Chapter 287


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Chapter 287 – Mystery Spirit Summoner

It was the evening, one week after meeting the spirit lord.

Luka gathered us all together.

Cruz, Yureena, Millet, Collette, Steff, and I.

Vi-Vi, Vallimie, Chel, Shiggy, Timi.

Femm and Moofy also showed up, looking serious.

In front of all of us, Luka said,

「I’ll announce all the information we’ve discovered.」

「Oh? This time you have to tell us you know all the things we don’t okay?」

Vi-Vi said, joking.

But Luka was serious.

「Okay, relax.」

「Sure, we want to hear what you’ve found.」


Timi said to Luka, seriously,

On the other hand, Shiggy was rolling on top of the table.

Timi was scratching Shiggy’s stomach.

And because Shiggy looked so cute, Luka got a bit distracted.

「Luka? What is it?」


Yureena asked, and Luka came back to her sense.

Then she started explaining.

「I started by researching any devil that could use spirit summoning, and there were 10 or so that had no known current location.」

「10 or so?」

Vi-Vi sounded doubtful.

Being an adventurer was a dangerous trade, and you were basically free to roam.

She thought there should have been a lot more.

「There are a lot of devil magicians, but only a few are just magicians by trade, and there are even fewer that are spirit summoners.」

「I see.」

Vi-Vi understood, but Cruz then said,

「If we can get down to 10 people, then we can find the person!」

「It’s true, 10 is doable. But there’s no need.」


「Because there’s a blizzard out there.」

「Well, it is the winter…」

Cruz said, but Yureena shook her head,

「No, according to the church’s information, a Jack Frost has been confirmed.」

「It’s normally impossible to summon a Jack Frost, right? They were only able to do it last time because of that huge spirit stone…」

「True, as you say, Cruz, it normally is impossible. You’ve studied well. Good job.」

Yureena said, hugging Cruz and patting her head.

Luka ignored this and continued,

「There’s a possibility someone retrieved a fragment of the stone.」

「A fragment? We did find much smaller ones near the greater spirits…」

「Yes. Until we figure this out, we have to assume that there’s a possibility the Jack Frost is around a spirit stone.」


I took out one and put it on the desk.

It was the one I picked up near a greater spirit.

「This is a spirit stone…」

Vi-Vi took it in hand and looked at it with great interest.

The spirit stone was crystallized spirit power, and it was very rare.

The power left after the death of Shiggy’s mother Jilnidora, generated a massive spirit stone.

Using this as a catalyst, nature spirits were summoned.

This became a magical trap for the spirit lord, who then summoned the greater spirits.

After that, all of the greater spirits summoned the lesser Jack Frosts.

Because of that, Cruz’ realm was covered in them, and there was a huge blizzard.

「If there’s a spirit stone, they’ll be able to call Jack Frosts.」

It was necessary for them to have a huge stone like Jilnidora’s in order to call a spirit lord.

However, a smaller one could call a few Jack Frosts, I’m sure.

After thinking it over, one question remained,

「However, why would they still be calling Jack Frosts?」

In the last massive blizzard, we thought the purpose was to destroy Cruz’ realm.

But why would someone even want to do that?

We had to ask that question to the summoner to find the answer.

Even so, now, what would happen with the lesser spirits that were summoned now?

「Maybe, this is happening the opposite of last time?」

「The opposite?」

「Last time the spirit lord was summoned, and then lesser and lesser spirits from that.」


「Well this time the lesser spirits are summoned, in the attempts to summon larger ones?」

「Is that possible?」

「Through the Jack Frosts, you pull power from the spirit realm, and if that crystalizes…it’s possible.」

「That’s got to be impossible.」

Yureena flatly rejected the theory.

「But that happens with out magic, right? There’s no way that it wouldn’t happen with natural spirit as well.」

Vi-Vi had drawn a magic circle that focused the magical power of magic stones in the ground into magic crystals with much more focused power.

「You are very good at that, Vi-Vi/」

「Al, do you have the collars from the greater spirits?」

「Ah, I do.」

I took them out and put them on the table.

「Before, when we checked these things, I said that these were a lot like magical systems of devils.」

「You did, and Vallimie said that they come from more ancient magic.」

After that, Vallimie nodded.

「Yes. And Yureena, Vi-Vi is a genius of magic circles. I mean, she made that magical stone refining circle from basically nothing.」

「I wonder if that’s something from the devil magic system as well.」

「It is. Because of her genius, speed, and refinement, her ability is excellent.」

Hearing that from Vallimie, Cruz looked at me seriously and said,

「Well, we need to find this guy making these Jack Frosts, and quick.」

To this, everyone nodded.



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