Chapter 311

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Chapter 311 – Regarding Tokul Tolf

I couldn’t just deny him, even if it was a joke, so I laughed along.

Then Yureena’s mother came in.

She had left during the negotiations.

「I heard you…so about giving him the company…」

「No, that was a joke.」

「Oh, is that so?」

Seems like she had only heard half the story.

「Well, you’re still welcome here any time…okay?」

「Hah hah hah」

She seemed to be really pushing this marriage thing.

I looked over to Yureena, hoping she’d help me out, but she just stood there with blushed cheeks.

Cruz and Moofy weren’t there either.

I guess I just had to change the subject myself,

「So, about that Tokul Tolf…」

「Was there a problem?」

「No…more like a doubt…」

「I see. In what way do you mean?」

「He said he was to inherit the company…is he really going to?」

「Toril Tolf has quite a few children. However, Tokul’s the only adult for now.」

If that’s the case, then it’s probably true that he was assigned to take the reigns of the company.

Tokul’s father Toril was the owner of Tolf Trading.

I had met him during summer in a large town near Mulg.

Even though it was close to Mulg, it wasn’t in Cruz’ realm.

We had met him in the branch office when we brought meat to be sold at the market.

After that, we also met him when buying things in the capital as well.

I knew that I could trust Toril, but I didn’t know the same about Tokul.

「I see that he could probably inherit, but what’s his role in the company now?」

Normally someone would state their role in the company if they were going to use the company’s name.

That’s why I didn’t trust that Tokul would inherit the company.

「You noticed too? He’s just an employee there.」

「I see.」

That’s why I was questioning whether he had that much money he could move around.

「Sounds fishy!」

「I understand why you might think so, Yureena, but his father did send a note to welcome him.」

「Then father, why did spend the time introducing him to us? We’re busy too.」

「Sorry, Yureena.」

He apologized to us, but then the mother said,

「But there’s no one else interested…we don’t have a choice, right?」

「I think that’s a good assessment.」

「But your father wanted to see how he would react as well.」


「It’s important that he’d do so as a businessman, right?」

「I guess you’re right, mother.」

I had no idea what she understood from that, but she understood something.

With that conversation over, we went back to the business at hand.

「Would it be too much to ask to negotiate directly with Mr. Toril Tolf?」

「If you say you’re concerned about the ability to pay, I suppose I could contact him with that as an excuse…」

「Even so, I know the fellow already, so maybe, if you ask…」

「I see. Then it’s no problem.」

After getting the okay from the father, I knew there’d be no problem contacting him directly.

I guess we had taken a step forward.

After that, I chatted with the family for a bit.

Shiggy ate some snacks and was very happy.

They invited me for lunch as well, but I turned them down as I had to return home.

I had left Femm waiting.

We bought some souvenirs and returned to the village.

And just like usual, Femm was outside the storage shack, waiting.

「Thanks for waiting, Femm.」

And we both petted the waiting wolf.

「It’s so quiet.」

「Well, Vi-Vi, Moofy, the disciples, they’re all at Lindobal Forest.」

「Oh yeah…」

「Femm! Lunch Time!」


Millet was gone, so I’d have to make it myself.

I went in the house and got food ready.

「Ah, Millet prepared lunch already.」

「She really is some gal.」

There were lunch boxes for Yureena and I sitting there.

After that, I went back to my post, and Yureena sat next to me.

「Yureena, I have something to ask…are you off today?」


「I see…sorry for taking your time on a day off.」

「Don’t worry about it.」

As she said that, she reached over and hugged Femm.

We all talked while sitting outside until the evening.

Everyone came home, we ate dinner, and I said to Cruz,

「Have you been to Tolf Trading, Cruz?」

「Sure…there’s a branch near my realm.」

「I see. Would you mind going there with me?」

「Sure. Let’s go tomorrow.」

She answered so quickly, it felt a little strange.

I thought with her having her own realm, she’d be a bit busier.

「Sure. I’m ready to go anytime!」

「Just like you, Cruz.」

「Eheh heh」

She was a good ruler, though.

「Since all the hero work’s been getting light, I have a lot more time to do stuff now.」



So Luka explained,

「With you being a ruler though, it’s hard to just ask for help, you know.」


「And, we figure that with some of those corrupt assistants of yours, you had to do a lot yourself.」

Seems like everyone knew that Cruz was running around trying to fix her own realm daily.


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