Chapter 288

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Chapter 288 – A Boring Process

Cruz began to prepare to go out.

Millet was surprised and asked,

「Cruz, are you going out now?」

「Yeah? Why?」

「It’s night. Wait until tomorrow.」

「Better now than later.」

Cruz hefted on her coat and gloves.

Seeing this, Moofy also got ready, and paced around me.

On the other hand, Femm just stood next to me.

But Femm glanced at me now and then, probably wanting to go out too.

They were all appealing to me.

Luka looked at her and said,

「You’re always one foot out the door, Cruz.」

「But it’s better to get this done now.」

「I know, but do you even know where it is?」

「No…tell me Luka.」

「No. If I did, you’d tear off to there.」

「Of course I would.」

Luka and Cruz stared at each other.

Luka sighted.

Then Yureena hugged Cruz and patted her head.

「I guess I shouldn’t tell you after all.」

Luka just said,「there was a blizzard,」but never said where.

Cruz knew that somewhere there was a blizzard, but didn’t know where.

「Come on and tell me!」


Yureena kindly refused to tell her too.

「Mooo mooo」

Moofy also got close to Yureena and prodded her with her snout.

She wanted Cruz to know so she could go out too.

「No way, Moofy.」

「Why won’t you tell me?」

Cruz looked up at Yureena with begging eyes.

「Ummm, well..」

Yureena started to falter. A little more and she’s leak where they were.

Luka then interrupted and said,

「Cruz, think about it. This isn’t in your realm this time.」


「So you understand, right?」

「If I have permission?」

「Yes, the guild’s dealing with it now. Just wait.」


She should wait until there’s an actual request for someone to go out and get rid of the Jack Frosts.

Once that happens, she’d probably be rewarded well.

Even if there wasn’t a request given, there might be permission for her to do so.

And once the guild decides that it might need some help, we can go and deal with the situation.

「Luka, also, when do you think we’ll get permission?」

「Tomorrow is the earliest.」

Luka was being a bit evasive.

「Is there a reason to be uneasy?」

「The ruler doesn’t like adventurers.」

「That’s weird.」


For most rulers, adventurers were very useful.

If you asked adventurers, you could deal with evil without committing your own forces.

And, you didn’t have to pay much if the adventurers get killed in the process.

You also don’t have to muster soldiers or knights.

So asking adventurers results in your costs decreasing by quite a bit.

And because they are so useful, most rulers give permission for adventurers to operate within their realm.

「No…if that’s the case, then say we encountered the Jack Frosts on a trip. That we discovered them by accident!」

「That happens with adventurers too, you know.」

「Cruz, you’re a ruler of a realm. No one’s going to believe that.」

A ruler and a hero. There’s no way she’d just be passing by some monsters as a ruler and hero.

「Yureena, if you could suggest that maybe the church could get involved and remove those Jack Frosts…」

「It’s possible…」

If it was from the church, it might be possible.

Just say a local church was in trouble with all the snow.


「But since this isn’t normal, be prepared to wait from the guild first, everyone.」

The church was a lot more political than the guild.

Depending on the region, the church were rivals to the government here and there.

If the church cleaned up all the snow, some rulers would look bad.

It would probably be faster to approach the ruler as agents of the guild.

「Yeah, this is going to take some time…」

「Cruz, if you need me, I can fry them from above with some of my breath.」

Timi said to Cruz,

「Thanks Timi!」

「Sure, I have nothing to do with human politics, after all!」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy stood, looking strong on the table.

I thought that if Timi did that, then I’d like to be the wolf-masked guy riding her into battle.

There would be no human that would complain about riding an ancient dragon like that.

Even if I were a king or something.

「Cruz, Luka and Yureena are trying to work this out, Wait for now.」

「Okay, Al, if you say so.」

Cruz finally understood.

On the other hand, Moofy kept pushing Yureena to tell Cruz where the Jack Frosts were.


Anyway, we decided to wait.

And two days passed without any approval.

After dinner, Cruz said,

「Luka, still no permission?」

「They’re probably thinking the Jack Frosts will disappear soon.」

If they occurred naturally, that would be correct.

The blizzard would be gone in less than a week.

However, if this were an intentional blizzard, then it would probably continue.

But it would be hard now for the ruler to understand our explanation of it.

In addition, the guy hated adventurers.

「Well, what shall we do? Maybe leave it to Timi?」

「I’m perfectly fine with it!」


Timi was ready to go.

「Cruz, just wait.」


「If this is the way it’s going to be, leave the thinking to me.」

「Okay, Al, you got it!」

Cruz said with a glimmer in her eyes.


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