Chapter 280


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Chapter 280 – Messenger from the Guild

The maids brought the messenger into the waiting room.

We had all gone back to the room as well.

「Marquis Conradine. Thank you for allowing me to meet you.」

The messenger from the magician’s guild then bowed deeply.

He was a good sized, middle-aged man.

He introduced himself politely. He was a secretary to the grand master of the guild.

「What is it?」

「Yes, there was a request given to us…」

「A request?」

Cruz looked puzzled.

「About a beast-human that could summon and use nature spirits…」

It was my request. I whispered to Cruz,

「I made that request on the way back here.」


She made a strange sound and put her hand over her ear. She was blushing.

「That tickled!」


I apologized, and Cruz smiled again, embarrassed, and then looked at the secretary.

「Ah, a search…was it hard?」

「No, not at all.」

「Well, did it take any expenses?」

If they came this early, that might mean that they needed funding to follow up some leads.

At least that’s what Cruz thought.

「No, not at all.」

And with that, the secretary took some papers from his bag.

「What are these?」

「A list of beast-humans in the guild.」

「All…all of them?」


We opened the papers, and Cruz said,

「Wow, that was a quick response.」

「It was an urgent request from my master.」

The grand master might have done it as part of the apology…at least it felt like it.

「Okay…thank you.」

「No need for thanks.」

「This helps a lot…」

The secretary bowed deeply.

「I am glad that you think so. Even from now, the guild promises to aid you in your search, no matter the cost.」


That’s a lot of passion. Cruz was a bit lost.

「However, it may take more time.」


「However! However, we’re not taking this search slowly. There’s the problem of the distance of all our branch offices, and the information involved, so the time…」

「Ah, I understand.」

「We do appreciate that deeply.」

「As do we. I didn’t think you’d break your backs to find this person for us, it makes me happy.」

「The marquis’ happiness is the guild’s happiness.」

The secretary was flattering Cruz up and down…and it seemed there might be an ulterior reason…which was a bit scary.

「We’ll be providing you an update on our progress daily, marquis, and…」

「Wait, no! I’ll come to you guys.」

Cruz said, and the secretary shook his head a bit over-enthusiastically.

「NO! WE CANNOT ALLOW IT! We’d very much like to provide the information to you daily!」

「But, it’s a bother.」

「Pleeeease! Allow us!」

He got on his knees and bowed deeply to her.

「We understand that you may even request the grand master himself to deliver the information in person, and are prepared to do so!」

「No…no need for that.」

「It’s just that the grand master’s health is bad…」

「I see. We can visit him and wish him health, if…」


The secretary repeated himself,

「We’ll report to you everyday, and report, so please pardon our transgressions…」

「What are you…okay…」

「Thank you very much!」

「Well, sometimes I’m not here, so…」

「Then we’ll simply deliver a report to you daily.」

「That would help.」

「Thank you very much!」

He bowed over and over and then returned.

After he left, I said to Cruz,

「The guild certainly dug all of this up quickly.」

「They really worked their butts off!」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy stood on the list of names and seriously looked down on the list and studied it.

「I think that grand master’s really scared of you, Al.」

「Huh? Why do you think so?」

「The politeness, and the face that they basically told us not to come back to the guild.」

「I guess you’re right.」

「So what did you say when you made this request?」

I thought back and nothing I said seemed very strange.

「I just made a normal request, and paid my late fees.」

「You didn’t tell them you’d come every day?」

「Not every day, but I said I’d come by periodically.」

「And regarding the grand master?」

「That I sent my best regards.」

「I knew it.」

Vi-Vi nodded to herself.

Cruz looked confused.

「Vi-Vi, what is it?」

「I think the grand master thought that Al would show every day until the guild provided him with the information.」

「I see. That is scary. He fainted because of Al, after all.」

Cruz nodded to herself too.

Vi-Vi explained the whole thing to me.

The grand master was so scared of me, he fainted.

When he woke up, the receptionist gave him the request from me.

And until he answered it, I’d return every day to the guild.

He was so frightened, he probably passed out again.

The grand master DID NOT want to see me ever again.

So he made the special request and the guild put all of its power into searching for the beast-human magician.

「At least, that’s my theory!」

「Well, I am happy that they’re on the case…」

They totally didn’t get that I’m a GENTLE magician.

I mean, it was convenient…but I felt some mixed emotions about being perceived that way.



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