Chapter 308

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Chapter 308 – Back to Daily Guarding

After the father thought a bit, he gave an approximate price.

It was the same as a very expensive gem…actually more like three times one.

「This is far more than a normal tradesman could afford.」

「Which means?」

「From a tradesman’s perspective, I assumed a price appropriate for a customer purchasing these stones. And with the powers you’ve described, I assigned a price so that no customer will want to purchase them.」

「We appreciate it greatly.」

「No, I did this as a request from my future son!」

And with him saying that, Yureena happily laughed to herself.

On the other hand, Cruz looked quite upset.

I didn’t know why, but I decided not to think about it.

I then decided to reiterate my desire to Yureena’s father.

 「I am not intent on selling these in any way. However, if someone appears anxious to buy them, please inform me immediately.」

「Understood. I’ll act as your intermediary.」

「Father, thank you.」

「Yes, just leave it to me.」

And with that, I left him a small fragment of a stone to use as bait.

「I will use this.」

「Thank you again.」

And after that, we left Linmia Trading.

As we were departing, the mother called out to us.

「Son…please take this with you.」

「What is it?」

「A souvenir. Some snacks for the others to have as well.」

「Thank you very much.」

「Please care for our Yureena.」

As the parents saw us out, we quickly made our way back to Mulg.

And arriving there, I went back to work as a guard.

…just sitting at the gate.

「The weather is nice, but it’s still cold.」

Cruz said as she sat down beside me.

「Yeah, you taking the day off?」

「I am!」

She said, and then leaned onto me.

「With it being this cold, Femm and Moofy, come here!」



And so Femm and Moofy also sat close.

Then they squeezed up against Cruz and me.

「Thanks, Femm.」

Femm put its paw up on my leg.

My knee still hurt, and it was because of the cold.

So Femm was trying to warm it up for me.


Moofy then stuck her head between Cruz’ legs.

「Good girl…」

And Cruz reached down to hug Moofy’s head.

「Mooo mooo」

「You’re so warm.」

Moofy was quite happy, as Cruz petted her.


Then Shiggy stuck her head out of my pouch.

She somehow knew when all the other beasts were near.

「You’ll be warmer inside, Shiggy.」


But Shiggy squirmed out instead.

She got on top of Femm, and rubbed Femm while lying on Femm’s fur.

「If you get cold, get back in, okay?」


While all this was going on, I asked Femm,

「So, are the wolf cubs okay?」


Shiggy heard the words cubs and responded quickly.

She looked around for them.

She always played with them, after all. They were her friends.

『They’re fine.』

「I haven’t seen them lately…」

『It’s winter. They don’t really come out until it gets warm.』

「I see.」

『They’re probably playing inside the wolf house as we speak.』

It was quite a large shack, as Vi-Vi had made a space making circle for the place.

It was also warm, and the cold wind couldn’t get in. Perfect place for them.

「Well, I’m glad to hear that.」

『It’s such a perfect place, there’s no need to go out unless for hunting.』

「What about walks?」

『I told them not to mess around outside.』

I guess wolves saw walking as messing around.

It was for them to mark and protect their territory, I assumed.

「I see.」

Just then, four wolves peeked their heads out of the shack.

They saw Femm, and ran over to us.

「Wuff」「Waff wuff!」

They then jumped on me and Cruz and licked our faces.


「Glad to see you’re all healthy.」

「ryaa ryaa ryaaa」

We all petted them, even Shiggy.

After a bit, they were all satisfied, so they ran off.

「On patrol now?」

『It’s important to protect territory. We have to do it twice a day.』

「How about hunting?」

『Hard during the winter…』

「Well tell me if you need help. We still have meat stored up.」

『Thanks. If they know how much we have, they’ll get lazy.』

「I see.」

I guess being in Femm’s position puts a lot on your mind.

It became evening, and the wind began to chill everyone.

I was going to leave my guard, when,

「Old man!」

「Mister Al, thank you.」

「We’re back from the forest, master.」

All three had returned from Lindobal forest.

They had ventured there to learn about magic tools from Leah.

「Welcom…huh? Where’s Vi-Vi and the others?」

「They said they’d be back after caring for Rai and the others.」

I guess they’d stick around until Vallimie’s lion Rai and dragon Doby were cared for.

「We should invite those two over here sometime soon.」


And with that over, I returned home from guarding.


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