Chapter 285


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Chapter 285 – Spirit’s Mistake

So Luka thought that the mystery summoner was a mixture of beast-human and devil.

And I thought maybe that she was right.

So, I decided to ask the spirit nymph again,

「Spirit lord…」

「Eeep eep eep」

「ryaa ryaa!」

The nymph grabbed Femm and jumped on top of Femm.

Shiggy was still riding on top of her head.

Shiggy was happily riding on top of the spirit nymphs almost blue white hair…white as newly fallen snow.

「You can’t grab on the spirit lord’s hair like that…」

「ryaa ryaa!」

「Eeep eep eep」

Shiggy let go of her and patted her head.

The spirit lord happily spoke to Shiggy.


On the other hand, Femm looked troubled.

We were inside, so Femm was in his inside mode. He just looked like a big dog with big eyes.

But having the nymph ride on Femm wasn’t too heavy. It was like Collette riding.

She was still a very powerful spirit.

Femm was still shuttering. Even so, Femm’s tail wasn’t between its legs.

Femm must have been feeling its pride as a wolf king.

Timi was the same with Femm; Femm was just weak against stronger entities.

It must be common among wild beasts.

「Spirit lord, come over here.」



I picked her up. I moved her and Shiggy on her head over to Moofy.

「Eep eeep」

「Mo moo!」

I thought they’d both be happier on Moofy together.


Femm seemed to relax.

I petted Femm so it would relax even more.

Then I asked the spirit lord.

「Spirit lord, can I ask you something?」


「Did the person that summoned you have beast ears?」


「But it also had horns?」


「Did it have a tail as well?」


In other words, it had beast ears and a tail, and devil’s horns.

Normally, we humans would never represent a beast-human having horns like a devil.

That’s why the spirit lord might have had trouble distinguishing what type of human summoned her.

「…maybe we should from square one ask about who summoned her.」


I whispered to Luka, and she agreed.

While the spirit lord was riding Moofy, she clopped over beside us.

Then she grabbed my arm.

「What is it?」


「ryaa ryaa!」

「Moo moo!」

All the beasts except Femm were in good moods. They were all rubbing against me though.

On the other hand, I could see that Femm behind me was shrinking back in fear.

Then Cruz came behind Femm and hugged it.

Also, Chel was on top of Femm.

「Femm and Chel, you two are so cute.」


「Here here here.」


Cruz was trying to relax Femm and Chel.

She held them both, and petted them.

Chel just jiggled on top of Femm.

Maybe it was because Cruz was stronger than even the nature spirit, so Femm relaxed a bit.

I left Femm to Cruz and asked the spirit.

「Spirit, I have something else to ask.」


「Why do you think the summoner was a man?」


The spirit seemed to think about it a bit.

「That reminds me too…how did she distinguish if it was a man?」

Luka seemed to suddenly get serious.

We humans had a hard time sometimes distinguishing the sex of the other races.

I mean, certain species like chickens have special characteristics that show which sex they are.

Wolves, cats, mice, and so on, you can’t tell which at all.

The spirit continued to think, then she took my hand and put it on her head.

「What is it?」

『Want relax』

She wanted me to rub her head?

So I petted her head softly.

「Eeep eep!」

『Hair, Long short.』

「You determined by how long or short the hair was?」

『Correct. Spirit sex. Hair.』

「Is that so?」

I had no idea.

Luka was surprised too, as she had no idea they did that.

The spirits had human shapes, but they knew nothing about the genitals.

They didn’t know that was how we determined sex in humans.

Also, her hair was so long that it almost touched the ground.

On the other hand, the male greater spirit’s were short.

Luka leaned in and asked.

「Spirit lord, how long was the hair of the person who summoned you?」


She cried out, and then pointed to Cruz.

「Wha? Me?」

Femm was a bit disturbed, and Cruz was puzzled.

So I asked her,

「Spirit, does this mean you think that Cruz is male?」


「What? Me a boy?」

Cruz puffed her cheeks out angrily.

「Eeep 『Apologize』」

The spirit looked surprised. She cried out and apologized.

「No problem…I guess it’s hard to distinguish.」


The spirit nodded to us.

Sometimes humans thought that Cruz was a boy too, though…

I guess there was no helping it.

Luka then said, seriously,

「So what we know is that a male or female beast-human/devil magician did this. Pretty much.」


I think that still it was quite a lot of important information.



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