Chapter 279


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Chapter 279 – The General’s Story

We entered her palace and walked to the waiting room.

The maids ran up to us in a fluster.

The only guests up to now had been Luka and Yureena, neither of which needed much care from the maids.

Then were was Femm and Moofy from Mulg.

But this time it was the general. A politician. You had to hurry.

「Please get some tea for the general.」

「Don’t bother.」

Even though the general said so, the maids still got everything prepared.

The presented him with tea and snacks to go with it. They did a very good job in putting the food together quickly.

I could tell that Steff and Millet were both nervous.

The general was such a weighty person, speaking to a ruler like Cruz.

We had no idea what the general wanted to talk about. But I noticed that the others were a bit nervous as we knew it was out of the ordinary.

「Steff and you others can relax in the other room.」

Cruz said to the others.

「Oh, okay…」

Steff and Millet went to the other room.

Then the general stopped them.

「This conversation concerns Steff as well.」



If the general says that, then Steff had to stay.

She nervously sat in a chair.

Cruz sat in the back of the room, with the general across a table.

Millet and Steff sat on the left and right of the table.

Timi and Vi-Vi sat outside the room, both watching it with interest.

I just tried to be unnoticeable, behind Cruz, in the very back of the room.

Shiggy was in my pouch, and Femm and Moofy were on each side.

Femm was sitting properly, while Moofy was lightly chomping on my hand.

Collette was lost as whether to sit next to her sister or Vi-Vi.

Cruz said to Collette,

「Collette, come here.」


Collette then sat on Cruz’ knees.

Then Cruz asked the general,

「General, what did you want to talk about?」

By putting Collette on her knees meant that Cruz was showing this was an unofficial conversation.

But it was still an important one.

It was a hard conversation to refuse if it concerned Cruz’ realm’s contribution to the kingdom.

That’s why she had prepared tea and some time to hear the conversation out.

She was a great ruler, and she had studied her position well. There was nothing she wasn’t prepared for.

The maids brought more tea, left the room, and the general spoke.

「I’ll be very direct. I’d like to find a position in the defense ministry for Steff.」

「Oh, so now you’re aiming for my cabinet members? That’s some request, general.」

Then Cruz laughed to herself.

I guess she was making a joke at the general’s expense.

Just then, Timi opened her mouth.

Since this was an informal meeting, Timi interrupted, asking,

「Are you going to fight the general too? That would be fun. You can ask my help.」

Timi said with a laugh herself.

She was joking as well, or maybe keeping the situation in check.

「Don’t be absurd. I apologize if I broke the mood. If you refuse, of course I will withdraw the request.」

He bowed again deeply to her. He didn’t want to make an enemy out of her.

He was a politician and quite smart in judgment.

He then glanced at Timi and back at Cruz.

Who is that girl, he was probably wondering in the back of his mind.

When he looked back at Cruz, it was with a look that requested introduction.

「No problem.」

Timi said with a laugh.

「General, that is the noble Timisoara. She is an aunt to a baroness of the ancient dragons.」

「My…I apologize for not introducing myself earlier!」

He stood, turned to Timi, and bowed deeply.

「Don’t worry about it. I’m not here as dragon baroness, more as a friend to Cruz.」

Saying that, she laughed again.

Cruz ignored the conversation and looked at Steff.

「What do you want to do, Steff?」

「I wasn’t expecting to work in the capital.」

「I see, well, general, there’s your answer.」

「I see…too bad.」

Then he looked at Millet.

「I see that this elven girl is also an accomplished magician?」

「No, I’m just studying magic in the country.」

「How humble. If you’d like to join us in the capital, I could pay you this for a month’s services.」

And with that, the general was offering a large payment for her to work in the military.

It was a payment ten times what a blacksmith would make in the capital.

Magicians made quite a bit of money.

「No, I wasn’t thinking of joining the military.」

「I see. Too bad. If you change your mind, please let me know.」

He said, and then turned to me,

「What about you, Alra?」

「No, I’m pretty much retired.」

「I could get you your own squad of magical knights, Alra.」

The general said with a laugh. And I smiled back.

I had already been offered the position by him after the death of the Demon Lord.

I guess he might have known who he was talking to after all.

The general turned back to Cruz.

「I apologize for Baron Barthel’s actions today.」

「No need to worry. Even so, it’s surprising that he left the guild for such a position.」

「There are others that want to lead the magical knights, but for the moment, this fellow is the best at leading them.」

「I see…」


I was getting nervous as to when the general would finally say he knew who I was.

However, he never did.

He also had no intention of endlessly prodding the girls to join him in the capital.

His purpose might have simply been to make a good relationship between him and Cruz.

He promised to contribute this and that over and over to her realm, then left.

After he left, Cruz said,

「Why did he even come here?」

「No idea.」

Even though he probably noticed who I was, he didn’t pursue it.

I think with that, he was trying to get a favor.

That might be a little scarier than him revealing he knew who I was.

And with that, I went back to Mulg.

As we went to the transport circles, the maids came running,

「Miss Cruz, a messenger from the magician’s guild!」

「Huh? What is it?」

I waited until I met the messenger before going back to Mulg.



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