Chapter 278


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Chapter 278 – Al’s Dues

Even though I didn’t use any magic, the guy had foamed at the mouth and fainted…not normal.

Maybe he was very ill. He probably wasn’t lying about feeling bad.

「Emergency! Call a healer!」

I shouted, and a healer came quickly.

One had been there for the battle.

The healer checked over the grand master, and I asked,

「What is it?」


「A sickness?」

「No, just fear.」

The healer said with a serious face.

「Huh? What does that mean?」

I was troubled by the healer’s answer, and Cruz said,

「You’re really good at scaring others, Alra! I learned a lot!」

「I didn’t try to scare…」

「You looked at the guy like you were thinking, “I’LL BURN YOUR FACE TOO!” or something!」

Vi-Vi said…but I wasn’t trying to scare the guy.

「And that last part, where you were basically saying, “I’ll burn you in front of your children and grandchildren”…WOW!」

Timi said with her hand on my shoulder.


Shiggy said, and then flew over to me.

I looked around me quickly, and the general was gone.

「Where did the general go?」

「He grabbed Baron Barthel’s body and left.」

It was because Baron Barthel was an important man in his army.

I didn’t think I injured him, but the general might have wanted to make sure he’s okay.

Timi nodded and said,

「If the general just silently left, he was probably pretending like none of this happened.」

「It was bad enough you threatened the grand master, but even worse that a supposed great magician like the grand master could be threatened.」

Cruz said with a laugh.

I waited until he awoke, and wanted to speak to him, but the healer stopped me.

「As long as you’re around…there’s no assurance that this man may not die…」

That’s not true, I thought. But I guess I should listen to the healer.

So I went home from the magician’s guild.

As I was going home, I went by the receptionist, and told Cruz and the others to go ahead without me.

Then I asked the receptionist.

「I wanted to ask about a beast-human magician that can summon nature spirits.」

「Um…a beast-human magician that can summon nature spirits?」

「If there’s any report of one, please send a report to marquis Conradine’s palace, please.」


The receptionist said with a bored reply. I really wish I got a better response.

I had no idea whether I would get any response, so I decided to make an appeal to the grand master.

「Please tell the grand master that Alra sends his best regards.」

「I will tell him.」

「And if he knows anything about that a beast-human magician, to send it here.」

I gave the receptionist a paper with Cruz’ address on it.

「You’d like it sent there, then?」

The receptionist said with a bit of a scowl. Seems like she was getting angry.

It’s true that I was asking for information to be delivered if I could just come here later and get it myself.

「Excuse my rudeness. I simply meant if anything important was found. I’ll be sure to come by this guild periodically to check.」

「I think it will take some time, though?」

「No problem. I’ll be back to check until something is found.」


The receptionist was wondering why did I want such information so badly…

Like this, she was just going to put the request aside for later. No, she probably wouldn’t even check.

There was no way she was going to get information from some person just off the street.

If it were the adventurer’s guild, you would have to offer a reward.

Maybe I should give her something. Ah…I needed to pay my fees!

「Ah, also, I have something from an Alfred Lint…that he’s given me to give to you.」

I said, and put 30 coins of gold on the counter.

「What’s this for?」

「A payment of 15 years of missed payments to the guild from Alfred Lint.」

「A payment of 15 years of missed fees is quite a bit less, I think.」

The girl looked a bit troubled by the thought of having to calculate it.

I had basically paid 30 years of fees or so.

「Well, consider the remainder a payment for trouble, Mr. Lint wanted me to tell you.」

「I see…thank you.」

Then I put five more coins on the counter.

「And here’s payment for 15 more years of fees.」

「Understood. I will process the payment.」

「Thank you. And if the search for the beast-human magician that can summon nature spirits takes money, I am will to pay that as well.」


Then I left the guild building.

I walked out and Cruz was waiting for me outside.

She was talking to the general. Baron Barthel wasn’t there.

「Miss Hero. I have something to ask you…」

「Wha? I’m a bit busy…」

「I realize that…I have something important, please come with me.」

He bowed deeply over and over, so it was hard for her to refuse.

She glance over at me.

It would be the worst if the general had found out who I really was.

And since Cruz already knew, he was probably trying to get it out of her.

「I don’t have a lot of time right now…」

「It won’t take a second.」

It was REALLY hard for her to refuse that.

Cruz also had considerations as a ruler, so she had to listen to him at least a little.

「Miss Marquis. If the general would like to speak with you, then at least give him some time.」

「If you say so, Alra…」

「Thank you, Miss…」

He bowed deeply to Cruz. I was surprised at how short the man was.

「General, where should we speak.」

「Anywhere where this can be kept secret…but I’d like to avoid the ministry of defense.」

Cruz then looked at me.

If they went to the ministry of defense, Baron Barthel would be waiting.

And that would make for a bad atmosphere.

「Okay, well, how about my palace?」

「Fine, fine!」

So we all headed out towards Cruz’ palace.



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