Chapter 277


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Chapter 277 – Magic Lord and Master

The grand master shook, and began to groan,

「You beat them all, no mercy, burned them twice…」

He probably didn’t realize that I didn’t want them to feel the pain from their injuries.

I had to tell him why I did what I did.

「It’s better that way.」

If they lose consciousness, they don’t feel the pain, that’s why I used fire twice.

I didn’t intend for them to suffer for long.

Even though they were all trash magicians, there was no reason to let then incinerate them like it while still conscious.

Because I’m a kind magician.

「…are you telling me, that you think that was the correct punishment in that case….」

「No, I just didn’t want them to suffer…」

「…like that…」

He looked even more scared.

I think he was mistaken…I mean, I try to be a nice magician.

When I tried to make an excuse for what I did, Cruz laughed and said,

「Alra, what a hall this is!」

「Yeah, it is quite a magical place.」

I was in front of the grand master, so I tried to sound polite.

「Grand master, how much do you think this hall can take?」

「Well, I haven’t tried to take it to its limits…so I guess I don’t know…」

He shivered a bit as he answered Cruz,

「I see…do you know, Alra?」

「What its limits are? If I make a mistake testing it, we’ll all probably die.」

「No…I mean if you can adjust fire like you did, it should be easy, right Alra?」

「Well, it’s not that I can’t do it…」

It would be really bad to do that though, and Cruz was a bit strange for bringing such a topic up.

I looked over, and the grand master was eyeing me as if I were some kind of demon.

I knew this old guy was mistaking me for some demon-spawn magician.

Maybe if I challenged and fought him, I could show him how kind I was.

「Would you like to challenge me, grand master?」


He jolted. His shaking became even more severe.

He was probably trembling from excitement. He was a warrior magician back in the day.

I probably reignited some fighting spirit lingering inside of him..

「If you battle against me, I promise to use my power well, grand master.」

Not all my power, I didn’t say that.

「That’s …absurd.」

「You remember how to use battle magic though, right?」

「No…even if I fight…compared to you, Alra…」

The grand master was covered in a cold sweat.

「Hah hah hah, you’re just being humble. Please, just one battle.」

「Aaaabsurd. Compared to you…Alra…」

「You were once a capital magician, right? You’re one of the very best!」

「No! No! That’s absurd. I’m just a rubbish magician.」


Why did he refer to himself as something so low?

His voice was trembling and small. I could barely hear it.

So I got closer to him in order to hear better.

「I couldn’t hear you grand master. What? Rubbish?」


He swallowed deeply. His face was pale.

「Are you okay? You look so pale.」

「Iiiiiiii’m fine…」

「Why did you say rubbish?」

「MMmmmmmeeee? Bbbbecause I’m rubbish.」


「Even though I’mmmm rubbish…I’m not burnable rubbish, okay? So please…don’t burn me.」

I had no idea what he was talking about.

Possibly it was an inside joke.

「So…you’re saying you’re unburnable rubbish?」

「Noooo…if I were to go against you…I would be easy to burn…nnnno doubt.」


「I mean…used metaphorically.」

「A metaphor?」

He then took a knee and began to beg forgiveness.

Almost like a cult follower asking his master for repentance. Kind of scary.

「A man of rubbish like me allowing one of your disciples to be mocked…」

「If you’re apologizing for that…well, I appreciate it.」

「I apologize! From the bottom of my heart! So don’t turn a man of rubbish into burnable rubbish…please!」

I never thought someone could apologize this much.

But hearing it this sincerely really makes you understand.

I didn’t know what he meant by burnable rubbish, but it still connected to me.

He had apologized for insulting my beast-human disciple. I was happy with that.

However, that was separate from a battle.

「Even so, master, would you like a battle?」

He mouth opened and closed unconsciously.

「Well, I don’t feel well today.」

「When you get better, maybe some other day?」


「It doesn’t have to be tomorrow, maybe the next day, or next week?」

「Please, no more.」

He completely refuse me, so I wondered why.

Then, I remembered.

「Maybe this hall is not strong enough?」


「If that’s the case, why not another place then??」

「Well, that’s not the problem…」

「Maybe at your place of residence?」


He then gulped deeply again.

「…f…forgive me!」


「I have children and grandchildren!」

Why was he bringing that up all the sudden?

「What does that have to do with anything?」

「I…I just…」

「Are you saying that they’d like to see the battle too?」

「N…no! Not at ALL! Just forgive me!」

He got on his hands and knees and began to beg me.

I never thought the apologies would go this far.

I walked to him and grabbed his shoulder to lift him up.

「Master…please look at me.」


The second I grabbed his shoulder, he shrieked, foamed at the mouth and fainted.



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