Chapter 281


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Chapter 281 – Daily Life after the Guild Battle

After the messenger returned, Cruz said,

「Well, now that we have time, want to do some sightseeing?」

「I want to sthee! Meee!」

Collette said while jumping around. Millet and Vi-Vi looked a bit excited too.

「I’d like to see around the capital as well!」

Timi said.

However, Steff was the only one that looked unhappy.

「Are you tired, Steff?」

「No, I’m fine. I’ll go.」

I thought that she’d want to go the most.

But if she was tired, she should rest. She could see the capital anytime.

「I’m tired from the battle, so I’m headed back to Mulg.」

「Well, I’ll go with you, master.」

「Whaaa? You’re not coming Al? Darn…」

Cruz looked disappointed.

「I’ll go with you later, Cruz.」

And I patted her on the head.

Then, Timi said to me,

「Shiggy, why not come with auntie?」


Shiggy said, and then buried herself in my pouch.

「She’s not coming…」

「She might be tired too?」

「I see, then we’ll go.」

「Well, if you buy Shiggy a souvenir, she’ll be happy.」

「You’re right!」

Timi was back to high spirits again. She petted Shiggy over my pouch.

「Auntie will get you a souvenir, okay?!」

「ryaa ryaa」

「Yeah, just you wait!」

Cruz, Millet, Collette, Vi-Vi, and Timi all went sightseeing.

Steff, the beasts, and I went home.

When we got back to the village, Steff went to a room. She was almost walking while sleeping.

I went with the beasts back to my guardpost.

I mean, I just sat at the entrance to the village.

After a while, the storage shack door opened.

Chelnobok came bouncing out.


「Oh, Chel, did you come from the village?」


Seemed to be the case.

Chel was always going there lately.

It felt that it had to help.

Whenever Chel got near me, it would always go up on my knee. Then it would jiggle.

I pet the slime. It was slippery and jiggled, but not unpleasant.

Shiggy peaked out of my pouch and then jumped on Chel.

「How is the village?」


「No problems?」

『Have food and wood!』

「Well, good to hear.」


Even with all the huge snowfall, Chel’s village was still going strong.

It was good to hear.

It seems that the blizzard didn’t seriously hurt anyone in Cruz’ realm either.

Probably because she reacted so quickly.

『What Steff?』

「Oh, she battled someone at the magician’s guild.」


Chel wanted to ask about what happened at the magician’s guild.

While Chel was on my knees, I told it about what happened.

Femm and Moofy just sat next to me and listened.


Chel excitedly listened and reacted to my story.

「So, I told the guild to give me any reports they had about the Jack Frost magician.」


「And because of Steff’s hard work, it all turned out okay.」


「It wasn’t a huge deal though.」

As we were talking about it, Cruz came over.

「Al, I’m back!」

「Oh, Cruz, did you have fun?」

Timi came running too.

「Sighisoara! I brought your souvenir!」

「ryaa ryaa!」

It seems that the souvenir she bought was a pack of different candies.

They all looked good.

I thought this when I went to the dragon palace, but dragons have good sense of snacks and candies.

They must have a sweet tooth.

「We had fun, old man!」

「Glad to hear.」

Collette came running up, waiting to be picked up, so I picked her up.

It was great they all had such fun in the capital.

From then I worked as a guard again, and taught my disciples magic.

They were becoming very good, so I felt there was benefit in me teaching them.

「ryaa ryaa ryaa!」

And as I taught them, Shiggy imitated them, so I began teaching Shiggy as well.

She was still a baby though, so I didn’t teach anything hard.

I did teach the magic exercises. I didn’t know what effect it would have though.

Chel also jiggled wanting me to teach it magic as well.

So I taught Moofy and Femm as well.

They all wanted to learn magic.

And during that, the reports kept coming from the guild.

They were quite detailed.

It was dinner, a week after the battles.

We were all in the middle of my house.

It was to organize all the information that we got from the church, adventurer’s guild, and magician’s guild.

It was the hero’s party of Cruz, Luka, and I.

The elven sisters, Millet and Collete.

Vi-Vi, Vallimie, and Timisoara.

Of course, Shiggy, Femm, Moofy, Chelnobok, as well.

We began talking, and Luka was the first to do so.

「We have A LOT of information. This might be the place with the most information in the world about beast-human magicians.」

「That much?」

「I can’t wait!」

Vi-Vi said, while petting Moofy.

But Luka shook her head.

「The problem is what we don’t know, even with all this information.」

She said, with a dark look on her face.



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