Chapter 314

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Chapter 314 – Tolf One and Two

I looked carefully at the elder Tolf.

He was thoroughly surprised…and pissed.

「So you didn’t know about the transaction after all…」

「…my apologies. I have no excuse…」

「We know. So that means there’s no contract.」

「Thank you.」

He said, and I could already see his forehead was covered in sweat.

「I have no idea why my son would commit to such illicit behavior.」

「He might have just been trying to impress you.」

「It happens a lot when you’re young…」

Cruz said, even though she’s younger than him.

「Let me scold the boy and find why HE’S DONE THIS TO ME!」

「No no…wait a second.」

「What is it?」

I explained my strategy to Tolf.

First, we had to find out who the young Tolf was buying for.

That’s why we had to wait until we found out more until the old man went after him.

At least that’s what I explained.

「Why do you need to know the buyer?」


Cruz began to explain.

About the Jack Frost occurrences.

And the fact that there was probably a bad guy wanting more stones to do more damage.

「That’s why we’re using these as bait to get information about who it is.」

The old man then looked at us seriously,



「My son is a fool, but a very important fool.」

「Yes…I guess so.」

「Do you think this strategy of yours will put my son in danger?」

「I don’t think…not particularly.」

The old man stared at me.

「This bad guy is the buyer, correct? He may not be in a position to injure anyone.」

I mean, his son was only a low-level worker, as of now.

He was chosen just because he was in a good position as son.

The son might not be in any danger, as he was just the intermediary.

「But you do want to know who this fellow is, right?」

「We do.」

「And you told my son you’d lower the price if you could get info?」

For the old man to say that, it seems he could already read my plan.

「I see…」

「Yes. With that said, I’m assuming that the buy also knows that the seller is looking for his information as well.」

「Yeah, that does make it more dangerous.」

Cruz nodded as well.

They knew we were looking for him.

And the one with the information was the son, Tokul.

「Best that we keep our mouths shut.」

There were several other ways. The son wasn’t an essential role in the whole thing.

Better to keep him out of danger.

However, if we were going to keep quiet about it, then the other ways might prove dangerous as well.

「I’m sorry for not taking more.」

「Yeah, we’re sorry.」

Cruz and I both bowed to him.

「Please, no need. It was my son that started all this.」

「Even so, there might be some danger to your son.」

「I know. Al, I think we should stop with this path of inquiry.」

「Yeah. Maybe not a stop, but a change.」

「A change?」

「In other words, perhaps I should act as a guard for your son.」

With a guard, all danger to his son would disappear.

If he made an exchange with the bad guy, I might be able to catch him.

「I see.」

「At least would you talk to him about it? I think the bad guy’s already in contact with him.」

You never knew when the bad guy might try to “shut up” the son.

We had to move quickly.

「I see. Let me call him.」

Then, the elder Tolf left the room.

He and his son then entered the room.

「Sorry for making you wait.」


The kid squeaked a bit after seeing me with my mask off.

Then Cruz smiled at him and said,

「Tokul…sit down. We have something to tell you.」

「Ah, excuse me…um…」

「What is it?」

「That man…」

He was going to ask something, but the father told him,

「This is Viscount Alfred Lint.」


It seems that the son already knew my name.

「Nice to see you again, Tokul.」

And saying this, I began speaking about what really was happening,

「Tokul, who were you going to sell these to. Tell me how they said they could give you the money?」

「…but that, affects the company’s trust…」

「You idiot! What trust?!」

The father was red with rage.

Then the son quickly tried to explain everything,

「But dad, trust is important…you always told me…」

「I never gave you permission to offer the company’s money did I? Answer me!」


「You were going to pay using MY GOOD NAME, so there’s no need to talk about trust. What you did was FRAUD!」

「F…fraud? I didn’t mean to…」

「Who cares what you meant to do!」

The son was about to cry.

So I sat back and watched the fireworks for a bit.


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