Chapter 282


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Chapter 282 – Nature-Summoning Search Party

Vi-Vi looked at Luka with a question on her face,

「What do you mean, what we DON’T know?」

「No one knows anything about a beast-human that could summon spirits to create a blizzard.」


Vi-Vi again looked quite puzzled.

I asked Luka,

「We can’t find a candidate for who did it?」

「No. There’s no candidate at all.」

「There’s no record of any beast-human can call up nature spirits?」

「Not one.」

Adventurer’s Guild. Church. Magician’s Guild.

It was hard to think that all three of those organizations had no record of anything.

Cruz was thinking the matter over with a serious face.

「Maybe someone hiding their powers?」

「I thought that myself, but there’s also the logic that they couldn’t.」

「Well, for one, there’s the fact that only a few beast-humans would be able to summon spirits. After searching through the records, there was only very serious magicians that could.」

「In addition, they only used nature spirits as back-up in their magic. And they all could only summon the weakest spirits as back-up.」

It seems the chance to find this spirit-summoner were being crushed.

「If he’s hiding from the adventurer’s guild, magician’s guild, and church, then we have to search ourselves.」


Luka agreed with my opinion.

The magician guild gave us a report on those that had registered in the guild.

However, the adventurer’s guild and church hadn’t done just that.

They had witness reports, rumors and the like included in their reports as well.

You’d think they’d have some reports included.

If there was nothing included in all those reports, that would mean whoever it is can hide their abilities excellently.

Timi looked at me seriously, and said,

「In other words, maybe it’s NOT a beast-human?!」

「Maybe the nature spirit mistook who it was?」

Cruz said, but it wasn’t just the spirit girl that had said it.

「The greater nature spirits had said it was a beast human as well, I think.」

「I guess you’re right. Good job, Al.」

Cruz complimented me.

But, Luka then said,

「It wasn’t the greater spirits “as well.” Only the greater spirits said it was a beast human. The spirit girl only told us what the greater spirits said.」

After Luka said that, I remembered what had happened back then.

It’s true that’s what had happened.

「Thanks for reminding me, Luka. I think you’re right about it.」

Her reputation as an academic proceeded her. She had excellent memory.

「I think that was exactly what happened.」

「ryaa ryaa」

Timi and Shiggy both agree to it as well.

「The only thing the spirit girl said was that the summoner WASN’T human.」

「But since the spirit girls said she couldn’t deny anything the greater spirits were saying, it might be a beast-human, right?」

Cruz’ argument might be most correct.

But then Luka replied,

「I don’t think that the spirit girl could really tell the difference between humans.」

「I see.」

「I should have had her draw a picture.」

I said, and Timi and Luka both nodded.

After all, Cruz asked from that, but she never did.

「I’d like to ask that spirit girl one more time…」

Then Cruz asked me,

「Al, can you summon her again?」

「No, it’s impossible. Completely outside my field.」

I could only summon the weakest of spirits.

I might be able to summon a greater spirit if I studied over a month.

However, a spirit lord like that girl? It would take over half a year.

「Impossible for someone like Al? What about you, Vi-Vi and Vallimie?」

「No way…what about you big sis?」

「No way.」

「How about you, Timi?」

「If you’re fine with any spirit lord…I might be able to.」

「Wow, that’s amazing.」

I complimented Timi and she blushed a bit.

「It may take time…and I have some things I need!」

「Even so…wow. A magical system that dragons use?」


Shiggy jumped from my pouch and flew to Timi.

「ryaa ryaa」

「Oh, you want me to teach you, Sighisoara?」


There was no way I could teach Shiggy dragon magic, after all.

I was glad that Timi was there to do it.

Timi petted Shiggy and said,

「If I have time and materials, I can summon one, but I may not be able to call the exact nature lord.」

Without the one that saw the magician, though, it would be pointless.

「Wow, it sounds hard now.」

I remembered the spirit lord, and I touched the collar that was around her neck.

「I’d like to see her again.」

「Right?! We said we’d see her again, so maybe now’s the time.」

「I hope so.」

We were talking it over, and the collar that I was holding began to glow.

「Al, what’s that light?!」

「Hm, something’s happening!」

I felt what energy was radiating from the collar.

It was more nature spirit than magic…

「I have no idea…」

It became brighter and brighter.

Luka looked worried.

「A…are you okay?!」

「It doesn’t feel evil.」

After a second of it glowing, I was covered in light.


At the same time, the spirit girl appeared.



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