Chapter 305

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Chapter 305 – Leah, the Disciple

I was thinking the whole thing over, when Yureena yanked at my sleeve.

「What is it?」

「We have to get going to the meeting with Linmia Trading. I told them we’d be there on time.」

「You’re right.」

We still had enough time to get there on time. But I guess Yureena didn’t want to just hang around.

You never knew what would happen on the way.

I took the stones on the table and put them in my bag in order.

I counted to make sure I had them all, and noticed that there was some missing.

「Huh? I’m missing a few. Did any fall on the floor?」


「I didn’t hear anything fall.」

「You have to treat rare items like these more carefully, Al.」

They all said, and proceeded to help.

We couldn’t find them, though.

「Femm, Moofy. Can you smell them out?」

『Can’t smell them.』

Femm said, while sniffing the ground around us.

I then checked my pockets, just in case.


I noticed Moofy was just standing there.

I expected that the cow would be busily sniffing around like Femm.



Moofy was chewing on something.

「Moofy…no way…」


I pried open Moofy’s mouth.


And stones fell out of her mouth.

「Moofy. You really do put anything in your mouth, huh.」


Maybe she thought they tasted good.

I should have warned her not to eat them when I put them on the table.

「Moofy, you’re going to get sick.」


「Are you hungry, Moofy?」

Vi-Vi chided Moofy, while Collette offered her some snacks.

「Moo moo!」

And Moofy happily ate the snacks.

Meanwhile, I got ready to depart.

Since I was going to the capital, I had to put on my wolf mask.

「Wuff Wuff!」

「Moo mo!」

Femm and Moofy happily ran circles around me.

「Moofy, aren’t you going to Lindobal Forest?」

『No, I go with you.』

Moofy said in spirit speech.

「I see. Okay.」

「What?! Moofy, you’re not going with me?!」

Vi-Vi said, in a rather shocked and sad voice.

She was going there to be taught more about magic tools from Leah.

She had expected Moofy to go with her.


「Okay, suit yourself.」

I don’t know what the cow wanted, but oh well.

「Vi-Vi, take notes so you can teach me afterwards.」

「Sure. I’ll learn so much I can teach anyone!」

Good to hear.

She was a great magician already, so I had a lot to expect from her.

Just them Leah blurted out,


「What is it?」

「Vi-Vi, make me your disciple!」

「Huh? Why?」

Vi-Vi was surprised, but Leah continued.

Yesterday, she had taught Vi-Vi, Vallimie, Millet, and Collette about magical tools.

And by teaching, you also learn.

She had learned and was surprised by how advanced Vi-Vi’s magic was.

「So, please make me your disciple.」

「I think Al’s better at that than I am.」

「Al is a superior magician, but his magic is quite different from mine.」

Back to magical systems again.

Both Vi-Vi and Leah’s magical systems were common among devils. Or at least close.

「Instead of being my disciple, maybe you should be one to the person who taught me, my sister…」

「But I told her to ask YOU, Vi-Vi.」

Vallimie said while patting Vi-Vi’s head.

First, Leah had asked Vallimie.

But, Vallimie told her to ask Vi-Vi instead.


「I think you’re more of a magician.」

「That’s not true.」

「Don’t be humble.」

Vallimie then explained to Vi-Vi, who looked a bit lost,

「…”by teaching, you also learn.”」

「Okay, Leah, I’ll teach you what I can.」

「Thank you! I’ll do my best!」

And after that whole scene was over, I left for the capital.

Yureena, Femm, Moofy, Shiggy, and I.

And like usual, the beasts ate their fill from the maids at Cruz’ place.

As we were walking to Linmia Trading, I asked Yureena,

「So, how are we going to sell these stones?」

It was one thing to spread the word only among those in the know, and another to just have a shop show them off.

We could also just let the distributors know that they were up for sale.

「Just leave it to my dad.」

「Isn’t he a bit busy though?」

I wasn’t expecting that a busy owner like him would take charge of this personally.

There were a lot of high-ups in the company that could take care of it.

「I was going to get one of dad’s guys to sell them, but my dad said he’d do it.」

「I see…」

He was a trader, after all. Rare items like this probably made his heart beat a little faster.

And as we entered the company’s gates,

「Welcome home, Lady Yureena!」

They were all awaiting her entrance.


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