Chapter 298

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Chapter 298 – Back to the Village

Yureena quickly started treating the unconscious girl.

「Don’t worry, she’s only passed out. That has to happen after she’s released from a strong magical hypnosis like this.」

「Glad we don’t have to worry, then.」

「Al, could you cast some magical cold guard on her, we don’t want her getting to cold passed out like this.」


And so I cast a cold resistance spell on her.

There was much less of a chance of her getting too cold now.

「Moofy, let’s put her on your back.」


Yureena got permission from Moofy and then slung the girl over Moofy’s back.

「Thanks, Moofy. Even with Al’s spell, we can’t just leave this girl on the snow.」

Now, she’d be okay, though.

Cruz wiped the girl’s brow.

「So I guess the only one in the wrong here is the person that put her under hypnosis?」

「Sees so.」

「Luka, do you know what’s going on?」

Cruz asked, and Luka began to explain.

「First, I need to explain how magical hypnosis occurs.」

「Oh, sure…」

「Even though it’s magical hypnosis, you can’t completely hypnotize someone that’s going to resist its effects.」

「Which means?」

「It would impossible to force a valiant knight to murder a king. But you might be able to suggest something like assassinating a noble that was mocking the king.」

「I see. Because she was searching for her brother, they used suggestion against her because she wanted to help him?」

「Exactly. I’m glad you understand this so quickly, Cruz. And there are things you can and can’t do in this situation.」

「And that is?」

「Like getting her to kill someone to help her brother….she’d resist that. But calling nature spirits after opening the gate to the spirit realm…」

「Even though the result is bad, as long as she doesn’t do something bad directly, it’s easy to suggest something to her.」


And so Luka had pretty much explained it to Cruz. We actually all wanted to know about it.

Then I asked Luka,

「There’s never any clue the hypnotizer leaves behind though…」

「Right. But whoever it is DID use this girl’s ability.」

We didn’t even know the girl’s name, but she was obviously good with magical tools.

「In other words, they needed someone that made spirit stones.」

「If that’s so, then they should have just used the massive statue of Jilnidora.」

「….yeah…you’re right.」

The mystery seemed farther now from being solved.

「Well, there’s no doubt that this girl was the one summoning those Jack Frosts. But we don’t know who induced her to do so.」

「And no idea about the motive.」


Then Vi-Vi asked,

「What’ll we do with her?」

She had summoned these Jack Frosts in Cruz’ realm, and now here too.

But the jurisdiction for any punishment of her would be with the ruler of this realm now.

「I don’t think we need to turn her in – there was no deaths or real economic damage – and we took care of it all ourselves.」

If the summoning was allowed to continue, though, there definitely would have been some heavy damage.

I was happy we handled it before anyone got hurt.

「No time to sit around and discuss it. Let’s get back to the village.」

Timi told us, and we returned to Mulg.

We flew back on Timi’s back.

After getting back, Millet, Collette, and Steff were waiting for us back at my house.

「Welcome back, old man!」

「Master, everyone, glad you’re all okay.」

「Welcome home, I made tea and snacks.」

After greeting us, I patted Collette’s head,

「Old man! How wasth the sthpirit monsthters?!」

「We took care of them.」

「Good job, old man! Who’sth that girl?」

「The one who summoned them.」

「A bad guy?」

「I guess you could say she had bad luck.」

As we discussed it, we went over to the kitchen table.

Millet had everything spread out there, already waiting for us.

「Welcome back, everyone. You were quick.」


Vallimie and Chel were waiting there as well.

We laid the girl out on a chair, and Yureena sat next to her.

「Tea and cakes! You’re all cold, right?」

「Thank you, Millet!」

We said our thanks, and then drank the tea and ate.

Shiggy happily munched away as well. She even licked up some tea.

She could handle the hot tea on her tongue.

As we ate, I explained what had happened to the others.

「Hypnosis? That is an unlucky tale.」

Vallimie said with a nod of the head.

「Vallimie, look at these magical tools.」

I took them out of my magical bad to show her.

「Oh? Well, isn’t this interesting…」

Vallimie rotated them around in her hands, looking closely.

 I’m sure someone like Vallimie, that created an army of golems, probably knew something about these devices.

「This is a device that purifies magical stones, right? There’s a magical circle connected to it, right?」

「Yeah, exactly, big sis! There was one written right over it!」

Vi-Vi began writing a magic circle on a big paper with a pen.

She quickly and clearly sketched out the circle.

「Steff, Millet, Collette, you should look at this closely.」

And so they all carefully watched Vi-Vi sketch out the circle.

「I have to stop this copy before the circle is completed. No reason to set it off by accident.」

Vi-Vi said as she explained the circle.

Then Vallimie looked the circle over carefully.

She then gazed over at the unconscious girl.


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