Chapter 294

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Chapter 294 – Spirit Magic Battle

I mowed down any new Jack Frost while trying to drive more snow away.

Vi-Vi did the same on her side as well.

Well, we didn’t mow them down as much as send them back.

Cruz and the others used the time to look around for any clues.



I shouted, hoping the enemy heard me.

It might have been watching, or listening…I didn’t know.

But just in case.

As we continued on, the Jack Frosts appeared and attacked more and more.

I started to understand where the entity summoning the Jack Frosts was coming from.

It was right where these attacks were coming from.

『You think this is a trap, Al?』

『If that was so, it wouldn’t have attacked us right away.』

『You may be right.』

The attack had come from another direction as well before, so I knew I was getting close.

If it was leading us on, it would have fled when there was no point in continuing.

Whatever it was, it was trying to kill us all.

『The magic’s getting really strong. It IS this way.』

『It must really not want to be found out.』

『I’m excited to find out!』

Cruz said in a happy tone. She really was too strong for how she looked.

『Even so, there’s a lot of Jack Frosts!』

『Yeah. But that means we’re getting there!』

『I see. I’m glad we’re not missing whatever it was this time.』

『We’ve killed off about 30 of those things.』

『All and I have knocked out 20!』

『So 50 in all! There’s so many!』

It was just as Cruz said…a lot of summoned spirits.

We had gotten rid of more than we saw in Cruz’ realm, but that was when they were spread over a huge territory.

Now it was so dense with them, we had to be close.

Maybe that’s why whoever behind this had probably thought they had made too many over too large a space.

『Maybe this bad guy thinks all these Frosts are going to knock us out easily?』

『That may be so…』

『What do you think, Luka?』

『Well, maybe will all of them close together, these spirit stones work more effectively? What do you think, Vi-Vi?』

Luka knew her beasts, but not magical items.

『Well, I can’t say unless I examine whatever’s being used.』

『I think magical forces and spirit forces would work the same.』

I said to Vi-Vi.

『You think, Al? I guess the denser the population, then the higher the effectiveness.』

『If that’s so, that might be why so many are coming at us.』

『Yeah, there are a LOT.』

I continued clearing the snow, while the Jack Frosts kept coming.

『I guess we can start melting this stuff.』

Since all the removed snow was getting piled up, we might need to melt it.

But that may cause a flood.

I kept clearing it away, while melting it.

Then I blew the pools of water away as well.

As soon as it hit the air, it would ice over again, anyway.

『I think there was a magic circle!』

『Can you examine it?』

『It’s huge, so it’ll take time.』

『Leave the work to me, and check the thing out.』

『Okay, Al!』

I kept clearing the snow and Jack Frosts away, but the numbers kept coming.

I wondered how many they were.

『What the?!』

I heard Vi-Vi whisper.


I was going to ask what she meant, but then!

Several molten rocks three times larger than Femm appeared above me.

And they all began to fall.


I was surprised, and shouted without thinking about it. It was very strong magic…no, spirit magic.

And I decided to think about that later.

I put up a magical barrier.

I also reached out to put one over Cruz and the others.

That way they could escape this if they were attacked.

After all, they had a magician as a party member that would defend them.


The molten rocks struck the magic barier.

15 at once.

They were quite well made…and they were left to fall on me.

It took quite a bit of magical power to stop them.

Timi then spoke to me,

『Wow! That’s some attack. Need help?』

『Not necessary, but thanks.』

『I see…』

I just made sure that nothing fell on Cruz and the others.

And also so that it wouldn’t destroy whatever magic circle was made.

As I looked off into the snow, I could see a figure standing. Its face was hidden by a hood, and it had a thick robe.

It looked like a male…

As I saw it, I felt something hit me, very quickly.

「Al, look out!」

Vi-Vi screamed.

Spirit speech, gravity magic, magic barrier…and an anti-cold barrier over all the others.

I was already using four different magic casts…and that had slowed me down.

So my enemy had used that as a perfect chance to attack me.

The fellow had run towards me and show fireballs from his hands.

And more were coming at me.


Femm growled and the guy freezed.

A fireball left his palm into the sky as he jolted.

Then Vi-Vi, riding Moofy slammed into the guy’s side…and it was a direct bovine bulldoze.

The fellow flew in an arc through the sky, landed, and rolled to a stop.


  1. It seems like (s)he put everything into dealing with Al and completely forgot that he brought company, only to get blown away from the side before Al even had to deal with him…

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