Chapter 312

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Chapter 312 – Going to Tolf Trading

The next day, Cruz and I headed off to Tolf Trading, in the capital.

Just like usual, I had my wolf mask on.

「I should hide my face too.」

And Cruz put her lion mask on.

「ryaa ryaa」

「Moo moo!」

Shiggy and Moofy looked excited to see the masks.

「No, don’t hide who you are, Cruz. Better that you didn’t.」

Better to negotiate with a high-up noble at your side.

There was no reason for her to hide her identity.

「Oh, I guess not. Too bad…」



Cruz, Shiggy, and Moofy looked sad.

After getting prepared, Cruz and I went to Tolf Trading.

This time it was with Femm, Moofy, and Shiggy as well.

「Moo moo」

Moofy happily walked beside Cruz.

Femm quietly walked beside me.

Yureena wasn’t with us today.

They’d know that she was the daughter of the Linmia Trader chief.

Tokul would sense something was up.

After all, when I saw the guy at Linmia Trading, I didn’t introduce myself.

And I had not mask on, so with it on now, the fellow wouldn’t notice me.

「Yureena should have come with us…」

「Yes, but if she did, our motives might be found out.」

「Well, she’s well known to be in my party…so what would be found out?」

「I just think there’s a higher chance that I’d be doubted.」

However, there’s no proof that the kid might think Cruz was just there because of the spirit stones.

If the kid was acting rashly, that means he might have been trying to buy the stones on his own.

There’s no doubt that the kid might be covering up that he made a contract with someone using the company name.

But if it was under the directives of the company, then there’d be no problem.

Cruz jumped on Moofy as we went down the street.

「Miss Hero, good morning.」


「Miss Hero, that’s a cute cow…」


People I didn’t know were greeting her left and right as she walked down the street.

She was super popular.

Of course, no one tried to talk to the guy with the wolf mask.

They just thought I was one of her helpers or something.

And after a while, we arrived at Tolf Trading.

「Okay, let’s go.」

「Moo moo」

We all went in, with Cruz still riding Moofy.

「Ah, Miss Marquis! What brings you to our humble establishment today?」

A guy that looked like a higher-up ran up to Cruz.

Probably the person running the store today.

He knew Cruz by her looks, so she was probably a regular customer.

She got off Moofy and said,

「Yeah, sorry for just showing up.」

「No, we’re happy to have the marquis with us. In fact, all of us are!」

「Thank you. Is Mr. Tolf in today?」

「I apologize, but he’s busy right now…」

「I see. Too bad. When will he be back?」

「Soon, I think. Please take a seat inside.」

「May I?」

Cruz asked, and the man bowed deeply.


「Well, then I’ll wait inside.」

「Thank you very much!」

So he showed us inside.

「Moo moo!」

Moofy and Femm followed us.

Moofy was quite happy, but Femm was serious as usual.

No need for a large carnivore to stand out.

We came into the waiting room.

The worker brought us tea and snacks in quick.

I think the place was basically ready for someone like us to come in.

「Do you need to go back to your work? You’ve shown us in.」

「No no, I as the one in charge have nothing to do but to wait on you…at least, as long as nothing happens out on the floor.」

「That’s nice, but…」

「I’m someone with a lot of free time on their hands, finally…」

The man joked, and smiled.

We spoke a bit, and Shiggy moved inside my pouch.

She probably wanted to see what was going on.

The fellow pretended not to see, but then said,

「The marquis has brought a child in too? I promise to keep it a secret…」

But then Shiggy popped her head out.


「Ah, well that’s a bit different, but I still promise not to say anything. Even so, it’s so cute.」

「She is, isn’t she?」

Cruz said happily, and pet Shiggy while offering it some candy.

I gave some to Moofy and Femm too.

After a bit, there was a knock on the door.



And Shiggy burrowed back into the pouch.

After that, Tokul came in the room.

「It’s my pleasure to meet you for the first time, marquis! I am Tokul Tolf…the son of Toril.」

「The son of Toril…we’re very grateful for all the help he’s given us.」

Then Cruz smiled.

I didn’t wear the wolf mask the first time I met the fellow.

I made sure, though, not to say anything, in case he’d recognize my voice.

The two exchange pleasantries until it was obvious we were there for the father, so Tokul quickly left.

After a bit, I asked the worker,

「So what kind of work does that Tokul do?」

「He’s learning his way around, so basically anything he can do.」

「Basically anything…like miscellaneous things?」

「Yes. He’s only the lowest rung of the ladder now.」

Then Cruz asked,

「So, will he take over the company?」

「Very possible. However, since he’s just beginning, he still has a lot to learn.」

「I see…」

And with that being said, finally, Toril Tolf came into the room.


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