Chapter 300

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Chapter 300 – Breakfast, Leah, and Spirits

It was the next day after the summoning attacks and then us bringing Leah back to the village.

We all ate Millet’s breakfast together that morning.

And when I say all of us, I mean Cruz, Luka, Yureena, and I.

Then Millet, Collette, Steff, Femm, and Moofy.

Shiggy and Timi.

Vi-Vi, Vallimie, and Chel.

It was normal that we always ate breakfast and dinner together.

And this breakfast had Leah with us as well.

Leah ate breakfast with a nervous look on her face.

Just then, Vallimie said, 

「Al, do you think we can ask the spirit lord about it?」

「Hm? I think it’s possible.」

「Could you summon her? I have something I want to ask.」


「And I think Leah can take the time to apologize to her as well.」

「Certainly. I would be happy to be given the opportunity.」

Leah was the reason for the summoning, so she had caused a bit of trouble.

Even though she’d quickly be forgiven, she still had to apologize.

I touched the collar of the spirit lord and said,

「Great spirit lord, please, return to this world by my summons.」

The collar shimmered quickly.


And the little nymph suddenly appeared.

She looked around at all the others.

Seeing me, she smiled again.


And she clasped onto my arm.

「Thank you for allowing me to summon you.」

『Call any time, permission.』

「Thank you.」

She was wearing the clothes from Yureena.

It looked cute on her.

「Thank you for wearing that.」

『Like it. Thanks.』

The nymph smiled.

「Moo moo」


Moofy approached the nymph and licked her.

Shiggy took a piece of bread with jam in her claw and offered it to the nymph.

『Thanks Shiggy.』

She then ate it.


「ryaa ryaa!」

The nymph reached over and patted Shiggy. Shiggy flapped her wings happily.

Then Leah stood before the nymph.

She bowed deeply to her.

「Spirit lord, I deeply apologize for what I’ve done.」


「I was the one that helped summon you, and I am very sorry for the trouble I have caused.」


The nymph said, with a look of confusion.

And so Lea explained to the nymph.

She also explained that she was fooled into believing her brother was in the spirit world.

It was a long explanation, but the nymph quietly listened.

While this was going on, Shiggy was bringing more jam and bread to the nymph.

She was eating bread with her right hand while petting Shiggy with the left.

「That’s why I’m really very sorry…」


She ate the last part of bread, and then pulled at my arm.

「What is it?」

She pointed at Leah,


「She’s a spirit magician called Leah.」

『Spirit magician?』

「Yes. She apparently can call spirits.」


The spirit lord said flatly. Something was wrong.

「Incorrect…what is?」

『First time see.』

「Um, so someone else summoned you?」


And hearing this, Leah was the most surprised out of all of us. 

「But…I was sure that I summoned…」

「No, it might just be that the spirit lord has a hard time distinguishing faces.」

Luka said, and the nymph came closer.

「So, spirit lord, you’re saying that there’s no doubt you’ve never seen Leah.」


「But you said she had beast ears and horns, and a tail. And her hair was about the same length as Cruz.」

『Summoner. Scary. Huge.』

「So the person that summoned you was scary looking and very big?」


Then she tugged on my arm again.

『I hungry.』

「Ah, I’m sorry.」

I gave her an egg to eat.


She pointed over at the bread and jam.


「This is what you wanted?」

I guess that Shiggy knew exactly what the spirit wanted after all.

I gave some more jam and bread to the nymph.

She must really love sweets.


And seeing this, Millet ran to the kitchen.

She got some sweets and came back.

「Here you are!」

『Thanks! Thanks!』

Then the spirit lord gobbled it down.

Shiggy took some as well and ate it.

On the other hand, Leah looked dumbfounded.

Then Luka said kindly to Leah. 

「She might have had her memory rewritten. She might have only summoned the spirits in the other ruler’s realm.」

「…I wonder if that’s what happened.」

Leah then said to the spirit lord,

「Spirit lord, I still was the one that summoned those Jack Frosts and for that I apologized.」


And with that, she stopped eating and patted Leah on the head.


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