Chapter 299

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Chapter 299 – The Girl’s Memories

Vallimie went over and brushed her hand over the girl’s forehead.

She looked at her with compassionate eyes. 

「Magical tool creation is a traditional skill passed down through the devils. It’s not a rare one, either. Her level is quite superior though, enough for me to learn from.」

「…so does that mean that the circle is rare too?」

「Yeah. It’s magic that’s probably fallen into obscurity.」


「I’ve only seen writing like this in books about old magic that the writers knew scarcely about.」

Vallimie had told us about the old devil magic that was no longer used.

Maybe this was it.

「I guess we’ll get the details when she wakes up.」

So we all ate and passed the time until she awoke.

After a while, the girl’s eyes opened. Her eyes quickly darted around here when she realized she was somewhere unknown.

We needed to ask her about how she was hypnotized.

But first, we needed to find out more about her.

The first person to ask was Luka. She smiled and said,

「You’re awake.」

「Where am I?」

「A nearby village.」

「Why am I here?」

She explained everything in a gentle voice.

She didn’t hide anything either. She told her girl about the damage the ice spirits had caused.

「I guess it all WAS real…」

「What was?」

「I mean, I remember being in a dream, where I saw all that happen…」

「We’d like to know more.」

「Where should I start?」

「Well, okay, first, where were you born?」

「From there?」

「Yes, from there.」

So, her story began.

She had lived in the mountains on the border of the dead Demon Lord.

Her mother was a beast-human, her father, a devil.

「This magic circle here is a remnant from a very old devil magical school. What about that?」

「Is it? My brother taught me everything…I don’t know anything about old devil magic.」

「Nothing? How about your mother and father?」

She shook her head slowly.

Her father was never there, after she was born. Her mother died soon after she grew into a girl.

Then she had lived with her brother, who was quite an advanced magician.

When she had grown into a young woman, her brother vanished.


「Yes, there was a paper too. He wanted to test his powers and make a name for himself.」

「Find success, huh? I thought he was already an expert in magic?」


「Well, I guess it would be natural for someone like him.」

It was normal for advanced magicians to want to go out and make names for themselves.

So, later the girl followed after, looking for him, leaving the mountain for work.

And so she became an adventurer.

An adventurer is respected for skill, regardless of race, family, or origin.

I guess it was common sense that a local girl like her, a mix of beast and devil, would become one.

「You have a membership in the guild, right?」

「Yes. And in the magician’s guild as well.」

「And that guild’s pretty harsh to beast-human’s, right?」


So the girl searched for news of her brother as she went on quests.

However, there was no trace of him anywhere.

Then one day, an unknown man spoke to her.

「He said that my brother was in the spirit world.」

「And you believed him?」

「Yes, but…I don’t know why I did…」

She seemed lost.

She probably was under his power of suggestion, even then.

「Ah…I can’t remember. His face. I should be able to remember…」

「Is that all you can’t remember?」

「His face, body, stature, race, voice…nothing…」

「Is there anything you DO remember?」

「I remember what he told me. But, other than that…」

Someone HAD messed with her memories.

And after he had talked to her, she started summoning spirits in Cruz’ realm.

「Did you use spirit magic before, normally?」

「No, I never did.」

「Did you know how to use it before that?」

「I don’t think so.」

That’s why, even if we searched for a beast-human that summoned spirits, we couldn’t find one.

Cruz then spoke to her,

「My name’s Cruz. What’s yours?」


「I see. Miss Leah. Nice to meet you.」

「Nice to meet you as well.」

Then, Cruz looked over at me.

「So what now, Al? We don’t have enough to catch whoever is behind this.」

「Well, the summoning is over, right? We can take our time.」

「You think so?」

「If he can summon them on his own, he doesn’t need Leah anymore.」

「I see, you’re right.」

Leah then looked at the floor and said,

「What will become of me? I’m ready to be punished for all the damage I’ve caused…」

Cruz thought it over,

「Well, yeah…but since due to the law, you did none of it intentionally, you can’t be punished, right? Was that a thing?」

「…um, what do you mean?」

Leah, looked confused, and Cruz continued,

「But, since we’re on the subject of who’s responsible here…」


「There’s also the other consideration that since there was little real damage, the punishment will be light.」


「Yeah, we also have to consider the other ruler. Then, labor it is, Chel!」


「You need workers in your village? Right?」


Chel jiggled where it sat.

I couldn’t tell, but I guessed it was nodding.

「I was thinking of sending Leah to help you…what do you think?」

『Thankss! Happy!』

Chel responded gleefully. On the other hand, Leah looked a bit confused.

Labor work wasn’t a light punishment.

But if the other ruler came asking, he probably wouldn’t bother anyone after hearing that.

And there’s no way the village work would be that hard.

It was so light a punishment, it didn’t really even seem like it.

「Leah, you must be tired. You can rest now.」

Luka took Leah to an empty room.

「Cruz, you even studied law?」

「Well, it’s my responsibility as a ruler.」

「Good work.」

「Eheh heh」

For now, all this summoning was over.

The Jack Frosts were all gone.

But…we still had to find who was behind all this.

There were also his motives. He would be up to something else, soon.

Once he started moving, we would track him down and catch him.

At least, that’s what I was thinking.


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