Chapter 310

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Chapter 310 – Negotiations

Then I asked Tokul Tolf directly,

「Ah, that company. Yes, I know of it.」

「You do?」

「Oh, yes.」

「Then I can trust you know my word is good?」

If I was exchanging with them, I could trust the money was there.

But for this much money to change hands, I wonder why such a youngster was sent here.

Even as education for the kid inheriting the company…there was still the risk of losing the sale.

It might be that the kid took it on his own to come out here.

Even so, I didn’t make it seem like I was considering this.

「Well, then I am at ease.」

「Thank you for your trust.」

He smiled again.

「I guess then I CAN make the sale.」

Saying this, I took a grain-sized stone and placed it on the table.

He reached out to take it, but I covered the stone with my hand.

「Until we have an agreement, I’d like you to refrain from touching it. It’s very precious and small, after all.」

「I see. I understand your concerns.」

「And with this small amount, would you pay this much?」

I gave the amount near the price of a small mansion.

It was three times the price of the amount that the father had quoted.

Tokul sat back and laughed.

「Hah hah hah, now who’s joking?」

Even so, I sensed that his laugh was forced.

So I said, seriously,

「No, there’s no joking. This much, for that price.」

Tokul looked over at the Linmias for help…perhaps.

「But, from what you said, Mister Linmia…」

The price was quite different, it seems.

「It’s because I have quite a bit of knowledge of magic that I’ve set this price…」


The price had changed so much, that now Tokul looked quite flummoxed. 

「There’s the possibility that many magicians could use such stones as these to cause quite dangerous…circumstances.」

「Really? However…」

I could see Tokul’s eyes were saying,「Why would he raise the price this much, now?」

「If I don’t know your buyer and how he or she may use it, I can only offer this small amount and at that high price.」

「I understand that, but the price…」

「I can trust your company, but I can’t trust the one you might sell it to. If I’m not able to trust them, then you see why I would raise the price?」

I said such, but it’s true the amount was far too high.

However, because of how dangerous I said it was, Tokul seemed to understand,


Tokul was thinking it over. This price was far too high to make a quick decision.

Of course he had to mull over the price.

「If I could just know who was purchasing it, or how it might be used…」

I said as I lined up more stones on the table.

These weren’t as small as a grain.

Some were as large as a man’s fist.

「How much would you charge for all of these?」

I returned the price to the amount Yureena’s father was using.

It wasn’t a discount either. It was the high price he originally offered.

Even so, it was one-third the price I had used with the very small stone.

I let him think it over for a bit.

Also, the stones were quite entrancing.

They looked like very expensive gems. And there were many.

I knew that Tokul was becoming anxious to buy these as quickly as he could.

「However, I have a contract with the buyer to consider…」

I’m very sure there was a non-disclosure clause in that contract as well.

So another push was necessary,

「I’ve also found a way to create these stones.」

「What? Are you speaking the truth?」

Tokul leaned in, over the table.


「Is it alchemy? Or magic?!」


I smiled as Tokul sat back in his chair again.

「Well,  I see.」

「If it’s a purchaser I can trust, I could work with him, however…」

「But the contract…」

「Trust in this case is important to me as well.」

I said, and sat looking at Tokul’s face.

「Since this may involve long term negotiations, don’t you think it’s better that I meet the person before we engage in it?」


Tokul was now deep in thought.

After a scratch of the head, he said,

「Let me return and I will see.」

「Sure. I hope for a good answer.」

I said with a smile, and then returned the stones to the bag.

I made sure that every one was counted correctly, so that I missed none.

Tokul was looking very intently at that bag of stones I carried.

And after a handshake, he returned home.

Yureena and her father both saw him off.

And as they returned,

「Son, I’ve made light of your skill.」

「How so?」

「I know that you are an accomplished magician and adventurer, but to be such a killer businessman…」

「…I don’t know what to say…」

「No words, no words, it was fine business! I thought that I could help you out in this, but it turns out you need no help at all!」

He giggled to himself and looked to be in excellent mood.

「I can leave this company to you now!」

He said, jokingly with a slap on the back, but still smiling from ear to ear.


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