I defended against his attacks.

It was true that he was quite stronger than the fellows Steff faced.

He was in the army, so he had to fight against many magic beasts.

And that gave him skill. He might have beaten Steff.

After blocking the attacks, I waited until the Baron ran out of things to throw at me.

I attacked him with magic bolts then.

He, of course, tried to block this, but he took it straight and it knocked him out.

Then they all saw the difference in magical power.

All the magicians were watching closely and shouting,

「Don’t just lose!」

「A disgrace to the guild!」

I couldn’t take hearing it.

I turned to them all and said,

「Listen! Do you have any guts if you’re going to mock him for fighting me?」

They all fell silent. No one said a thing.

「You can all come at me AT ONCE?」


Again, nothing.

「You are all just mouth and no action. Aren’t you embarrassed? You’re the disgraceful ones!」

「…don’t you mock us!」

All 20 of the magicians attacked me at once.

I burned all their faces with fireballs.

If I had shot any stronger ones, it might test the limits of this battle hall.

So I was very careful with them.

「Too weak against fireballs, I guess.」

They were too weak. Because of that, no one passed out.

I just grilled their faces a bit, made them scream. Just a normal amount of wrenching pain.

I had to make sure I wasn’t killing any of them though.

So I extinguished the fireballs and checked. Everyone was alive.

The hall was intact too. Very strong.

「You all are too weak against fireballs. They finished you off without even you being able to attack again.」

They were all heavily injured. I didn’t want them to go through too much pain, though.

Maybe it was better if they passed out.

So I cast magical fire in a layer several feet over all of them again.

It was enough that it didn’t damage anything, but the fire burned hotter and hotter over them.

And after a bit, they were all passed out.

「Okay then.」

Then I went back to the others. Moofy looked at me happily and came close.

「Moo moo」

「You beasts did a great job holding back.」


「ryaa ryaa」

I patted them all, and Cruz said,

「If Moofy or Femm went crazy, this whole building would be thrashed.」

「Moo moo」

『Of course it would.』

After seeing everything, the grand master whispered,

「What a horrible…terrible…tragedy…」

Then the master looked at me with eyes of abject fear.



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