Chapter 297

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Chapter 297 – Speaking of the Beast-Girl…

There was a small room after opening the portal…with a lot of magical tools inside.

「Magical tools…or more like machines?」

「Yeah, this is really intense, Al.」

Vi-Vi looked it all over with an impressed look.

They were quite advanced.

「You can’t even find machines like this in the capital!」

「Even the Demon Lord didn’t have this much.」


Shiggy peeked out again from my pocket.

「Shiggy, this might be dangerous so, DON’T TOUCH.」


「Femm, Moofy, don’t touch anything, just in case.」



Still, they both sniffed around at the air.

「Is the smell of that beast-girl here? Or any other smells around?」

『Her smell is here.』


「Anyone else?」


『I smell.』

If both the beasts said so, then it must be true.

「What kind of smell? Zombies?」

『No…but something with magic, like a demon.』

「A demon.」

I got in a battle with one after Shiggy was abducted.

I was able to defeat that strong demon, but I may have not captured all the demons under him.

『But I can’t be sure…』

「I see, well, we need to be careful.」

As I was talking to the beasts, Vi-Vi was looking at the machines.

「Al, look over here.」


「This machine aids the stone production by the magical circle…it’s very advanced.」

「So where’s the spirit stone?」

「I thought it would be around here…」

「I really don’t see many…」

There were three small pieces of spirit stone.

「Someone probably left with it.」

「They might have used it all up after producing it too…」

We split up all the machines in front of us and I put them in groups into my magical bag.

「My sis will probably know what these are.」

「Vallimie does know her stuff.」

「A golem is a magical machine, after all.」

I guess she was right. After we looked around the inside, we looked outside as well.

The weather was sunny again, the snow clouds gone, and the sky blue.

Even so, the wind was cold.

Cruz had the captured beast-girl. They also had all the stones from the Jack Frosts.

「What is it, Al?」

「A lot of magical machines. Did she wake up?」

「Yup, she’s up.」

The beast-girl looked at us with the look of terror.

She still had the hypnosis collar on. She probably also had some strong suggestion compelling her.

I wondered what she was thinking, so I asked,

「Why did you summon those spirits?」

「I had to help brother.」

「How would summoning help your brother?」

She explained everything directly.

However, it all seemed a lot of gibberish.

Her brother had been missing for a while, and whil she searched for him, she heard he was in the spirit realm. Because of this, she tried to open a portal to the realm by summoning spirits. Even so, no spirit would open it to her brother.

「Where did you learn to summon from?」

「My brother…」

「And who made those machines?」

「I did. I learned how to make them and how to summon from brother.」

「I see…so that’s how it is.」

Luka seemed to understand, so she explained to us.

Hypnosis could be amplified by suggesting something the hypnotized wanted.

She was searching for her brother, and the dilemma made her suggestible. 

So someone hypnotized her with that intention.

「Who told you your brother was in the spirit realm?」

「A friend of brother…Ah…I can’t remember the name.」

「The sex? Race?」

「…I don’t know. I can’t remember.」

「When did you meet the friend?」


She was confused and completely lost. It was sad.

As if her memory was erased.

Someone had messed with it and it was hard to resist under hypnosis.

The demon that attacked us after Shiggy was born had the same effect, I remembered.

This was definitely the same kind of magic.

Luka said to me, gently,

「Al, take off the collar. Please.」


I stretched my hand out, and she looked terrified again.

「Stop! If you take it off, I’ll never see my brother!」

「Why do you say that?」

「This collar is connected to my brother…if I open a portal to the spirit realm, I can connect to him. If I take this off, that power is lost.」

There was no ability in the collar for that to happen, though.

If I didn’t take it off, she could be used again.

「I see.」

I told her, and she relaxed.

So I used my magic to snap the collar open.

She suddenly fainted and fell to the ground.


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