Chapter 301

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Chapter 301 – Leah’s Brother

After Leah was forgiven, the spirit lord went back to eating.

Shiggy and Collette sat next to her, doing the same.

「ryaa ryaa」

「Sthpirit lord, thisth isth great!」


Seeing this, Luka whispered,

「Is changing someone’s memory like that very easy?」

「Well, that demon that came to abduct Shiggy had his memory changed.」

「But the one that did that was a very experienced, famous Great Demon.」

「So maybe the person doing that is as strong as the Great Demon?」

Luka and Yureena looked at me with a serious gaze.

Cruz patted the spirit lord’s head.

「A great demon…I guess we could do something if we could find him.」

「If it were that strong, anyone from the guild would be hurt by it.」

「The same thing with anyone from the church.」

「And it would be bad if it attack any village.」

We would need our hero party back again to defeat someone that strong.

Way too much for a normal adventure party.

「Well, the problem now is that we don’t know where he is.」

「The problem is more that we don’t even have a trace of anything.」

Cruz, Luka, and Yureena looked at each other seriously.

「Well, there’s no actual clue about his power, but there are SOME clues out there.」

「Some clues?」

Cruz brightened up a bit.

「First, whoever it was knew that Leah could use spirit magic.」


「Even though she’s a magician, she said she never told anyone that she could use it. Right?」

I asked Leah.

「Yes, you’re right. I wanted to learn regular magic actually…」

「But you weren’t hiding that you could use it either, right?」

Luka looked at Leah and asked.

「I wasn’t trying to hide it, but no one asked about it.」

「To be honest, I’ve been a magician forever and never been asked about it, myself.」

「I guess that’s the way it is.」

「Well, Luka, have you ever asked a magician whether they use spirit magic before?」

「Now that you mention it…」

There were a lot of adventurers that knew nothing about spirit magic.

No one would ask you unless you were telling others about it.

「So the bad guy knew from someone that Leah could use spirit magic, then?」

「Just as you said, Luka.」

「Who do you think they found out from, Al?」

「The highest possibility is Leah’s brother.」

Hearing that, Leah stood up. The chair creaked as she jumped up.

「My brother?」

「It’s the most likely.」

「Is he alive?!」

Leah almost looked like she would cry.

The spirit lord patted Leah on the head gently. 

Then she offered her a sweet to eat.

「T…thank you…」

She was trying to calm Leah with something to eat.

「What kind of people knew your brother?」

「Well, after I started searching for my brother, I told a new adventurer guild’s branch about it…and my friends knew about it.」

So it seemed that she wasn’t trying to hide the info about her brother disappearing. 

If her friends knew about it, then pretty much everyone she knew, knew the brother was gone.

「If everyone knew about your brother, then they probably all know you can use spirit magic as well.」

「That’s probably true.」

「We need to find the brother first.」

「You’re right.」

Luka agreed with me.

I think she noticed…that the bad guy MIGHT BE the brother.

But she said nothing.

「Well, for now, we need to find out from the adventurer’s guild any info.」

「Thank you so much.」

「Don’t worry about it.」

「And I’ll look around the church info..」

「Thank you too, Yureena.」

「It’s fine.」

And with that said, the spirit lord stood.

She petted Collette and Shiggy. Then she looked at me.

『Alra, still need me?』

「I’m fine for now. Thank you very much.」

『Need pet.』

She stuck her head out to me.

I petted her, and she seemed satisfied.

『Alra, call anytime.』

「Thank you again.」

And then she disappeared back to her world.

Cruz watched, and then put her hand on Leah’s shoulder.

「Leah! Time to start work.」

「Labor…yes, I’m ready.」


Chel happily said and bounced.

It bounced right up on Leah’s shoulder.

『Leah Thanks』

「Please to be of service.」

「Okay, come with me.」

So Cruz, Chel, and Leah all departed to the death temple. I called out to them.

「Let me know if you need more help. I’ll come too.」

「Thank you!」


After Cruz and the others left, Timi said,

「I don’t know much about this, but, doesn’t Leah’s brother seem quite strange?」

「It’s a possibility it’s him.」

「Do you think it’s a small possibility?」

「I guess.」

「Why do you think so?」

「Because he’s the guy that taught her the spirit magic, right?」

「I see, so he didn’t really need to use her…」

「And he wouldn’t need to use something like a machine that hypnotized her.」

「You’re right.」

Timi said, with a nod of her head.


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