Chapter 295

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Chapter 295 – Greater Spirits and the Mystery Magician

I wasn’t totally sure that this fellow was the person causing all this spirit summoning, but he was definitely some kind of bad guy.

He had shot me with a fireball, after all.

「You’re one hot magician…show me your stuff.」

I took a molten rock and flung it at him.

It floated above him, and I let it drop.

The fellow suddenly sprung up to dodge it. He sprung away as it hit the ground.

「Okay, buddy…time to come along quietly.」

The guy spun to run away, but Luka was standing right there.

She grabbed his arm, flexed it backwards, and smashed him into the ground.

She then sat on him.

Luka amazingly set herself right behind the guy as he jumped from the molten rock.

「I can’t see your face, friend…let’s pull that hood off.」

She rolled him over and reach over to his hood.

Just then,


A screamed pierced the air…enough to chill us.

A massive greater fire spirit appeared.

It was as big as Moofy in her “original” size.

「What the!?」

Vi-Vi shouted.

We had only had ice spirits, so this one was a surprise.

All the snow around us began melting into water.


It screamed again and brought fireballs raining down.

I quickly tossed the other 14 molten rocks at the spirit.

They all struck him with a massive shock.


But my opponent was a greater spirit. The heat caused no damage.

The force, however, was another story.

Even so, it didn’t have that much effect.

I removed the cold-barriers and spirit speech.



Femm sped towards the greater spirit while I shot ice magic at all of its fireballs.

The ground around us was still covered in snow, so the greater spirit couldn’t use all of its magical force. Even so, I wondered why the guy summoned a fire spirit.

If he wanted a powerful spirit, he should have summoned an ice greater spirit.

Molten rocks appeared in the sky again, seven, so I was sure that this magician had created them. It was a pain knocking them all away. 

As I did, I put gravity magic on them and floated them, and then changed their direction, flinging them towards the greater spirit.

The rocks struck again, and the greater spirit seemed to crumble.


I called to Femm, and Femm knew what I wanted.

Femm ran up close to the spirit and I froze the watery pool under its legs. There was snow everywhere near me, so it was effective.

Then I changed the gravity magic to the spirit’s feet and flipped it over on its head.



There was a collar on this spirit as well. All I had to do was release it.

Femm ran up close to it.

「Got you!」

I pulled the collar off with one yank as I had done with the previous spirits.


I thought the thing would fly into a rage after I removed its collar, but it didn’t.

The spirit softly cried out, nodded, and disappeared in a cloud of steam.

「I have something I want to ask.」

『Al, did you understand the spirit’s speech?』

「I didn’t. I wish I had the spirit lord to interpret it.」

『I see…』

Luka called out to me while she was still sitting on the fellow.

「Hey, guess the fire spirit’s gone?」

「Yeah. It probably had a hard time fighting in all this snow.」

「You’re right…too bad.」

Cruz and Yureena were done fighting as well and were now back to our group. The Jack Frosts were all gone.

「Alra. I can’t see anything strange from up here except that weirdo Luka’s sitting on.」

And with that, Timi came down and landed…still in dragon form.

「So THIS is the evil summoner! Luka, pull his hood off!」


And so Luka reached down and pulled his hood off.

Hair long as Cruz…and two pointed beast ears…passed out. 

Luka probably whomped the…fellow…when…the fellow…summoned the fire spirit.

「She’s a cute girl…it turns out.」

「Almost looks like Steff.」

Even so, I hurried and bound her with magical force.

「Yureena. See what you can find out.」

「You got it.」

Yureena was the best at examining magical forces…so she began and then looked at me.

「Al, take a look at this.」


「Over here.」

She pointed at something under the beast-girl’s scarf…a collar just like the ones used on the spirits.



Vi-Vi galloped over on top of Moofy.

「Look at this.」

「…it’s a well made magical circle.」

Vi-Vi said after a look from on top of Moofy.

She got down off Moofy and looked closer.

「Maybe made to control her?」

「Not exactly the same. See this part? It’s different than the spirit collars.」


「But they look quite the same.」

If she hadn’t mentioned it, I would have thought they were the same.

Even Yureena couldn’t tell the difference…it was just that delicate a difference.

So Vi-Vi explained, it was hard to control something like this.

In the came of a spirit lord or greater spirit, you simply had to order around the spirits you summoned.

And that order was to attack anything near it that approached.

「It’s hard to control someone through magic like this.」

「I see.」

「And this collar has a magic stone that causes the wearer to fall into a hypnotized state.」

Vi-Vi said with a look of concern.


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