Chapter 302

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Chapter 302 – Kind Shiggy

This happened several days after Leah left to work in the death village.

Luka and Yureena were busy collecting information, but there was nothing really useful.

Then one day, Vallimie asked Cruz,

「Cruz, how is Leah doing?」

「She’s working hard.」

Leah was in the middle of paying off her labor sentence by living and working in the death temple’s village.

Cruz also was working day by day to build the place up.

「…hm. How many more people does Chel need in the village?」

「Well, there isn’t enough…that’s all I can say.」


「I know you need to be busy when spring starts, but do you need to really push hard now?」

「We have business to do all the time…Why do you ask, Vallimie?」

Cruz looked concerned.

「Well, I just wondered if Leah had some time to teach me about magic tools…」

「I thought you were really good at that though. Do you really need her to teach you something?」

「That’s not it. If the method of using them are different, I could learn a lot from her explanation.」

「I see.」

Vallimie was always trying to learn and improve herself.

「I want her to teach me too!」

Vi-Vi said, now standing next to Vallimie. 

Cruz was betting Chel, sitting next to her.

「But, Leah has work to do, right?」


Chel jiggled again.

It seemed a bit jigglier than usual.

Out of curiosity, I petted it and said,

「Cruz, what type of work is Leah doing?」

「This and that. She helps with whatever needs filling in.」

「Is there something the villagers couldn’t do without her?」

「Well, just as Vallimie said…」

There was never enough workers in the death temple’s village.

If Vallimie spent time learning from Leah, then the villagers might need to work harder.

That’s why Cruz seemed a bit hesitant.

「If I could, then I could lend you some golems to do the work…」

「Could you? Let me ask the priest.」

「Sure! I’ll go bring them here.」

The morning after that conversation, Leah returned.

Vallimie got her golems to work on the snow removal, and they helped a lot moving the chopped wood around.

They worked even without a magical source to power them, so they were very effective.

They probably did a lot more work than Leah could do.

So Vallimie happily said to Leah,

「Leah, come with me.」


Vi-Vi joined the two as well.

「Moo mooo」

「You coming too, Moofy?」


「Okay then.」

Vi-Vi said while petting Moofy.

「Steff, Millet, and Collette, you can come too.」


「Can I come?」

「I…as well?」

「You three want to know about magic tools, right?」

「Y…yes, I do.」

「I wanna make one!」

Collette said happily, while she rode on Moofy.

Steff and Millet looked at me.

I guess they wanted permission from their master.

「Sure, go ahead.」


「I’ll do my best!」

「Me too, old man!」

So the disciples all happily followed Vallimie.

They were off to study in Vallimie’s land of Lindobal Forest.

I wanted to go too, but I had to guard the village.

So it was just Femm and I. I’d ask them what they learned later.


Well, Shiggy was with me too.

She had her little winter suit on as she peeked out of my pouch.

「Aren’t you cold, Shiggy?」


I guess she wasn’t.

Femm, on the other hand, was off to check on the wolf shack.

Just a king checking on the subjects.

I patted Shiggy and thought it over. 

We had to find out information about Leah’s brother.

She couldn’t find it herself, even though she had searched everywhere.

He wasn’t an easy guy to find.

「What happened to him…」


Shiggy looked confused.

「I was wondering where Leah’s brother was.」


Shiggy ate some snacks from my pouch.

Then she offered some to me.

「You’re giving me some?」



「ryaa ryaa!」

I had such a serious look on my face, she was probably concerned.

Shiggy really was a kind dragon.

I put some of the snack in my mouth. It was sweet and tasted good.

「It’s good.」


Shiggy flapped her wings after seeing me eat it.

I guess it did clear my head a bit after eating it.

「I see…offer something sweet.」


『What are you saying, Al?』

Femm had returned, and looked a bit confused.

「Well, I don’t mean that, exactly.」


「If we start selling these spirit stones…whoever’s behind this will come to buy them, right?」

『I don’t think it’s that easy.』

「Maybe not…but we could try.」

『It also might work.』


I patted Femm’s head and Shiggy offered a snack to Femm as well.


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