Chapter 290

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Chapter 290 – After Getting Permission…

Cruz was huffing and looking around.

Moofy looked excited as well, though she was lying down near me.

「Moo moo mooo!」

They were both huffing and looking around now.

Cruz and Moofy were obviously searching for Timisoara.

「Hey, Cruz, calm down.」


「You too Moofy.」


Moofy quietly bit down on my right hand.

That was the obvious way that she calmed down, after all.

「Um, Cruz…when you say you got permission, what do you mean?」

They had gone to the magician’s guild that morning. Now it was afternoon.

It was hard to imagine they had got permission to destroy the Jack Frosts from the ruler that quickly.

But Luka and the rest had asked as the guild where the Jack Frosts were springing up.

And giving permission to the guild, they told her.

They probably were less scared of Cruz tearing off into battle with Luka there.

The Jack Frosts were being created on the edge of Cruz’ realm.

Inside the other ruler’s realm.

「So you used the magician’s guild’s name, to get the permission?」

「No, not at all.」

「Well, I’m sure it must have been hard.」

Even directly negotiating with that ruler meant that the leader of the magician’s guild was probably right there negotiating as well.

「That means….wait, what kind of approval did you get?」

「To go in his realm, and rid it of Jack Frosts.」

「Hm? So you DID get permission?」

「Yeah, we did.」

I really wondered if they could get it that quickly.

It was a bit unsettling. I have a feeling Cruz was mistaken somewhere.

「Steff. Did she REALLY get permission?」

「Yes, she did.」

Then Cruz looked around again and said,

「Timi was supposed to be back by afternoon!」

「Yeah, tough luck…」

「Until she gets back, give me the details on how you negotiated with that ruler.」

「Okay, Al!」

「Come over to my house.」

So we went into the house.

Unlike the summer, in the winter almost no one was outside.

Guarding became easy because no one was out in the fields.

I’d maybe have to go out and guard one or two people a week in the winter weather.

「You come in too, Femm.」

And so Femm jumped up and walked in obediently.

「Mmmpf mmpf」

「Moofy, I mean…well…」

Moofy followed us with her mouth over my hand.

We entered the house into the living room, and Vi-Vi was sleeping in a chair.

After she finished caring for the cattle, she would come in and take a nap frequently.

And now it was winter as well.

「Ah! Cruz and Steff!」

「Yeah, we’re here Vi-Vi.」

「And Moofy…still munching on Al’s hand.」


Vi-Vi then got Moofy to pull away from me and she started petting her.

「You’re so cute, Moofy.」

「Moo moo!」

Moofy was happy as usual.

Steff sat next to Vi-Vi. Then Femm laid down at my feet.

「Is the floor cold, Femm?」


Femm then wrapped around my legs. It was nice as Femm was so warm.

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy came out of my pouch, and landed on Femm.

She then wrapped up on Femm’s fur. She must have thought it was comfortable as well.

I turned to Cruz and asked,

「So how did you get permission so quickly?」

「Huh? You got it?」


Vi-Vi was surprised now too. And Moofy too, for some reason.

Cruz started petting Femm, and started talking,

「Well, we were going to use Steff’s application to do so as a ruse…」

Since Cruz went with Steff to the magician’s guild in order to ask.

As soon as they both entered, everyone in there got quiet.

「Hm…I bet they were scared.」

Vi-Vi said with a happy nod.

「Then, the vice chief or whoever came running to us…」

「What happened to the office head or whoever?」

That was the guy that Steff beat at first.

「I heard that he was recovering…」


Since he had lost to a beast-human that he had mocked, he must have been regretting everything.

He probably said that he was recovering while practicing his magic like crazy.

「So we then told the vice chief or whoever that we wanted to study the Jack Frost’s that had sprung up in Cruz’ land by destroying these ones.」

「Oh…just as we expected.」

But then they’d need to have the guild negotiate with the ruler himself.

And for that to happen, they’d need to discuss negotiation and intervention fees.

If that didn’t work, I’d have to go there myself.

Everyone was terrified of me, so I knew that I’d be more effective.

「The vice guy said he’s need some time to talk to the rulers, so I should wait in my palace.」

「I guess they’d need to talk to the ruler’s magicians…」

「Yes. So they wanted me to wait…but after a couple of hours they quickly said that we could freely go in and exterminate the Jack Frosts.」

Vi-Vi looked at me seriously.

「Too quickly. You think that the magician’s guild was lying?」

「I thought so, but the ruler’s magician had signed the release with his own hand.」

And with that, she spread the permission contract on the desk.

I checked over it very carefully.

Vi-Vi, Femm, Moofy, and Shiggy all seriously looked it over as well.

「It looks real.」

「It IS real.」

Cruz said proudly.


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