Chapter 283


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Chapter 283 – Spirit Nymph Reunion

The nymphish spirit girl looked around her.

Then she saw me and smiled. She came to hug me.

「Eep eepp!」

「Nice to see you again, spirit.」

『Nice to see.』

The nymph was happy to see me, it seems.

The others that had met her before were Cruz and Luka.

Also, Shiggy and Timi…

All the others saw her for the first time.

So I introduced all the others to the nymph,

『Nice to meet you.』

The spirit lord nodded as it met all of them.

All the people meeting her were quite nervous.

「Sthpirit lady…hello!」


Collette didn’t really care. She grabbed the spirit’s right hand and shook it.

The spirit nymph was about Collette’s height.

It seems she really liked her too.

「Moo moo」



Moofy tried to nuzzle the nymph, with Chel riding on top.

The spirit lord left my arms and pet the two beasts.

「ryaa ryaa!」

「Eeep eppp!」

Shiggy was happy to see the nymph again.

She flew onto the nymph’s head and flapped away.



Luka stepped close to me. Then she looked over the collar closely.

「This collar was made to summon the spirit…」

「Seems so.」

Cruz ran up to the spirit. She patted her on the head.

「I’m glad I got to see you, spirit girl!」


After that, she said,

「So that collar is the catalyst? Kind of like that huge spirit stone?」

「Not a catalyst? It might be more like a key that unlocks our world.」

「I see. I don’t understand well, but I’m glad to see the spirit girl again.」


The nymphs wings on her back fluttered. They were transparent and beautiful.

I guess this is how she showed she was happy.

Kind of like how Femm wags its tail.

When I looked over to Femm, it was in the corner shaking and nervously looking at me.

Femm had to be the most nervous of all of them.

Whenever a very strong entity appeared, Femm would always react like this.

Not paying attention to Femm, the spirit looked up at me.


「You figured it had some use quickly, huh?」


I guess that it was a magic tool used to summon her when you wanted to see her.

I didn’t know what the bangle was for, but I would check it out later.

「I have something to ask you.」

『I know. I tell.』

「Thank you.」

I was happy she was here to help.

「We were trying to find out who summoned you before.」


「The greater spirits said that there was a beast-human, but what did you thin.」

『I not know humans.』

「I see. So you won’t know what type of human it would be.」


The spirit responded, and looked at Femm.

When I grabbed the bangle, the spirit suddenly moved to Femm.


Femm noticed the spirit getting closer and jumped.

It stood from its sitting position.

「Eeep eep」

The spirit petted Femm. She seemed to like Femm.

Seeing this all going on, Luka asked,

「You said that if you met the person that summoned you before, you’d know…can you still do that?」


In other words, she remembered the person’s face.

Hearing this, Luka took a pen and paper from her bag.

「Could you draw the person for us, please?」


She took the pen and underhandedly squeezed her four fingers around the pen.

It was clear that she wasn’t good with holding pens.

「Eeep eep eep eeep eepp」


「Thank you.」

The spirit proudly showed her picture to Luka.

Luka took it, and looked it over closely.

The spirit looked at me,

『Bad. Not know?』

「Yeah, we don’t know who the person is?」


「It’s true the greater spirits said it was. However, we could find no beast-human that matches that description.」

『Mystery, mystery.』

「Yes, exactly.」

As we talked it over, Luka finished looking at the picture and said,

「I don’t think this is a beast-human.」

「What? What did you find out?」

「I think?」

She said with a smile.



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