Chapter 291

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Chapter 291 – Preparing the Beatdown

After everyone looked over the permission order carefully, Millet and Collette came in.

「Welcome back Cruz and Steff, welcome back. You’re came back quickly.」

「Cruzth…Sthteff…welcome back…」

Collette sat down right next to Cruz, who was petting Femm.

Collette then started petting Femm as well.

On the other hand, Millet stood very near to me.

Femm glanced over at her and then shifted position a little.

Femm lies across my and Cruz’ thighs.

「Thanks, Femm.」

Millet sat down next to me on the opposite side from Cruz. It was nice having such a large chaisse lounge.

Even if Millet, I, Cruz, and Collette sit, there is still room on the chaise lounge.

When Millet sat down, Femm stretched out further, hind legs upon Millet’s thighs.

Millet petted Femm and said,

「So how was the meeting with the magician’s guild?」

「Went pretty well.」

Then Cruz explained the whole thing again.

While she was explaining it, Vi-Vi glared away at the permission document.

「If this is the real thing, then why did the ruler give permission that quickly?」

「Maybe because the Jack Frosts were giving him trouble as well?」

Millet said, but Cruz shook her head,

「I don’t think that’s it…」

「Why do you think so?」

「Because the ruler lives in the capital.」

「I guess I get that if he didn’t, there’s no way you’d get it that fast」Vi-Vi said.

Almost all the rulers lived in the capital, after all.

Sometimes they’d venture back to their realms when the summer became too hot, but in the winter, they stayed in the capital.

There were many that had to serve the kingdom in various ways; the government was important. You had to stay in the capital.

And it also wouldn’t be strange that his chief magician was accompanying him there.

「Furthermore, since he’s in the capital, I bet the reports of damage from the storm were coming in slowly.」

「I see.」Vi-Vi replied.

「…So there’s no way he knew how much trouble his people were in!」said Cruz.

「I guess that’s the reason!」

So I asked Cruz,

「In other words, the people of his realm were in trouble, but he wasn’t?」


「I have no idea why he would sit on his hands. But that’s why he handed the permission quickly to you?」

「And also because the magician’s guild chief pushed him.」


「He probably told the ruler’s top magician to hand over permission quickly.」

「So that’s why you got it that fast.」

「Yeah, that guild chief has a lot of power.」

「I guess we shouldn’t have judged that old man so quickly」said Vi-Vi, a bit reluctantly.

He seemed like quite a loser after the battle, but he was still the top of the guild.

As an elite magician, he had put a lot of other magicians into places of work.

Somewhat like a master to all the others, I supposed.

It’s possible all of those magicians felt responsible to him after they left to other places, and they ended up doing what he said even though they were somewhere else.

「I told them to tell Luka and Yureena that we have the permission, so they should be back soon!」

「You’re always on top of things nowadays, Cruz.」

「Eheh heh」

She blushed a bit as she petted Femm.

It was lunchtime, and the other two plus Timi came back.

Luka and Yureena looked like they had just rushed back after finishing some work.

「So, how did you get it so fast?」

「Yeah, how Cruz?」

「It’s weird that it didn’t take you much time.」

So then Cruz explained everything AGAIN to the three girls.

「I see now…」

Timi said with a nod of her head.

Luka and Yureena also seemed satisfied.

「You even get things done quick with high-ups like that.」

「I guess she could use Al’s threatening force as well.」

What the heck?

I didn’t want to be responsible for all of this just because of a little tussle.

It made me feel a bit…uneasy…

Timi flexed her biceps and stomped,

「Okay, let’s get to it!」

「Yeah! Who’s going to go? I think just Al an I can handle it.」Cruz said.

「Well, if it’s going to get done, I need to go too.」Luka said.

「Me too.」said Yureena.

「Okay, you girls can come too.」

Just then, Moofy snorted as well.

「Moo mooo!」

「You want to go too, Moofy?」


「If Mooofy goes, then I follow!」

「Okay, Moofy and Vi-Vi too. And you too, Femm?」



It was becoming a big operation.

Luka turned to us all and said,

「Because there’s going to be a blizzard, get your snow gear ready.」


And so everyone went to their supplies.

Just before leaving, Collette said,

「Do your bestht, old man!」

「Thanks, Collette.」

I patted her on the head.

「Be careful. I made you some rations.」

「Thanks, Millet.」

「I’ll be waiting for you, master.」

「Yeah, shouldn’t take past nightfall.」

So my disciples saw us off, and we all got onto Timi.


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