Chapter 320

Translator: Ranzan

Chapter 320 – The Neglys

The shady fellow immediately said,

「Heh, you can’t threaten us.」

「Yeah, it’s pointless.」

Even though they said so, anyone could tell by the look on their faces that they were terrified.

Just one more push…



Femm barked at them with just a little magical power mixed in.



The fat older man passed out. He clearly pissed himself.

The shady guy simply swallowed, but he didn’t pass out.

And next to us Tokul…passed out.

「Get up.」

I said, while giving Tokul a light slap to the face. He quickly came back to his senses.

Femm’s bark didn’t hit him directly, but it was still enough.


「Don’t sweat it.」

I put gags on the other two guys that had passed out.

Then I put blindfolds on all four of them.

『Cruz, take these two to the other room.』

『The two that Femm brought in?』


She quickly carried the two fellows away on her shoulders.

「W…what are you going to do with us?」

The shady guy asked, and I could tell he was nervous.

But I wasn’t going to answer him.

Instead, I used spirit speech to the others.

『Threaten him a bit.』


『What are you going to do?』


I took out some meat on a bone that I was saving from the hunt and put it in front of Femm.

『Make some noise with this, okay?』

『Can I? I was a little hungry.』


So Femm tore the meat up and made a lot of noise.

「Go ahead and eat ‘em up, Femm.」


And Femm proceeded to tear the meat up, breaking the bones as well.

Femm made a lot more sound than necessary to rip the meat to shreds.

I heard that it wasn’t good to give a dog a bone, but this was a wolf that could tear anything to shreds.


Femm tearing the meat up filled the whole room.

「T….there’s no way…you…」

「If Femm eats you, there’s not much evidence left. And Femm can eat a lot.」


And so the fellow thought that Femm was eating the other two fellows…the shady fellow began to shake.


「Tastes good? You do look hungry.」


「What? Not enough?」


「Wait a sec, Femm.」

Femm was a very good actor. Sounded hungry.

「Maybe you should give Femm some more to eat?」

「Yeah, but, we still need to hear from these two what they’re doing.」

「You don’t need to, we’ll figure it out afterwards ourselves.」

「Yeah, maybe you’re right…」

Cruz then kicked the shady guy in the leg lightly,

「This guy’s got such a mouth, I’d feed him to Femm first.」


「After him, we’ve got two others left.」

While we were talking this over, Moofy sniffed away at the shady fellow.

「Sniff sniff sniff」

The guy didn’t know if it was Moofy or Femm sniffing at him.

「Not yet, Femm.」


Femm whined a bit, sounding unhappy.

「Just let Femm eat! Femm looks hungry and it’s bad to make the wolf wait to eat!」

Cruz said, saying something quite frightening, but in a tender voice. Then,

「Ah, wait! Just tear off a leg and maybe this guy will confess from the pain, right?」

Cruz’ imagination was entering a dark place. Even if it was just an act.

Tokul jumped back in fear.

「Ah, wait. We have time to choose. Let’s see who Femm wants to eat.」

And saying this, I went over to the shady guy and spoke in his ear.

「Do you have something to tell us that would make you less interesting to my wolf?」


「I know, but Femm could choose anyone. You, someone else. But if you tell us something, Femm might choose someone else.」

「Ah, thank you!」

So then the shady guy quickly answered our questions.

He was one leader of the Negly gang.

His name was Bill, and the middle-aged guy was Dag.

Another leader in the Negly gang had asked for the stones to be bought, he said.

「Who are you talking about?」

「A guy that’s covering a new town in the old Demon Lord’s territory. He made the request.」

「And why does he want them?」

「No idea. Other leaders don’t ask about each other’s business.」

「You can’t even guess?」

I asked, and Bill thought a but.

「It’s hard to get the stones…even in a gang. That’s why we were asked to find a seller.」

「So there’s a buyer ready to buy from you?」

「That’s all I can estimate.」

So I asked about the race, sex, and age of the other Negly chief.

And Bill filled us in about that too.

The Negly Gang had a home base in the capital.

Also, the chief of the new town in the old Demon Lord’s village had gotten rich quickly.

It was a direct request from him. So the boss of the Negly Gang put Bill in charge.

「So why are you in charge?」

「Because I was the one that finagled the son of Tolf Trading.」

「I see.」

So it seemed that using Tokul to find the stones was his strategy in the first place.

So I asked in spirit speech,

『Anything else to ask?』

『Not now. We need to get the other chief though.』

『So we’re off to the old Demon Lord’s land again. Sounds fun.』

『Al, what do we do with him?』

『Just leave that to me.』

『You got it.』

So I took off the blindfold.

「Thanks for the info, you may go.」

「C…can I?」


We took the two fellows and the middle-aged man and tossed them in front of Bill.

Then I clapped Bill’s shoulder with a smile.

「You believed us? We’re not just going to feed people to a wolf.」


「No one would do that horrible of a thing.」

Cruz said with a smile.

「Ah, hah hah hah」

Bill said with a shocked face.

「I think you know already, but you’re NOT going to bother the Tolfs or us again, right?」

「I know.」


「My word.」

「Then go.」

I smiled at Bill, and untied him.


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