Chapter 304

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Chapter 304 – Spirit Stones and Magic Tools

The next day, we ate breakfast and I noticed Yureena looking in my direction.

Shiggy was gobbling down her food quickly in front of me.

She was probably watching that, I guessed,

「Shiggy, you’re sooo cute. Here, have some of mine.」


Timi leaned over and gave Shiggy some of her own food.

「I think Shiggy’s eaten enough already.」

「Ah…I see.」

But Timi kept on feeding her.

As long as Shiggy kept on eating, Timi would keep feeding her.

I looked over and Yureena was still staring in my direction.

Maybe she wanted to feed Shiggy too?

As I thinking about it, Yureena said,

「Al, after you’re done, come with me.」

「Hm, to where?」

「The capital, my father’s company.」

Her family did own a huge trading company, after all.

It was massive.

「So that we can sell spirit stones?」



She had told her father that we were lovers, after all.

I was a little reluctant, but we had to sell those stones.

After we had cleaned up after breakfast, I took out the spirit stones and arranged them on the table.

They were left after we sent the greater spirits back to their realm.

A also took out the collars that were used to summon and control the spirits.

Also, I remembered the stones that were collected from the backs of those Jack Frosts.

I lined them all up together.

After that, the beasts all came in to take a look.

Shiggy started picking the stones up and rolling them.

「Shiggy, don’t play with them.」


Femm and Moofy put their snouts on the table and started sniffing at the stones.

The disciples also poked at them and looked them over.

「The stones sure are beautiful.」

「Yeah, have you ever seen magic stones?」

「Vi-Vi showed us the ones that she made.」

「I sthaw them too. They’re beautiful!」

「And you Steff?」

「I’ve seen them before.」

「I see. You should remember how they look different from magic stones.」


「I sthee!」

「Yes, master.」

And so the three peered over the stones, seriously.

Then Steff whispered,

「They are beautiful, but a bit scary when you realize they can be used to summon spirits like that.」

「I guess you can think of it that way…magic stones have the same scary power.」


「I know it’s a bit cliched to say so, but it depends on how you use them. Magic stones are a bit scarier because they are so much easier to use.」

As I was instructing them, Cruz looked at us and said,

「Are you sorting them all out?」

「Even if we don’t intend to sell them, we still need to see what they look like first.」

「I see.」

Then Cruz picked up one that was from a Jack Frost and looked it over.

「So, what was this, anyway?」

It was a stone that I guess powered and controlled a Jack Frost in this world.

I was going to inspect it closely later.

I had asked Vallimie and the others to inspect these and the magical tools as well.

There was still no real information about them, however.

We had so much to research that we probably had forgotten more than we learned.

Vi-Vi began explaining,

「This is a small magical tool. It’s core has a spirit stone embedded.」

「So with this, we can summon and use a Jack Frost in this world?」

Cruz asked, and Vi-Vi nodded deeply,

「Yeah, and as long as it’s embedded and the spirit stone has power, the spirit will remain in this world.」

「Convenient. Maybe we can put one on the spirit lord…」

「However, this tool was bonded to a magical control circle that controls the spirits.」

「So small too. Wow.」

「You’re right. It is impressive. It was made very well to control such huge spirits.」

Vi-Vi took the tool and looked it over in her hand again.

Then Cruz asked her,

「Control…so you think these tools told the spirits to continue making a massive blizzard?」

「No, but as long as the Jack Frosts exist, that’s what you’ll get. I think the command was just to cluster those Jack Frosts together.」

「There were a lot.」

「And this is why.」

Cruz then turned and smiled at Leah,

「So you made these, Leah?」

「…I don’t remember making them work like that.」

「I see. Still, that’s some work!」

「But…I don’t even know how they work together.」

「What do you mean?」

Leah spoke slowly, as if she was recalling something.

Magical tools and circles. She had the skill to make them if she wanted.

However, there was probably no remembrance of ever linking them together.

It wasn’t an un-doable feat, but she probably can’t remember ever being able to use the two together.

「But you made them, right?」

「Yes, and if I try to remember why, it still amazes me that I was able to.」

「Did the bad guy teach you?」

Not only did the guy probably teach her, but also erased her memory.

But she remembers being taught it, so that was enough.

「W…what do you mean?」

「You were hypnotized, so maybe it was so unexpected you can’t recall it?」

Cruz asked, and Luka said,

「I can’t say it’s impossible, but normally she could remember.」

「I see.」

Yeah, it was strange.

So the mystery deepened.


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