Chapter 303

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Chapter 303 – Lost Leah

That night we had dinner, and I told them my plan.

We could sell the spirit stones in an attempt to draw the bad guy out.

Everyone was there at the table as usual…including Leah.

After I was done explaining, the first one to open their mouth was Luka,

「Sell them? What happens when they buy them?」

「Well, I was just thinking about checking who COMES to buy them.」

「So, we’re not selling them?」

「I don’t expect to.」

Cruz then laughed and said,

「No one’s going to buy those things anyway.」

「That’s not true.」

Luka said, with a shake of her head.


「Alchemists want them, I bet.」

「I see…」

「And that’s in addition to people that just love collecting novelties.」

「But you can get novelties anywhere!」

Vi-Vi then nodded her head,

「…I’d like to help as well.」

「How about you, Yureena?」

「Well, I can’t be of as much help, but I can get my dad involved.」

She was the only daughter of the owner of the Linmia Trading Company.

I bet he could help us quite a bit.

「I see…then, please.」

「Leave it to me.」

「But won’t it be a problem if a bunch of people show up to buy?」

Cruz looked a bit perplexed.

Spirit stones were quite rare, but there wasn’t that much demand for them.

「All we have to do is price them so that ordinary collectors can’t afford them.」

「I see. So only those that REALLY want them will try to buy them.」

「Weird to see someone want them that badly.」

Luka agreed.

Leah then stood and bowed.

「Everyone, thank you so much for helping me try to find my brother.」

「Don’t worry about it.」

Cruz said with a smile.

「Even though I’m a criminal…I have no way to thank you.」

「It’s not just for you, Leah.」

I said to Leah, who still had her head bowed.

「Even so, if it’s your brother causing all this, be prepared to see him punished.」

Luka said, coldly.

We were doing her a favor, but that was part of the bargain.

「I still want to see my brother.」

「I hope you will.」

Millet said, trying to sound positive.

「Okay! I’ll get out the snacks!」

「Oh, sthisthter! Thanksth!」

「ryaa ryaa」

Collette and Shiggy both looked very happy at Millet in expectation.

The snacks after dinner turned out to be fruit.

Not winter food either, but fruit you eat in summer.

「It’s amazing to be able to eat food like this in the middle of winter!」

Leah was astounded.

「Mister Al and Vi-Vi made a cold box for me to keep things in.」

「I was glad to be of service.」

It wasn’t just a cold box, but there was a whole area in the storage shack that had a preservation spell over it.

Leah looked so amazed by it all, she looked a bit scared.

「Um…Cruz…you’re the hero…Cruz…right?」

「What? I didn’t tell you?」


She told her that her name was Cruz, but not that she was THE hero Cruz.

Maybe Leah noticed when Cruz assigned the punishment to Leah.

「And, all of you…you’re the one’s that rid the world of that evil Demon Lord…right?」

「Yeah, pretty much,」

「…I guess we are.」

Luka and Yureena said, a bit hesitant. They looked over at me.

I was the current Magical Lord that took his place, so it was a bit of a touchy subject.

「Even though I didn’t know, I sincerely apologize for causing you all this much trouble.」

「It’s fine!」

Cruz said with a smile, and patted Leah’s head.

Vi-Vi then jumped up, and her chair clunked loudly,

「And I, Vi-Vi, was the strongest Sub-Boss of the Demon Lord!」


Leah jumped back in fear.

「Wow, sthub-bossth!」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Collette and Shiggy giggled gleefully.

「Is…she telling the truth?」

「It’s a lie.」

「I see…」

I said, and Leah looked quite relieved. 

Honestly, those four Sub-Bosses weren’t that strong, after all.

Actually, they were quite weak.

「It’s NOT A LIE!」

「Vi-Vi, don’t throw around the word ‘strongest.’ The other four were stronger than you.」

Cruz said with a giggle.

「Cruz…then let me ask…what is the definition of strength?」

「Definition? Um…」

「If you can’t define it, than how can you deny I’m the strongest?」

「Well, I guess, you’re right…」

I guess Vi-Vi was trying to say that if Cruz couldn’t define strength, she wouldn’t be able to determine it either.

But it was all pointless false logic.

She was WAY weaker than the other real four Sub-Bosses.

Vi-Vi then turned and hugged onto Collette and Shiggy,

「You’re great, sthub-bossth!」

「ryaa ryaa」

「You two are so cute!」

Leah now looked quite lost,

「What? Hero…so she was a sub-boss, though?」

「No, that’s the truth.」


Leah looked at us with her jaw on the floor.

「But, keep it a secret, okay!」


Leah said, nodding, but still shocked.


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