Chapter 319

Translator: Ranzan

Chapter 319 – Something Like Negotiations

I quickly spoke to Cruz in spirit speech,

『Let’s go!』


『Leave the back to me!』

『Moo mooo!』


Just then, Moofy slammed headfirst into the door.

The door exploded into splinters as she flew in, with me behind.

I was inside.


「What the?!」

The fellow said, as I already had him bound up magically.

Cruz had broken through the window and was now holding the other person.

She also still had her lion mask on.

On the other hand, Tokul was standing there with a blank look on his face.

「Tokul, are you hurt?」





Moofy nudged Tokul in the back.

「Ah, yes…I’m fine.」

He finally came to his senses.

「Glad to hear it.」

「So who are these guys?」

「They look to me just like tradesmen.」

They were so shocked by our entry, they had no time to move.

We didn’t look like tradesmen, but we didn’t look like adventurers either.

「Who are you two!」

「Well, I guess you don’t know I am!」

The other fellow tried to move, and Cruz squeezed his arm strongly.


The fellow screamed in pain.

I now noticed that Cruz was holding the old man, which meant that I was holding the mystery fellow.

He was the one that shouted that Tokul had betrayed him, and that he was going to kill Tokul.

「You bastards…why did you get involved?」

The man I was holding said in a spiteful tone.

His face was quite scary.

He didn’t looked so much like a tradesman as someone that was involved in crime.

「It’s hard to ask you questions like this, so we’ll sit you down in a seat.」


So Cruz and I sat them down and I bound them with magic.

「Okay, let’s hear your names.」

「We’re not telling you!」

「You’ll never find out!」

Now that they weren’t in pain, they were a bit more aggressive.

The mystery man glared at me and said,

「Who are you bastards? If you let me go, I won’t harm you.」

「Seems like you don’t know who’s stronger here.」

「Heh, you’re the one that doesn’t know.」

I guess this guy thought he was a hot shot.

「We do know that you’re up to no good.」

「You’re the ones in the wrong here. I could tell by that old man’s look on his face something was up!」

「Don’t mock me!」

The old man shouted back, but I ignored them both.

「Why is it that you think WE’RE doing something bad?」

「This innocent looking shack has multiple castings of magic on it. You’d need some skill and there’d have to be a reason to meet here.」

「Well, I guess there is magic on this place…」

「Mo moo」

Cruz and Moofy both spoke out, but the guy continued speaking,

「Well, we’re a gang, so you can beat some of us this time, but you think you can go against our gang over and over?」


「Oh, scaaaary.」

Tokul looked like he was about to pee himself.

On the other hand, Cruz said ‘scary’ but anyone could tell she didn’t mean it.

And they understood that too.

「Don’t laugh at our gang!」

「Well, I think everything you’re saying is bluff.」


「I think the whole thing about Tokul being a traitor and you killing him was a trick too.」


The guy who threatened Tokul clicked his tongue.

I guess I was right.

The other fat guy then suddenly yelled,

「We’re in the Negly family, after all!」

「T…the Negly family?」

「Thanks for the introduction.」

I knew about that gang. They were a large illegal outfit.

Tokul knew them too and was looking even more scared.

He had rushed to make a deal with an illegal group.

And he was getting a taste of his own medicine.

The Negly group extorted, killed, and sold illegal goods.

They were known to do a lot of dirty, underground things.

There were even rumors that they had forced bribes from the nobles and the like…but only rumors.

Cruz then responded,

「I see…well, we know your last names are Negly…but what are your first names?」

「No, not that type of family!」

I don’t think she was trying to piss them off, she just really didn’t know.

So I explained,

「No, they’re all just in one gang.」


It was best that she, since she was a ruler, should know who these people were.

I’d have to explain a little more later.

「You bastards think you can pick a fight with the Neglys and get away with it?」

「And you think you’re getting back to their hideout to tell them about it?」

If we ended them here, they’d never get back. That’s what I meant. The shady guy looked at me and said,

「You think we two just came here alone?」

「Heh heh, our guys are running back to base to tell the boss right now!」

The older guy said, getting a little cocky,


Tokul squealed in fear.

「Even if you chase them, you’re too late!」

「So let us go before you really get in trouble! We’ll spare your lives if you let us go!」

The shady fellow said, happily laughing.

Cruz looked confused,

「Do you idiots even know who we are?」



Femm showed up, breaking through the back entrance, now original size.

Femm’s mouth was around two unconscious fellows, who hung like dolls from the wolf’s maw.

「N…no way!」

「You now have two choices. Tell us the truth, or die here.」

After saying that, I saw the two men’s faces turn pale.


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