Chapter 286


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Chapter 286 – Spirit Lord’s Return

While Luka and I got the information straight, the spirit lord was riding around on Moofy.

Also, Shiggy was riding on top of her, and she was holding my arm.

Yureena looked at the situation and said,

「I know this had nothing to do with anything, but that spirit looks really cold.」

She was a naked girl wearing only a tiara, after all.

Outside of her wings, she looked like a snow-white elf girl.

In a season like this, she must be quite cold.

「Are you cold, spirit?」


「She is an ice spirit, after all.」

I said, and the spirit nodded,


「Well, it makes sense that she’d be strong to cold.」


The spirit looked pretty proud of it.

Yureena bowed a bit to the spirit,

「Spirit lord, I apologize, but could I touch you?」


「Okay…excuse me then…」

Yureena touched her skin.

「Her body is cold.」

「Because she’s an ICE spirit.」

『Can get warm』

「Wait, you can change your body heat by will?」


Luka, seeing Yureena touch the spirit, had her curiosity take hold of her,

「I…would like to touch to…if that’s okay?」



Luka touched her skin.

「Her skin is a little bit cold.」


Cruz patted the spirit’s head.

The spirit didn’t try to stop her, nor did she look annoyed.

Yureena continued speaking to the spirit with a bit of a reluctant tone,

「Spirit…if it’s okay…could I put some clothes on you?」


So, with the spirit’s permission, Yureena took some cute clothes out of her bag.

It was obviously a dress that was a bit too tight for Yureena.

She put the clothes onto the spirit.

Because of the wings on her back, Yureena had to adjust it quite a bit.

「What do you think, spirit? Is it too tight?」


It seems she liked the dress.

She then stood up on Moofy and spun around.

「Yureena, where did you get those clothes?」

「Don’t worry about it.」

Seems like Yureena didn’t want to say.

Cruz then said, suspiciously,

「Are those clothes for some doll you have, Yureena? Can you give that to her?」

「I…I don’t care.」

Yureena said with a blush.

「I see.」

Cruz smiled at the spirit and then touched her face.

I guess it might be that Yureena really loved dolls.

And this spirit seemed like a real life, cute one.

I was thinking it over, when the spirit reached down again and pulled my arm.


「What is it?」

『Have clothes』

She said, stood again, and spun around.

「Yes, they match you well.」


The spirit nymph cried out happily.

Then she happily played around with the beasts, except Femm.

Collette saw this and wanted to get involved.

「Sthpiiiiiriiit! Play with me!」


So Moofy, Shiggy, Collette, and the spirit all began playing together.

Millet and Vi-Vi seemed to relax a bit after seeing this.

「Here’s some snacks.」

Millet turned and grabbed something she had made previously,


And the spirit then happily gobbled a snack down.

After playing a while, the spirit suddenly stood.

She turned to me,

『Go home』

「You’re ready to go home now?」


「You can stay here if you want…」

『Need power』

「It’s hard for you to stay a long time without something like that huge spirit stone?」


If she was running out of spirit power, she should go back.

「Can we call you again?」


「Thank you very much.」

『Alfredora, call any time』

「Okay, I promise to do so.」

The spirit girl smiled and then suddenly returned, disappearing.

After that, I said to Yureena,

「She was really cute.」


Yureena might have really liked cute little girls like that as well.

Then Luka cleared her throat and said,

「Okay! Time to reorganize our info around the new information.」

「I’ll visit the magician’s guild tomorrow.」

「Okay, Cruz.」

「And I’ll see what I can get quickly from the church.」

「Thanks, Yureena.」

After being thanked by Cruz, Yureena happily blushed.

「Don’t worry about it!」

It seems we’d have to check all three locations over again.

「If you need help with the information, I can help.」

「I think we all have our own fields set already, Al.」

「I guess you’re right.」

I guess I just had to help with guarding the village.

The next day, I went back to guarding while teaching my disciples magic.

They were doing well in their magic studies, like usual.

The beasts were studying shooting magic bolts as well.

Shiggy was working on her magical exercises.

Vi-Vi also started teaching the disciples how to write magic circles.

In exchange, I showed Vi-Vi how to do attack magic.

And it took another week before we got some new information.



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