Chapter 289

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Chapter 289 – Using the Magician’s Guild

Cruz looked at me with trusting eyes.

However, Luka was confused.

「So, Al, what are you thinking?」

「If this ruler’s not giving access to the adventurer’s guild or the church, maybe we could ask the magician’s guild?」

「Hm, not a bad idea.」

Luka seemed to agree, Yureena did as well.

「You could say you’re researching the spirits and also ask permission to exterminate them.」

「You’re right.」

「The problem is, if that ruler has a relationship with the guild.」

「I think that from the ruler and the guild, the thoughts of the ruler’s magicians probably determine a lot of what’s going on.」

I said, and Cruz responded,

「So Luka, does this guy have magicians?」

「He does.」

He was a noble with land. In other words, a high noble.

And he hated adventurers. So of course he didn’t hire adventurers.

「So now it depends on the magicians.」

Cruz said, while looking serious and folding her arms.

If the magicians were reasonable, we had no problem.

However, it would be annoying if they weren’t going to allow magicians from other jurisdictions to check it out.

「Anyway, since we’re members of the guild, we should go to the guild and ask.」

「Huh? Are you ready to reveal your identity, Al?」

Cruz said with a surprise.


She was right. It was really embarrassing.

「Then I have to ask you, Cruz.」

「Leave it to me!」

Cruz said happily.

Steff then quietly said,

「I…also am a member…I can go…」

「That’s the best. I’ll go with her!」

「Please. I feel much stronger with Cruz beside me.」

「I can go too.」

「Even better with you, Al!」

Cruz said happily.

However, Vi-Vi scowled a bit. And she whispered,

「If Al goes…nevermind, maybe it’s better if he goes.」

「Yeah, sometimes you have to remind them who they’re afraid of.」

Timi agreed with a nod.

「Should I go too? I can scare people as well.」

「…no, we’re fine.」

「I see. Just let me know if you need me.」

I think we’d be fine without Timi though.

Actually, it might be better without her.

If she threatened the magicians, or especially the grand master, it would be trouble.

Timi could threaten anyone, so it was dangerous.

Shiggy then stuck out her chest,

「ryaa ryaa!」

「Shiggy, you can go with me.」


Shiggy flapped her wings as if her going was obvious.

「Moo moo」

「Moofy…you can stay here.」


Moofy was a bit shocked.

But Femm tried to calm Moofy,

『Just stay here and leave it to me.』

「Moo mooo」

「You stand out too much, Moofy, and you too, Femm. Stay here.」


Femm was shocked too.


「Because you stand out. You would scare the magicians of the guild.」

『Then you should stay home, Al.』

「No, no, I’m a member.」

『They already have Steff. And they don’t even know who you are!』

「That’s true, but…」

I couldn’t complain.

『So it’s me and Moofy and Cruz and Steff.』

「Mooff mooff」

Moofy said with a huff.


『Stay here, Al!』

「Okay, but you stay here with me Femm and Moofy.」

「Wuff! Wuff wuffu wuff!」

「S…stop it Femm!」

Femm jumped on my back.

Then Femm barked and licked my ear.

Femm was probably trying to protest.

「Moo moo! mOo!」

Then Moofy was pushing her snout into my stomach.

「I’ll take you next time, just give up!」


It was my plan to use the guild, after all.

I was responsible for the plan and the interaction.

Also, Cruz had become responsible. She’d be fine without me.

「It’s too bad I can’t go with you, but, I’ll do my best with Steff.」

「We will!」

Cruz and Steff looked ready to go.

The next morning, after we ate breakfast, Cruz and Steff had already left for the capital.

I went out to guard like usual. Femm and Moofy were out sleeping next to me like usual.

It was hard to keep an eye on them and make sure they didn’t scramble away to the capital.

Shiggy looked out of my pouch.


「Are you cold, Shiggy?」

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy seemed healthy. I could see Shiggy’s breath in the cold air.

So I pet her head.

Cruz and Steff were back by lunch.

「Cruz, Steff, welcome back. How was it?」

「Master, we’re back!」

「Al, we’re back! We got permission!」

「…that was fast!」

「Yes! We should call Timi and fly there!」

Cruz already looked ready to go.


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