Chapter 309

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Chapter 309 – Spirit Stone Buyer

It was about a week after Linmia Trading put the stones on sale for us.

Yureena came home later than usual.

It seems she had gotten a notification from the company when she was finishing up her work at the church.

Cruz and Luka came home late that night too.

After everyone was together, Yureena said,

「Al, seems a buyer finally showed up.」

「Someone who said they can match that price.」

「Of course, the person wanted to haggle the price, but they obviously wanted to buy it.」

She said, and then walked over the the fireplace,

「It’s quite cold today.」

Cruz was already standing there, and moved over to let Yureena have some heat,

「Was the person an alchemist?」

「Nope. A trader.」

「Really? Even if one buys it, they can’t make a profit off selling it to anyone.」

Cruz was right, unless Yureena’s father had lowered the price.

The fact no one could make money of reselling meant that it was too expensive even for a collector to afford.

Then Cruz and Yureena sat down beside each other.

Moofy was lying there as well, and put her snout on Yureena’s leg.

Maybe a way of greeting her as she came back home.

「This means…that tradesman’s found a buyer already.」

「I hope not….」

「Then just get him to spill the beans about who wants to buy it!!」

Cruz said with a smile.

Luka was sitting beside me at the table and looked at Cruz, a bit miffed,

「That’s going to be hard.」


「Because if he does, then why wouldn’t the buyer just negotiate directly with you?」

「I guess you’re right.」

Cruz turned to pet Femm.

All of the beasts were around the fireplace.

「But, after negotiation, then maybe?」

Luka said.

「After negotiation?」

「If we can offer the same amount of money to the tradesman in lieu of the purchase of the stones…」

Yureena waved it away, saying, 

「That’s going to be hard too.」


Moofy looked confused as well.

「Trust is important to a tradesman, he’s not going to just reveal his client.」

「I see…」

A tradesman that doesn’t keep his trap shut doesn’t get clients.

「So we need something other than just money.」

「Mooff mofff」

Moofy was chewing on Yureena’s extended hand now.

「Maybe, for now, let’s just meet the tradesman in question.」

「He’s coming to Linmia Trading tomorrow, so let’s go together.」


So there was something I had to say again before we left tomorrow.

「Femm, Moofy.」



「If you two come tomorrow, they’re going to know that Cruz is involved.」


「So stay and watch the village tomorrow.」

『Guess we have to.』

「Moo mo!」

Seems like Femm understood, but Moofy didn’t.

Moofy turned to come over to where I was sitting.

「Sorry, Moofy.」


I apologized to her, and it seems that she finally understood.

The next day, after breakfast, I left with Yureena to the capital.

We discussed what would happen when we arrived at Cruz’ palace.

「We won’t stand out as much with Femm and Moofy here, but…」

「You’re going to stand out, A LOT, Al.」

And the wolf mask I wore before would stand out as well.

「Maybe I could wear that wolf mask again?」

「Well, I think anyone would know you’re with Cruz since everyone’s seen you together with it on.」

「Dang…guess I’ll just hide deep inside my hood then.」

So I put the hood over my head and we went to Linmia Trading.

As we entered, Yureena’s father called out to us,

「Welcome, my son!」

It seems he had come to greet us.

After speaking to him, I heard about the tradesman looking to buy the stones.

「Someone I can trust. He’s built many trading firms all around the kingdom at quite a pace.」

「I see. A hard worker?」

「…let me just say, he’s a dependable man.」

If Yureena’s father said so, then I guess there was no need to worry.

We sat in the waiting room and another trader came walking in.

He was a young man with a calm smile.

Not too tacky, but you could tell he was wearing well-made clothes.

「Please, sit here.」

Yureena’s father sat him directly across from us.

Yureena’s father and Yureena sat to the side.

I guess this is the way negotiations go down in the business world.

It was clear that Linmia was taking the place of intermediary in this exchange.

And Yureena sat with her father, as if she was known to be party with the one negotiating, it would be clear that Cruz was involved in the sale as well.

「I’ve heard that you have some spirit stones for sale. Please, I’d like to buy them.」

「They’re very expensive. Are you sure that you can afford them?」

I didn’t have my mask on, but I’m sure I looked even stranger with the hood over my face.

I was worried that I would be found out, but it was a meaningless fear.

The guy didn’t recognize me at all.

「Of course, I can purchase them all.」

「All of them at once?」

「If I couldn’t, I wouldn’t arrange for this sale.」

Then the guy smiled.

Perhaps he said so simply to drag me here and see what I had.

Either way, the negotiation would continue,

「That may be so.」


「Well, how much were you expecting to purchase?」

「Whatever you have.」

「Is this a joke?」

He smiled at me, and said,

「There’s no joke. Why would you think there is?」

「Because of the high price.」

「I buy whatever’s necessary, regardless of price.」

「Excuse me for asking, but how much do you have?」

Then Yureena cut in and said,

「I think it’s obvious that the seller here is a bit concerned that it might be a bit…too high a price for some.」

She said with a smile, but a bit coldly.

「Please, be at ease. Let me introduce myself. I am Tokul Tolf.」


I remembered that name instantly.

「It’s because I am the inheritor of the great Tolf Trading empire. Please, be assured I have the assets to make the purchase.」

「The inheritor of the Tolf empire?」

「Exactly. Nothing as prodigious as the Linmia name, of course, but my company is quite large.」

Then he explained a bit about his company.

I already knew quite a bit about it, however.

I had visited the trader back in the summer from Mulg village, after all.


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