Chapter 284


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Chapter 284 – The Picture She Drew

Everyone was looking at Luka.

It was a picture that if you said was good wouldn’t be simple flattery.

「What is it?」

「Take a look.」

Luka showed the picture while pointing to it and explaining.

「I want you to look at this.」


Everyone looked closely. It was like a child’s picture.

Then, Yureena said,

「It’s cute.」


Cruz replied.

「Don’t worry about that, look here.」

「Beast ears…」

Vi-Vi said, after looking closely.

It was true that the face had two triangular ears growing for its head.

I can see why the greater spirits had said that it was a beast human.

「Those are important, but here too.」

Luk then pointed between the beast ears.

「What is that, bed hair?」

「No, horns.」

Timi pointed this out after Cruz thought it was bed hair.

「I see…horns.」

Cruz nodded as the comment.

「So does that mean a devil?」


「Wait a second. But devils don’t have beast ears.」

Vi-Vi said, defiantly.

Cruz crossed her arms and thought.

「A rare devil then? What do you think, Vallimie?」

「I’ve never seen one.」

「Neither of you have seen anyone like that…」

So the best person to ask in this case was Luka.

「Luka, what do you think?」

「Maybe the child of a devil and beast-human?」


That was a very rare breed…but not impossible.

「Luka, in that case, would they be a devil? Or a beast-human?」

「As in classification? Or as in their species under the law?」


I wanted to know the answer to Vi-Vi’s question myself.

Everyone did. Luka looked the picture again.

「I guess that biologically, it would just be the child of devil and beast-human parents. The characteristics from each parent express themselves differently though.」

「I see.」

「The government species class depends on region.」

「What about Mulg?」

Millet answered.

「I think there would be no registry in Mulg.」

「Really, why not?」

Cruz looked confused.

「Well, you know, the ruler before you didn’t like devils, right?」


「So in the registration, if you report that you are part devil, you get in trouble.」

「I see. Did the old ruler specifically say something?」

「A ruler wants to know population and laborers, right? If you don’t the guy, he’s not going to know, right? You don’t ask either, Cruz.」

「You’re right.」

Cruz seemed to understand.

「Since you’re the ruler now, if you want to ask, you very much could.」

「No, no need to! Too tedious!」


Mulg was a village that cast-outs had made for themselves, after all.

Because of that, no one wanted to record where they came from.

Yureena asked Luka,

「Hey, does the adventurer guild record species? I wonder…」

「You can identify yourself in the guild. You could call yourself a beast-human or devil. We could record both as well.」

「I see.」

My life as an adventurer was a long one, but I didn’t know about that system.

「Yureena, what about church?」

「We register both parents. The religion is the main registration, but we do record the species of both parents.」

Many of the species had different beliefs, after all.

That was the reason for their system.

Cruz then said,

「So what’s the system for the magician’s guild?」

「When you were in there Al, did you note if their recorded species?」

I tried to remember, but that was 15 years ago.

「Maybe or maybe not. How about you, Steff?」

「I did.」

「I see. Then that’s it.」

Luka nodded seriously.

「There’s a possibility that the person registered as devil if they were going to get picked on for being beast-human.」


「Cruz, I’d like you to go and get information on any registered devil that had abilities in natural spirits.」

「Leave it to me.」

Then Vi-Vi said to Cruz,

「Don’t go directly, we should ask the guy that brings reports. Or else people will get scared.」

「Whaa? Al’s the one that scared others.」

Vi-Vi and Cruz both said while snickering.

Whatever, I’m a kind and gentle magician.

「I’ll check with the church.」

「Back to square one. Geez.」

Cruz said while Yureena patted her head and said,

「Don’t worry, There are less devils than beast-humans.」

「I see.」

「There are quite a few devil adventurers, but less than beast-humans?」

「Yeah! 」

Cruz said, with a little bit of pep returning.



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