Chapter 313

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Chapter 313 – Speaking to Toril Tolf

He came in with a satisfied smile.

「I’m sorry to keep you waiting, marquis!」

「No problem, we’re sorry for being the ones to take up your time.」

Tolf vigorously shook his head.

「No, it is my pleasure to serve you at any time you desire.」

「Thank you. It helps to hear you say that.」

「I’m sorry I couldn’t say more!」

Then he looked over at me.

He already knew that I was Viscount Alfred Lint and that I had asked to keep my identity secret.

However, I now had the wolf mask on…maybe he didn’t know.

「Thank you. You may go now.」

He dismissed the worker back to the company floor.

「Certainly. Marquis, it was a pleasure to meet you.」


Cruz put her hand out to shake the fellow’s hand.

He shook it, almost seeming to tear up in the process.

He bowed again and again, and then left.

With the fellow gone, Tolf turned to me.

「Sorry if I’m wrong, but how are YOU, Viscount Lint?」

「I thought you might know.」

I took off the mask and put it on the table.

Then I bowed to him.

「Thank you for all you’ve done.」

「What? I just gave you a good sale.」

He had bought Mulg’s…or rather Moofy’s meat at a good price.

We also bought a lot of goods for Mulg at a discount.

The last time I saw him was just before I started to pretend I was Yureena’s love.


Shiggy now sprung out of my pouch again.

She was very interested in that mask I had.

「Oh, and you’ve brought the Duchess Sighisoara as well?」


She had my mask in both hands as she looked at Tolf, confused.

Toril had already introduced himself to Shiggy before.

「Thank you for coming!」


Shiggy and Toril bowed to each other.

Then he turned back to Cruz and I with a smile,

「Mistress Timisoara has been back here many times.」


「She’s a very wonderful customer.」

She always had snacks when we visited Shiggy’s palace, after all.

And the candy and snacks were very good.

I assumed that these might have all been Tolf’s after all.

Then, Toril said to Cruz,

「Marquis, are you here to talk about the branch office?」

「I do have something about that, but…this time is for different reasons.」

「Mmmffm mff」

Cruz glanced at me.

Suddenly, Moofy started chewing on Cruz’ hand.

It was the usual. 

So I ignored it and began speaking.

「We’re here to continue the process of selling the spirit stones.」

「…spirit stones?」

「You know of them?」

「Yes…they’re different from magic crystals, right?」

So I placed them on the table.

「Please, see what you think. There’s nothing wrong with them.」

「Then…excuse me…」

So, Toril started looking them over seriously.

He looked almost the same as Yureena’s father.

I guess all traders have that same look when it comes to new goods.

After a bit, he said,

「They are extremely beautiful stones, but…」

「They can’t ever be cut gems.」

「Yes, I think that too. Gems have their own value.」


I placed another smaller stone on the table.

「Well, the price we put on this stone…」

I opened a paper with the price written on it.


Toril was at a loss for words.

「Are you surprised?」

「Excuse me but yes, I guess I am.」

I explained quickly the danger of these stones falling into the wrong hands.

「I see now why they are so expensive.」

「Also, do you think you’d want to buy these from us?」

「And please be honest.」

Cruz injected, with a smile.

「…well, I’m sorry to say…」

「I knew it!」

「I thought he wouldn’t either!」


Moofy was still chewing on her hand.

And Femm…was sitting.

Shiggy was still playing in the pouch.

Toril looked at Shiggy, and then said,

「You’re not looking for a buyer for these…are you?」

「Well, we’re looking for someone who’s offering to buy them.」

「So why come to me?」

「Because someone from your firm has said they’d like to buy them.」


He was again at a loss for words.

「…are you sure?」

「To be honest, they were buying them for another buyer, but they couldn’t tell us who that was.」

「So that makes us the ones that would sell them to your firm…」

「I see…you’re right….」

「And with that in mind, we’d like to make sure that your firm REALLY was intending on paying the price to purchase them.」

And with Cruz saying that, Toril’s face furrowed, and he asked,

「Who was it that wanted to buy them?」

「Tokul Tolf.」

「My son…」

He seemed to jump back a bit as he realized the fact.


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