Chapter 296

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Chapter 296 – Looking Around

After Vi-Vi explained, Cruz looked confused.

「You can get them to do different stuff through hypnosis?」

「Seems like a magical hypnosis.」

「Is there non-magical hypnosis?」

「I think so, but I don’t know much about that.」


It seems that Vi-Vi did know quite a lot about magical hypnosis.

After hearing all this, Luka said,

「Yeah, I’ve heard of it too. And non-magical. Something like suggestion, right?」

「Can you control someone without magic? That’s nuts.」

「Enough to change actions. But pretty impressive you can do it without magic.」

Luka looked at the beast-girl, then at Vi-Vi,

「You’re saying this girl was under magical hypnosis?」

「Yeah. Look over here…there’s a very strong suggestive force here.」

「Suggestive force? What kind?」

「I have no idea.」

Vi-Vi said with a shrug.

「Well, let’s take this thing off.」

「Al, wait. I need to know more before you take it off.」

「You do?」

「Yes. If she loses the hypnosis, I don’t know if she’ll lose her memory as well.」

「I see.」

I guess we just had to wait until she woke up.

「Okay, well let’s see those stones from the Jack Frosts first.」

「Yeah, that’s important. If we lose those, someone might misuse them.」

Cruz and Yureena started searching around to find them and pick them up.

「Okay, now let me look at that magical circle again.」

「Let me help, Vi-Vi. Femm and Moofy, you help the girls find the stones.」


「Mooo moo」

「Leave it to us.」

「We need to search the area anyway.」

So Vi-Vi and I melted the area around the circle.

There was a massive circle under the snow.

We had to get rid of a lot of snow to see the whole ring.

Since all the Jack Frosts were gone, the snow had stopped falling as well.

「A huge and very elaborate circle.」

「Yeah, but…if you improved this, you could make it smaller.」

「I see…thanks, Vi-Vi.」

「I think it’s supposed to refine all the spirit energy into a huge spirit stone.」

「I wonder where it is?」

「Wait a second….」


I could analyze the circle too, but it was faster leaving it to Vi-Vi.

She explained as we walked along it. It still took a long time to analyze.

「Hm, right under here.」

「I guess it wasn’t built with a transfer circle to send it somewhere.」

Vi-Vi’s circle back in the village had the power to refine magical stones and send them to the shed.

「Yeah, this magician didn’t have the skill.」

「I see.」

There was hardly a magician out there that had her skill in that department.

「Below here? Then there should be an underground entrance.」


「Femm, some help us sniff it out.」

『With what?』

「There’s probably an underground entrance around here.」

『You want me to find it?』


『Leave it to me.』

And so Femm started sniffing around.

「With all this snow, it has to be hard to smell anything.」

『Yeah, the smells don’t stick much, but let me try.』

Femm was looking around carefully.

「Mooo mooo!」

Then, behind us, we heard Moofy.

We then heard Luka say to Moofy,

「Moofy, you can leave this to Timi and me…go over to Al.」


「Come on.」

Timi pushed the cow, and Moofy ran over.

「Can you help us too, Moofy?」

「Moo Moo!」

「Okay, then please.」


So the two beasts sniffed all over the ground as they both had good smell.

「Moo moo」

『Found it.』

They both had found it quickly too.

「You both are really talented.」

「Wow, that was fast.」



So Vi-Vi and I both petted them.

「Okay, now to search.」

「Yeah, get ready for anything, Al.」

「Wuff Wuff」



They were all ready to go. Even Shiggy peeked out and looked around.

The entrance was a false cover of soil that hid a handle in the rock.

「We would have never found this place without them.」


It was a lip that you could flip up and open. But there was a magic lock on it.

I opened it with my magic, and there was a stairway down into the ground.

The stairway was narrow, just wide enough for one person.

「Okay, follow me.」

So I, Vi-Vi, Femm, and Moofy all entered in a line.

As we went down, I found another portal.

「Another magical lock.」

So I opened this one too.

「You opened both easily, Al…how hard were they locked.」

「Pretty difficult magic. A good magician could do this.」

「I see. So I guess pretty good for only one person.」

Magic circle, spirit summoning, magical keys.

Better than most average magicians.

「I’ll ask you more about this later.」

Vi-Vi said to me as I opened the portal.


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