Chapter 324


Chapter 324 – Now What?

We left the hideout and Femm got small again.

『Are they going to be okay?』

『I hope they don’t try anything.』

Then I placed perception blocking magic on us again, and we headed out to the hunter’s shack.

『No one following us?』

『Seems fine.』

If Femm said so, I didn’t have to worry.

We went in the house, and Cruz and Moofy were waiting.

「Al! Welcome back!」

「Mooo moo」

「We’re back alright. There was an attack?」

「Yup. We didn’t have to do much to send them running.」

Moofy looked very happy. She probably did a lot.

I patted her head and she but her snout in my stomach.

「What about Shiggy?」


Shiggy had slept through the whole thing with the Neglys.

「She’s been asleep. So don’t wake her.」


「Was there anything here at the house worth investigating?」

「Nothing, really.」


Moofy said in spirit speech.

And if Moofy said so, then there wasn’t anything.

As we were talking, I noticed Tokul in the corner, just listening.

He looked quite crestfallen.

「Tokul, are you okay?」

「I’ve learned my lesson.」

「That’s good to hear.」

No need to teach him about thugs anymore.

Now his father can teach him how to trade.

We then left the house for the capital again.

I replaced the magical defenses and locked the place solid, and even made a key that only I could open.

Because Cruz was with me this time, I could enter and exit the city easily.

We headed over to Tolf’s and Toril ran all the way from the back entrance to see his son.

「Thank you so much for protecting him! What happened?」

「We took care of the problem.」

So the elder Tolf took me into the waiting room. We had more tea and cakes.

I could feel Shiggy was waking up as she squirmed in my pouch.


「Shiggy, you woke up!」


She got out of my pouch, jumped on the table, and ate some cakes.

Then we drank tea.

I petted Shiggy while telling Toril what happened,

「What? The Negly Gang?」

「We’ve given them a warning, so I don’t think they’ll pay a visit.」

「Whatever you’ve done…thank you.」

「If they try anything, however trivial, tell me. I’ll scare them again.」

「Please visit my home any time, if you simply tell the maid, I’ll be there in a flash.」

「Thank you, Marquis.」

And after a light conversation, we decided to leave.

Toril thanked us over and over again.

「I don’t know how to thank you…」

「Don’t worry, you were a help too.」

「I fear that if you weren’t involved, my son would have fallen into a trap.」


「If you didn’t notice him, it might have been too late for him.」

And Toril bowed again,

「Thank you very much. I’ll be sure this becomes a chance for him to learn.」

「Good to hear.」

Then the son bowed,

「Thank you very much.」

Seems that he felt quite sorry.

「I don’t know much about trading myself, so work hard, okay!」

Cruz said to Tokul to cheer him up.

Then, when we got back to Mulg,

「Old man! Welcome back!」

Collette came running with a bunch of wolf cubs when we got back to the village.

「We’re back. Were you a good girl, Collette?」

「I wasth!」

So I picked her up.



「Moo moo」

They all greeted on another.

So then, after eating dinner, we all talked, and I explained what had happened.

「So the Negly Gang are involved…we need to be careful.」

「I thought maybe they would be involved as well.」

Luka and Yureena also looked like they knew a bit of what was going on.

「But now we go and see the chief, right? You want me to take you?」

Timi seemed interested in taking us.

「That would help.」

「Leave it to me, then!」

「We should probably go to the town through Lindobal Forest…that’s the closest, right?」

Luka said, taking out a map.

「I can’t wait! It’s been a while since I went there!」

「You need to stay here, Cruz.」

「Wha? Why?」

Cruz looked quite shocked.

「I told you before. If the hero shows up in the old Demon Lord’s place, people will freak out.」

「Whaa? Come on…」

If the hero shows up in the old Demon Lord’s place, that means she’s going up against demons.

And everyone else will think that means that there was going to be a big fight, and everyone scrambles to get away.

It’s something we needed to prevent.

「Then I’ll leave it to you, Al.」

「Heh, heh, Al, do your best.」

「Yeah. Me, Timi, who else.」

「I’ll go too!」

Vi-Vi said, in high spirits.

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